HTC Evo 4G upgraded with Android 2.2 Froyo

So I upgraded my phone as soon as 2.2 was available. I downloaded over WiFi and 3G, about 86MB, took about fifteen minutes for the whole process to be completed. I

also upgraded my wife’s phone in the process.

Now for the good:

  • The phone seems zippier, screen changes appear faster, applications open quicker
  • I have gone back to using the Android browser from Dolphin HD because the Android browser seems faster and now has flash support. I dutifully tried the flash player on and it played the clip just fine. It was a little choppy but nothing that concerned me. The browser speed is definitely improved and pages load quicker than before.
  • The flashlight application is fun but I had an alternative that I removed. It is nice to be able to use the flash to take videos now and interesting that the camera interface rotates with the phone, always showing the right side up.
  • I like the ability to move applications to the SD card but was disappointed that only certain applications can be moved. I moved as many as I was not using too often and have not cared to check for how fast or slow they run. As long I can install more apps, I am fine with putting the lesser used apps on the SD card. I have lots of space.
  • The Profile widget, the Ringtone widget and the SMS widget are interesting but useless to me. I bought an app called profile that gave me blackberry like control over the ringer profiles that I needed. It works well enough.
  • App sharing is weird but I guess it could be useful. I have not tried it.
  • The SMS application now touts the ability to attach media to make them into an MMS (I am guessing) and that is a feature that I might use in the future.
  • Update All in the Applications Market is there in this install and much appreciated! This was a pain in the butt!
  • Every other application that I have installed on the phone, including our beloved Internet Camera browsing apps, are working as usual.
  • Memory usage was higher out of the gate for 2.2, but the phone now eats less memory as time progresses since last restart. I still have the same amount of memory free that I had when I restarted after the update last night.
  • Last but not the least, the battery usage seems to be lower than before although it is not that pronounced. As I write this at 7:00 PM my battery meter reads 66%, which is pretty normal but slightly on the high side. I don’t think battery usage will change much for me.
Android 2.2 Froyo

Now for the bad:

  • It really was a kind of let down because the update did nothing spectacular. The phone was already very stable for me and my wife (knock on wood) and though this update might have made marginal improvements on a variety of things, nothing quite stuck out for me.
  • There were supposed to be “interface improvements” that I have yet to notice. I was hoping for a different interface experience, especially considering this is probably the last major Android update the EVO will see before EOL.
  • The mail application still sucks in spite of the polish! Why is a “mark all read” feature sodifficult to write? Blackberry switchers really miss that feature.
  • Group chat for Google Chat? Hello? Anyone? This would be a KILLER feature for me.

Anything else about Android 2.2 Froyo on the HTC EVO 4G that caught your attention? Did I miss anything cool?

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