HTC EVO 4G Camera Focussing


Did you know that in the camera application on the HTC Evo 4G, you could focus on a specific part of the picture by just clicking on that area on the touch screen? It should make a small clicking noise, focus, display the square brackets and then you can take the picture with a double click on the touch screen. You can also hold your finger down, cause the flash and metering to start and then release your finger to take the picture.

Attached is a picture from the phone as an experiment with multiple focus objects.

Know of any other hidden tricks for the EVO 4G?

HTC EVO 4G Must Have Applications

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Here is the list of applications that I consider to be must haves on the EVO 4G Android platform:

  • Dolphin HD (Web Browser)
  • K9Mail (Email)
  • Astro (File Browser)
  • Call Confirm (prevent unwanted calls)
  • Cnectd (Group Chat for Android, Blackberry and iPhone)
  • Easy Tether
  • IP Cam Viewer Lite
  • MyBackup
  • Pandora
  • Ringtone (to download all those ringtones from the web)
  • Tone Picker (to set ringtones from MP3s)
  • WordPress (for the blogger in you)
  • World NewsPapers (to read newspapers from across the world for free)

Any other apps that are must haves? What needs do you have? What do you use?

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Sprint and HTC EVO 4G Review, two weeks later

So I switched to the EVO 4G and the Android Operating System with high hopes. I really wanted to get an iPhone but reality, constraints of phone networks and a programmers’ sensibility prevailed. I have to say, I am lovin’ it!

The bad:

  • Battery life is unpredictable. If I don’t watch it and do a bunch of stuff that I would not normally do, I will run out of juice. This happens seldom, but it has happened once or twice and it was a surprise. Task killers work, basic control over radio features help, but in the end, the EVO 4G is a battery hog.
  • The phone is big. No jokes. It weighs down on my belt and takes up a serious amount of space on my desk. It is also very touchy. I dialed a few numbers by mistake and had to install apps to prevent those.
  • The camera has a hard time focusing at times and requires patience, which my wife does not have when it comes to technology.
  • The default EVO keyboard does not appeal to me. I have to hunt and peck to not make a ton of mistakes. Re-configuring it does not work.

Now the good:

  • It is a dream to use. Every bit of functionality that I had in my Crackberry, I have been able to replicate on the EVO with little or no extra expenditure. There truly is an app for everything and most have free versions. Plus the code is easy to get around and apps are not all that difficult to develop.
  • Browsing the web is not only doable, it is quite fun. I don’t open my laptop for those quick checks on things. Dolphin HD is a fantastic browser and multi-touch is very well executed on the web.
  • I use K9Mail for my email. It has push, it has IDLE, it works, does not freeze or bug out and for the most part, it works well. The few annoying weaknesses (such as opening up the email I click on from the notifications drawer) are being worked through. I can modify the code myself if need be and create a branch on my CVS for use.
  • The application environment is fantastic and liberating after using the Apple store. There is truly an app for everything and with fantastic backup programs such as MyBackup, switching phones are a breeze too.
  • Swype is a life saver. I did not like the default EVO keyboard after having gotten used to the iPod Touch keyboard, but Swype is fun, easy to use and quite liberating.
  • Everything just works well and works together. While not the perfect phone out of the box, I found solutions to most nagging problems and was even able to modify a camera browser application for our nanny cams at home.

After having used the phone for two weeks and having been through some ups and downs with it, I want to keep using it. If I can help answer some questions, please leave a comment.

Posting from android

This is my first post from android with the wordpress application and using the swype keyboard. I have to say that this is fun and an interesting distraction. I had to correct two words since I have had to type this sentence and I cannot see using this long term.however it is a fun alternative to using the full keyboard tip write things out and I might use this top put out short posts from the phone.
I am going to try out this new video upload feature. Here is a short video from the office.