Blogging Mantra

I read this on another post about a free speech mess in the blogging world, but it comes from Mark Pilgrim and really says a lot about bloggers. I might have to use it sometime.
I get to say whatever I want on my own turf, and suffer the consequences all by myself, including you ignoring me. If you don’t like that, you get to go start your own weblog and say whatever you want on your own turf, and suffer the consequences all by yourself, including me ignoring you.

Rhapsody cannot authorize device, insufficient rights

I know that I searched far and wide for this answer and even ended up canceling my subscription with Rhapsody. The answer was relatively simple and I hope that someone will benefit from me posting it here.

If you are running Rhapsody 4.0 and suddenly cannot authorize your MP3 player anymore in Rhapsody, you might be running into the same problems that I did. My solution was to uninstall Windows Media Player 11 which was causing some issues in the PlaysForSure DRM and my Sandisk Sansa e260 player. After the uninstall, I restarted my computer and everything was back to normal. I have also listed some of the other resources that I have found on the Internet that has some pretty good solutions to the issue. These resources are also very good for other Sansa solutions, fixes and Rhapsody fixes, tweaks etc. If you find this information helpful or would like to add your own, please leave a comment.

Why do I get a “you are not the owner of this track” or “insufficient rights” error when I try to transfer a track to my device with Rhapsody?

Rhapsody Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

Why do I get an ‘Unable to authorize computer’ error in Rhapsody 3?

Why do I get a “Computer Not Authorized” error in Rhapsody 4?

I am a sucker for data

I have always liked data in every form and manipulation of that data tickles my fancy a little too much. In pursuit of that endeavor, here is a little gem I recently uncovered.

I (recently started to) work out regularly on my exercise bike. I own a Nordic Trac AutoRider R400 which I absolutely adore. The bike is comfortable, there are lots of options and it is still fun to use it. Fun is a crucial component of any exercise routine. My plans are to train on this bike all winter and then ride in the summer. One feature of this bike that I find unsatisfying is the EKG monitor on the handlebars. The pads are not very accurate, nor very sensitive and the readout leaves a lot to be desired. I have been targeting heart rates (I have high cholesterol) and it is hard to do with the bike.

Recently I also found the Polar FS1 Hear Rate Monitor Watch for about $50 and I thought that it might be cheap enough and work well. Then I found the ADI05 Software Logger on Amazon (it works with the FS1 and all its cousins) for about $27 and it all fell into place. I had a heart rate monitor, a receiver to plug into my computer to receive my heart rate data, a data logger for my computer and all the data I could ever dream of. From one of the reviewers, … keep track of how much time you have spent in each zone per week and tells you how many more times, for how long, and how hard you need to exercise the rest of the week to reach your goal of maintaining, improving, or maximizing. I love it.

Now I need to fork over another hundred bucks to get all the stuff and write some code to put it into cool flash graphs. I can’t wait! PS: I will be looking for a relatively inexpensive road bike come summer. Any suggestions would be well appreciated.

BestBuy Secret Website to cheat Customers

BestBuy Secret Website to cheat Customers BestBuy confirmed that it maintained a secret intranet website that could be accessed only from inside a store to cheat customers by not giving them the advertised price on for products. I love this part “After making sure the computer is turned on, employees should click twice on the Yahoo Internet icon and then type in” Then the hoax is complete. This increases my faith in the bastards….ha!