Thanksgiving was wonderful!

My friend Vijay and his wife Archana visited Jeetu in Ann Arbor and it was a wonderful surprise for me. We had a couple of dinners together, enjoyed each others’ company, ate Jeetu’s delicious food, drank a few and just had a very good time. I just wish I had more time to spend with them as opposed to doing homework for school. Jennifer has put up the pictures from their visit here.

Beside their visit, we had a really nice Thanksgiving with a small family dinner at Jennifer’s mother’s house. I friend a turkey for the first time this weekend and it was nice. I had received a lot of good advice on how to make sure I do not burn down the house and it was painless.

Milton Friedman Dies at 94

Milton Friedman Dies at 94 Friedman is a hero to me. I knew of him but did not know much about him till I started my MBA. His knowledge, experience, insight, direction and the education that he imparted on the world will be sorely missed. This article in the NYT does a good job of detailing the ups and downs of Friedman’s career and his (sometimes revolutionary) philosophy and economic train of thought. Thank you Milton Friedman, may your soul rest in peace.