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“Jobs: Where did they go? Offshoring’s a problem, but there’s a bigger culprit.”

Very, very, very interesting article in Newsweek Magazine describing the loss of jobs, the culture of blame and misguided election propaganda. If you have not read through this article on MSN already, and you are in any position of finding (or losing) a job in manufacturing or the tech industry, here is the link to the article.

Some of the most salient points made by this article include:

But economists are beginning to identify the forces shaping this “jobless recovery.” Many of them have nothing to do with cheap Asian labor; instead, the phenomenon is largely the result of companies’ finding new ways to coax more work from existing employees.

While those arguments may have some merit, experts lay most of the blame on soaring productivity. It’s a problem most workers understand on a personal level, since many feel like they’re clocking longer hours and worker harder than ever. As long as workers keep becoming more efficient, hiring will remain muted.

The doomsday scenarios will likely prove overblown. Some firms have tried offshoring and been unhappy with the results; they’ve reversed course by “in-shoring” work back to the United States. And, over time, workers are remarkably flexible.

Elections and politicians will play their part in getting re-elected, whether by hook or by crook. Are our problems being exacerbated by our own paranoias, our own blame game and finger pointing? I know I have talked about off-shoring before, especially because it involves India. The truth is, we need jobs here. Our students need to be aware that they will have a fruitful source of income once they graduate.
Does that mean we are over-cautious to promote the global economy (much like Senator Edwards suggests)?
Is the global economical structure of today hurting the United States?
Should we be hurting our present to satisfy a long term gain?
Should we enforce our trade regulations on other countries as well? That is for example, in order for an American job to be exported or off-shored to India, India would HAVE to allow American citizens free employment.
How is trade free if there are so many restrictions?
The final question that comes to my mind is, how can we make it better instead of worrying about it and without breaking off all international ties to other nations?
We do realize that we need the rest of the world, just as much as the rest of the world needs us…right?