Sharing a lunch with friends

As a ritual at work, we go out to lunch with a bunch of friends from work. Many weeks are too full of meetings and minutiae to actually make the lunch possible but it is a time of the week that I look forward to. Today was no exception.

Just being able to sit and talk with like minded people, facing similar happenstance at work and at home, makes for a very enjoyable time. We went to the Star Diner on Glendale today. I like to order their fish sandwich. It is a large meal with a lot of fish, nice serving of tartar sauce and thin cut fries. I cannot speak for the rest of the crew, but I hope we never stop doing this as long as we work for this company.

We bitch about our co-workers, about taxes, cost of living, political snafus, current events in the world and at work and talk about a host of other things at these lunches and but they are almost always jovial and leave a sense of satisfaction. The food and the service are mildly important, but I think the company makes it all worthwhile.

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