Kudos Amazon for doing the right thing, refunds when price changes happen

Maybe just for MP3s since they are pushing those quite a bit, but kudos just the same for doing the right thing.


We’re contacting you about an order(s) you placed for one or more of the MP3 albums offered in our July 3, 2012 Gold Box Deal of the Day promotion. We recently learned that some customers were charged $1.99 for albums that we promoted for $0.99. We’re very sorry about this.

To help make it up to you, we’ve automatically applied a $1 promotional credit to your Amazon account for each album you purchased at $1.99, which you can use the next time you order an item sold by Amazon.com. This amount will be applied to your next qualifying order automatically without entering a claim code and is good for qualifying Amazon purchases, including MP3s.

You can verify that a promotional credit was successfully applied by reviewing your Order Confirmation e-mail or by visiting Your Account: https://www.amazon.com/your-account

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customer Service

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