Running and Walking Shoes, what works for my numb feet

I hope you guys read my last post about my surgery and then all the hoopla surrounding it. Well it also left me numb in my right leg. The leg works, I can walk, not run, but walk like I have a wooden leg. I also can drive, not like I used to be able to, but well enough I would say. I just cannot feel for anything under my feet and so at times when I need to accelerate or brake, I tend to jump o them a little bit more than I should. I really wanted to find a pair of shoes or something that would help me make my sensations better. Taking my shoes off did not help, which was surprising.

So Jennifer and I went to the Perrysburg mall to a shoe store called Second Sole or something like that. There was a really helpful salesman there called Zack who worked with me to find the shoe that would work for me. I had wanted to get something from the Vibram family because I liked the idea of barefoot walking/running. I was most interested in the Vibram Sprint and the KSOs because they looked the most attractive and seemed to be the best price. (REI has them for sale now, but that changes all the time). I have both of them in the Amazon link below if you are interested in looking through them.


I could not get my feet through the Vibrams. Any of them for that matter. So if you have numbness in your feet, dont buy Vibrams. The Vibram Sprint might have worked better because they have a larger opening, but they were not available for me to try out. The sales person then suggested Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Running Shoes. They were fantastic. Truly fit like a glove, instantly increased sensation in my feet a little and felt right. Now I am hoping that they continue to be as nice and I can use them in the future to walk around my motel in Westlake. Walking helps a lot and I hope they continue to be as helpful in the weeks and months to come. I am also looking forward to the upgrade that was promised to me by Mariott!

A quick update for everyone

I have not been the best at communicating with everyone and I am sorry for being that. This spring I took a new position with The Sherwin Williams Company in Cleveland and have been commuting to Cleveland from Toledo for about 3 months.Around that time, I also ran into some serious health issues. Instead of having everyone bealarmed over something I could not control, I decided to wait. Myillness ended up requiring surgery and it was completed on the 4th ofJune with moderate success. In short, I am doing relatively well, am in Toledo and recuperating from home. I have been working from my Toledohome for two weeks and am going back to commutingfrom Cleveland.

It turns out that I had a tumor called an hemangioblastoma insidemy spinal column (yes, inside the bundle of nerves 😛 ) . I startedhaving severe symptoms on the first day I started the new job. Just asluck would have it, of course. It is a benign type of tumor that has areasonably good prognosis and is the least likely to reoccur (knock on wood). They have removed most of it. The surgery was more complex thanthe doctors had originally anticipated. The four hour surgery actuallyended up taking over eight hours. Instead of the tumor “popping out” as the doctors had anticipated, it was completely vascularized and had to be scooped out, one smalllayer at a time. Since they were messing around in there for a longtime, they had to hook my whole body up to neural impulse generatorsand monitor the evoke potentials for each zone after every scoop. Oncethey started seeing loss of voltage across my right leg, they stoppedscooping and sewed me up. I did end up biting halfway through mytongue because my bite block slipped during one of the tests. I nowhave a huge laceration on my tongue, which is also healing well.

The surgery area hurts as expected, but that pain is going awayquickly. The score so far is that my left leg is about 20% numb and myright leg is about 50-60% numb (no feeling, limited movement).Recovery is about 1-2% per week. I am working on Physical Therapy andlots of walking with lots of pain meds. They are reducing the painmeds drastically but recovery will take a while still. I m going back to work next week. I will take the bus to work. Ican walk and take care of myself today, but am quite weak and Iquickly get tired when walking.

I hope all of you and your families are doing well. Please take care of yourselves. I am proof that we are all quite vulnerable. 🙂