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BestBuy Secret Website to cheat Customers

BestBuy Secret Website to cheat Customers BestBuy confirmed that it maintained a secret intranet website that could be accessed only from inside a store to cheat customers by not giving them the advertised price on for products. I love this part “After making sure the computer is turned on, employees should click twice on the Yahoo Internet icon and then type in” Then the hoax is complete. This increases my faith in the bastards….ha!

Lala – Trade your old CDs

Lala – Trade your old CDs What a wonderful idea to make use of all of those old CDs though I am afraid most of mine will not be wanted by anyone. From their site: “Once you decide to start trading, you only pay for CDs received from your Want List. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees. Every CD you receive costs only $1 plus a standard shipping charge of $0.75. The number of CDs you receive will depend on how many CDs you ship to other members.” My only question is if everyone is waiting for someone to want their CDs, how does the process get started? I might try it out some weekend when I have a few free hours.

The Top Ten Lies of Engineers

The Top Ten Lies of Engineers Guy pokes fun at engineers and tries to analyze their verbiage. In spite of the salacious seriousness of the article, it points out the underlying and sometimes debilitating seperation between engineering and marketing in an organization. Marketing departments need to employ their own engineers and engineering departments need to employ a couple of marketers to keep things in sync. Personally, I disagree with some of the generalizations, but I am sure so will a bunch of other engineers. Interesting read nonetheless. 🙂