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Lucien Loves to use the Couch as a Slide

My son Lucien, much like many other kids his age I am sure, loves to play on a slide. However, since we do not have a slide at home, he has learned to make one of us adults help him get to the top of our leather couch and then slide down to the ground. He has such a good time that he cannot contain his glee. This afternoon when I went home for lunch, I took a few minutes to play with him. He must have slid down a hundred times before I had to let him go and come back to work. It is such a guilty pleasure watching him grow up. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the little moments as much as I can and not get caught up in the act of being a parent too much.

Slide experiment

Creative Commons License photo credit: Caza_No_7


He is my shona chele!

Found some old pictures

I have had no time to post lately. Yaaayyyy…Its Friday!
I did find some really old pictures. The first one is from 1989, it is a picture of me from when I was a wee little student at St Xavier’s Collegiate School. Can you recognize me in this picture? Im sure Baba and Ma recognize me! :roll::P

Class 5

The next picture is from Wooster. This is a picture of my dorm room door with all the decorations thereof. Im sure Beth, Craig and some other unmentionables recognize this picture! I dont even remember the relevance of some of the items on my own door. This was a corner single in Douglass Hall (of which I was co-president with Craig) A single was nice, but a corner single with two windows was just ….eeeeeaaaaxcceellent!