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Cooking for Fun and Profit

Jennifer has been really really busy in preparing for her pharmacy certification and I have been missing the chances to cook for her. Here are some of the foods and recipes that we like to put together and really enjoy. I figured I would put them in once place and some people might benefit from our adventures:

  • Chicken Yakhni – Mild Chicken curry from the Kashmir region of India which is very cinnamony and fragrant, yet deliciously light for the discerning palate. Good with fragrant Basmati Rice.
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Butter Chicken – Jennifer’s favourite. This is a tomato laden, slightly rich dish which can be cooked to creamy perfection by the most novice cook. Perfect with a little pita bread.
  • Beef Biryani – A fragrant and often mild colored rice dish from the heart of India. This is a one pot dish that can be cooked very easily and is a complete meal in and of itself. Any kind of meat can be used (not limited to beef) and there are a myriad of spice packets available that make this dish a very easy one to put together. The secret of having a delicious biryani is to cook at relatively low heat for hours.
  • Swordfish steaks – This fish, though exotic, is very very non-fishy. The meat is flaky and yet moist, very flavorful and very easy to cook. Just make sure there are no dark meats hiding inside the steaks, heat up some butter and garlic peices in a pan and lightly brown on both sides. This is great with rice, any kind of bread and works well with slightly flavorful vegetables such as asparagus or broccoli. Make sure the meat is seared rather than baked to retain the soft flaky texture. Quick, easy and very delicious.
  • Chicken Tandoori – This is one of my favorite dishes. Invest in a nice clay pot that can be oven baked and a nice box of tandoori spices. Available at Meijer and other stores, the spices can be used as liberally or as delicately as you would like. Just marinate overnight in the refrigirator, put into the clay pot and bake at low heat for a long time. Again, the secret is the length of time the meat is cooked and the heat.

These are some of the recipes that we use almost everyday. I will try to provide links to the recipes as soon as I find some time this weekend. In the meantime, Google them and enjoy!

Cant Cook? You think so….

Tony Cervo, a friend of mine from the Wp Forums, has come up with a site that has caught my imagination! A site of recipes he obviously likes. Appropriately, it is called “Cant Boil Water” I definitely think it is worth looking at. If you are single and have McNasty’s for dinner tonight, click on the link, look at a recipe that entices you, make a grocery list, get the items and cook yourself something nice tonight. Yes, even you can cook! It is really not that hard if you know how to follow simple instructions. I am thinking os suggesting some ethnic recipes that I hav struck gold with (not just Indian, polish recipes for example). Cooking relaxes you, pleases your senses and gives you an opportunity to be artistic without actually being artistic. Expression for the the soul, I call it! And if you have a significant other, what better way to get in touch with your other half, than through their stomach. Our fast and hectic lives have made us slaves to the frozen food Gods (I am a disciple, trust me). But all that sodium and all that fat can only fatten the pockets of Pfizer.

What are you waiting for?? Click on that link and thank me later!

Calories in everyday “non-junk” Foods

I dont eat bagels all that much nor do I drink all that much of cappucinos or any other kind of creamed coffee (I love mine black as tar!) but here is a very interesting link from MSN that talkes about the calorie excesses of foods such as bagels and cappucinos’ I dont indulge in either so I am a little better off. But according to this article from WebMD, fresh bagels (without accoutrements) can have as much as 700 calories!!! Stuff for bagel lovers to think about. Donuts are better than bagels for calorie counters! 🙂 More posts to come today and for the rest of the weekend as and when I think of stuff that I want to discuss with myself! LOL