Cheap Power Adapter for Eee PC

I caught on the ASUS Eee PC bug a few months ago and bought one for myself but it was annoying to have to carry the power adapter to work everyday because it reduced the portability of the device. However, I looked everywhere for a decent power adapter that would work on the Eee PC. It uses a very weird 9.5V 2.5A draw which is uncommon and not found in most universal adapters. Car adapters work and they are cheap but the amperage is hard to get in 12 v cigarette adapters for the home. Then one of the co-workers found and we found an adapter that works. It was $17 shipped and it works just fine on my EeePC. The model number is  PS-930 and you can buy it here. It is a 9V adapter wth a 3A draw and it performs wonderfully. Hope this helps someone.