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BioFresh HEPA Air Purifier

After quite a bit of reading, some research through the web and after talking with a bunch of people, Jennifer and I decided to splurge on the BioFresh HEPA Air Purifier made by Mitsubishi. It can be purchased from various online retailers including Amazon and eBay. We ended up getting ours from eBay for a little less than $300 with rebates and shipping, which made it a pretty good deal. We have had it now in our house for about a week. More information for the product can be found at RabbitAir but it looks like the design and manufacturing is by Mitsubishi and there is some relation with Sparo products (might be another retailer/distributor).

In three words, I love it. Right from the start, the company seems to have their ducks in a row. The packaging is not flimsy and has a very solid feel to it. Imagine unpacking an expensive LCD monitor or a plasma TV as opposed to unpacking a $50 microwave from Walmart. The instructions were precise and useful, the box was well printed and very sophisticated and the machine itself was not flimsy. In addition, the filters were neatly and carefully packaged in dark plastic and everything was neatly tucked away for shipping. I could easily tell that a lot of attention had been paid to packaging and shipping the product.

After plugging the unit in, I turned it on with the thin remote and set it on full auto. It has a “pollen sensor” and a “smell sensor” and they work in tandem to determine how fast the unit runs. It was interesting to know how polluted the unit thought our house was when we turned it on.

  • The unit is very close to silent. Only when it senses something nasty does it get a tad bit louder but the brushless fan is perfect.
  • It cleans quickly and automatically. Cooking smells and odors are gone in a few minutes, never longer than a few hours (yet)
  • The pollen and smell sensors work, which is quite amazing. Cooking makes it automatically run faster and so does Jennifer’ nail polish smell. When the dogs wag their tails near the pollen/dander sensor, the unit wakes up and starts sending more air through.

We have not had the chance yet to understand the benefit of the “Biofresh” filter technology and I will write about it after we have had it for a few months. But for the time being, I am really satisfied with it and wish I had bought it sooner. The air is fresh and clean, there is no “dog” odor, cooking smells dissappear within a few minutes and it is extremely quiet. The only surprising thing was that they advertise that their filters should last upto three years but their warranty is only valid if you replace the filters every 18 months (which are a sum of $50 from Amazon for 18 months). It looks like the filters will need to be lightly vacuumed every three or four weeks to get the dust and dog hair out.

Come back in a few months for the rest of the review.

Getting ready for the holidays

Jennifer and I are busy getting ready for the holidays, setting things up in the new house and busy working our tails off to keep our bosses happy (among other things of course). We took some pictures this holiday season of our house, of the lights that we put up and the new 55 gallon fish tank that I setup in Jennifer’s chinese room.

Here are some pictures for everyone.

There are plans to go visit India this spring but nothing is finalized yet and I don’t want to get people really excited till we have all the plans in place. I would like to have a WordPress Meetup in Calcutta if we do end up going. I will post more information on weblogtoolscollection when I get my ducks in a row.

I am also working on a secret project that I cannot divulge yet. However, for those interested, it has to do with my primary occupation and involves people from my educational background. I am pretty excited about it.

Hey you, yes you, got your Christmas shopping done yet? 😛

Pictures of Jennifer’s new King sized bed and my 1990 Mazda Miata

Jennifer and I just purchased a Serta Nightscape Pillowtop King sized mattress from Sam’s Club and Jennifer had to “personalize” our bedroom. So here are the pictures of her new room, her new bed, her new chair from Overstock and my Miata. I am loving every moment of the Miata so far. Lots of repairs and upgrades planned and I cannot wait for my father to get here again so we can work on it together.
PS: Sleeping on the Serta is just freakin dreamy. We LOVE the pillowtop with its memory foam (I think) and the sheer expanse of a king sized mattress. 😉

Pictures of Jennifer’s new King sized bed and my 1990 Mazda Miata

PS: Just for the records, I really like the way Jennifer has decorated our room. 😉

Gittin Hitched!

By the way, since Jennifer and I are getting married, we decided to blog the marriage at Gittin Hitched Look for tips (on how to not fall apart), techniques (of avoiding spending way too much money), tidbits of our ceremony, the trials of a marriage between a “Hindu” and a “Catholic” and other fun little diversions of our happy times.

Viking Supreme Hot Tub

We bought and installed a Viking Supreme Hot Tub in our new house today. I wanted to get it into the house before my parents left for India to make sure that they could use it for some time. However, like everything else in my life, this was not without its trials.

We had tried to get estimates from various electricians to add a new 220 Volt connection to our backyard so we could connect our Hot Tub (along with the GFCI and everything else). Their prices are ATROCIOUS! John had graciously offered to have his brother help us out (John’s brother is an electrician). Without getting into the bad details, it is suffice to say that before the job could even be started, there was a tragedy in their family with John’s brother. We were not only dumbstruck, we were also very, very sorry at their loss.

So my father and I decided to put the connection together ourselves. That was quite a challenge since neither of us had done any kind of wiring ourselves. However, after a couple of trips to the local Home Depot, we finally managed to get everything in place and not burn the house down.

The Viking Hot Tub (or Spa) is great so far. It is small and compact. Yet it is a lot of fun. We had spent some time looking at various hot tubs and comparing the various dealers in our area. We came to the conclusion that no matter who we went with, they would provide us with about the same level of service and products. We chose Lite House for our dealer and purchased a Viking Supreme 300 Gallon model with two year unlimited and three year limited warranty.

We plan to keep using the hot tub over the winter (though in much lesser frequency) and thus opted for the best insulation that we could get. I plan to add more insulation foam to the system come closer to winter. We will see how it goes.

One last thought. The old addage is true when it says that the fruits of labor are sweeter if it comes after a long time and a lot of trouble. 🙂

Feel free to ask questions about Viking Hot tubs, Lite House Pools and Spas in Toledo and electrical wiring if you like. We will try to reply to all those interested.

Krissy and Jeetu got married

Krissy and Jeetu, my childhood friend, got married this weekend in Ann Arbor and thats where I spent most of Friday evening and all of Saturday. It was a grand event with family, friends, beer, revelry and fun. I was Jeetu’s best man. Jennifer had a very good time at the wedding and even got in a few dances with me. The food was very nice and the atmosphere was very classy. My parents were dissappointed that they could not be here in time for the wedding but we took lots of pictures and they are already up on my gallery.

Pictures of the wedding rehearsal.

Pictures of the wedding night.

Krissy looked gorgeous in her off shoulder wedding gown and Jennifer was in a nice black dress with a colorful handmade bead necklace. Jeetu and the rest of the groomsmen were in black tuxes. All in all, it was a fun weekend and we had a great time. There are too many little details to write about, but enjoy the pictures here and if you want to know more, call one of us! 😉