Customer Service

So, I needed to get in touch with Customer Service and was really not in the mood to explain my quandary in a long email. So, I decided to look on for the phone number and could not find it anywhere. Following that I searched Google for what would soon become a pretty cool story with a bunch of people running into the same issue. Here is what I came up with:

Direct, toll free line to Amazon Customer Service: 1-800-201-7575 (Watch out, they hang up on you if you ask difficult questions, have strange falsetto accents and sound like Japanese Flying Robots from Outer Space)

You could also click here (thanks LifeHacker) and have a customer service agent call you. This worked for me the two times that they hung up on me. 🙂

While I am on the subject, let me say how easy and satisfying it was to talk with an American in Idaho answering the phone for Amazon. The question was weird but the answer was really simple and the real accent along with the real American idiosyncrasies were curiously satisfying to me. As a matter of fact, I changed nothing on the order and was completely satisfied with the stale and nondescript answer I received from Dwayne, thanks in a large part to his ease in dealing with my request.