Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V Review

In one word, they suck!
We had purchased this at Kohl’s about two years ago and have used it about twenty times since at various different households. It started leaking last month and the leaks are not small. The rubber pipes that lead from the clean water chamber have cracked and are leaking water all over even when the vacuum is not in use. In other words, it is completely useless and the repair shop wants to charge in excess of $100 to fix it. We tried calling Hoover to see if they can do something, and as usual they sent us off with “lodge a complaint” and nothing else. Needless to say, we are never buying a Hoover again. I personally think that a $300 steam vacuum should last longer than it has.

The sad fact is that this steamer worked better than others we have owned and did quite a good job of getting the dog gunk out of our capets. I just wish their manufacturing and quality control was better and sorely miss good customer service on the part of Hoover. As a means of warning others that are looking to buy the Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V, look somewhere else. This one is a definite waste of money if you are looking for something that will last beyond a couple of years.

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  1. I also bought a Hoover Steam Vac Dual V with auto rinse. It is a piece of junk. I am on the second fresh water tank. It broke today after only a couple of uses in three months. At about $50 per replacement it will not be fixed again. I am through with Hoover since they blew me off.

  2. I have experienced the same problem with the SteamVac Dual V carpet cleaner. The water pours out where the reservoir rubber stopper meets the machine. Today I noticed the plastic around the hole just cracked off. Now that I\’ve read there is no dealing with the company, I\’ll try to fix the problem myself. Wish me luck.

  3. The rubber stoppers can be replaced. What I was told when they sent me new ones is that the plastic rings shrink which hold it in place. They said don\’t leave any soap in it. Be sure to rinse out the soap reservoir completely. Once I started doing this, I haven\’t had any more problems(with the rubber stoppers that is). Try Sears for ordering parts if you can\’t go direct thru Hoover. If you have to pay for them, I think they are only about $6 for a pack of 2 (at loeast they were before..)

  4. the cleaner works great when i am not buying replacement parts. in just 4 years i have purchased: 2 resavoir tanks (one crack and one valve break)- 40 bucks each, 1 hose (for a 35 cent plastic connector)-40 bucks, and the front suction appratus (still looking for the part).

  5. Wow yours works great, wish mine worked. Bought it brand new, $350 less than one year later spent $500 to have my carpet cleaned. The brushes on mine have never moved, not once. All Hoover was willing to do was service it. Which I did. AMAZING!! I still have never seen them move. My advice to anyone thinking of buying one….DO NOT DO IT!!! or anything else from Hoover a division of Maytag with a Goodhousekeeping seal! They do not stand by their products!!!!

  6. I agree with all the above.
    Try to find a new one at like Home Depot or Lowes and swifto change the parts.
    And bring back the new [with the defective parts] for a refund [usually 90 days at H-D.]
    BTW, I understand that Whirlpool bought Maytag so do they also now own Hoover?

  7. This vacuum cleans really well, but like everyone else has noted it falls apart far too soon. We\’ve had ours for two years and the seal in the cleaning solution tank has gone bad. I\’m too cheap to buy a new tank and have just resorted to finagling the tank onto the vacuum without too much spillage. I also lost one of the caps to the tank, but found that using a clorox bleach cap actually works very well instead. I\’ve had my brushes and water spray quit working at various times. The brushes stopped because too many dog hairs and carpet fibers had wedged themselves between the rotors. The water spray quit working because the little red filter underneath was clogged and needed to be cleaned. Just a note on steam cleaners in general they always quit working far sooner than expected. I think next time I might just get a cheaper one, but I\’ll keep using this one until it totally falls apart to get my money\’s worth.

  8. This shampooer is absolutely JUNK. I will NEVER buy another Hoover product. I paid $300.00 for mine and I bought one for both of my daughters in law. One of their handles broke right off in her hand and the other leaks terribly. I took mine apart because the brushes stopped moving and the solution wouldn\’t squirt into the water and it leaked all over. I ama so disgusted. Never, Never again would I buy a Hoover product!!!!!!!

  9. I have had the same problems with the Steamvac Dual V. The seals around the supply tank valves are terrible and the valves just shoot off for no real reason. I ordered extra parts from Sears this morning. I paid 11.88 (+shipping) for 2 valve replacements.

    In the process of actually finding the parts on the web, I came across a diagram and listing of parts for the vac. http://www.vacuumcleanershop.com/hvrmdlf7205900.htm#B2

    wish me luck with the replacement!

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  10. I lost the detergent bottle from my new Hoover STeam Vac F7425-900. I cannot find anywhere to buy just that part. Any input would be appreciated…a new clean water assembly is $50.

  11. Ditto. This machine works better than any rental machine I have ever used. But my SECOND replacement tank housing just broke at the seal and needs to be replaced again. This tank is vacuum formed plastic, and it would be very simple to increase the thickness of the plastic around this valve so it would resist breakage. This is a very sloppy engineering detail on a machine that is otherwise superior for carpet cleaning. I\’m reluctant to give up on this machine, but I would not recommend it to anyone else. Have any of you found a mass market carpet cleaner that works this well and actually will run for more than 10-15 hours without needing repair? Maybe the Japanese manufacture something that has some staying power.

  12. I found that after a while the rubber seal for the shampoo container will leak if the shampoo soap is left in. Cost of replacing the rubber seal about $3.00 from the repair shop. Also told not to leave shampoo in the container, so I empty the shampoo back into the shampoo bottle and refill the shampoo container with water and let it run thru the rubber seals several times to get the shampoo out. I also take the brushes off and take it all apart to clean them of dog hair every other time I use the Machine, while I have those off I also clean the filter screen. I\’ve had my Hoover Steam Cleaner Dual V2 for at least 3 years, I\’m going to buy another 1

  13. We have the Hoover SteamVac Dual Vac model F7431-900. The first few times we used it, the SteamVac was great-but not anymore. A machine going bad after a little more than two years (and not being used all that much)?

    Those who\’ve written here about the leaks from their machine need to look closely at where the leaks are actually coming from. We thought the leaks were coming from the top tank. However, when we investigated our machine more closely and thoroughly, the leaks were actually coming from behind the tank (and behind the machine\’s housing).

    Hoover\’s idea is a good one but poorly executed to an unbelievable degree. Shoddiness and planned obsolescence seems to be ruling the day. I don\’t know what gets into the minds of executives but the notion of excellence doesn\’t seem to be one of them.

  14. Mine has the same problems as all of the above. It is on its 2nd fresh water tank, leaks everywhere….. brushes do not turn….. It worked great the first couple times I used it….. then, forget it. Hoover used to be a good company, but I don\’t think that it is anymore. I had a cheap Hoover that I used for years and loved. Then bought a bagless that had a bad motor from the get go and Hoover wouldn\’t replace it because I couldn\’t find the receipt (it was at Christmas time, a zillion receipts, it probably got thrown out). After saying I wouldn\’t buy another Hoover, I ended up buying a top of the line Hoover that used bags. I loved it at first but it didn\’t take long and the dirt finder was not working, then the automatic roll didn\’t work so it was hard to push…. I went to a Dyson and love it. I will never buy another Hoover and recently bought my son and daughter-in-law a Dyson. My other son is getting a Dyson next Christmas, if not sooner. I will soon be looking for a new steam cleaner and you can bet , it will NOT be a Hoover.

    1. Too bad Dyson doesnt make carpet(steam) cleaners. They make awesome vacuum’s I had a hoover vacuum (im guessing similar to the one decribed) that had a bad motor and dirt finder as well. My Dyson has nover had any problems after about 8 years.

  15. I also have had problems with the clean water tank cracking and leaking. I\’ve had several replacement tanks too. I used silicone that I bought at Walmart to repair the one I have now. The same silicone that is used to repair fish tanks. I think it helps. The last one cracked in the back on the bottom where it meets the handle. The detergent tank broke off. I don\’t fill the tank up all the way anymore. Maybe to about 2 inches below the top as I notice the bottom of the tank sags ever slightly when filled to the top with hot water.

  16. I too have a leaking upper tank – both the water and soap tanks are leaking. I just got off the phone with Hoover and they are sending me a new tank at no charge. I did have to ask for a supervisor before they offered to send the tank. Initially they were going to send me to a repair center. I was firm but polite and after I asked to speak to a supervisor they offered a new tank right away. We\’ll see if I get it…

  17. I am firing Hoover! To spend another $100 on a carpet cleaner that is falling apart after only a couple of years is offensive to my consumer sensibilities. Ugh!!!!!

  18. I have had my Hoover SteamVac for about 2 years and now it will not suction up the water. Calling Hoover was of no use as it is out of warranty. I will not purchase another product from Hoover ever again. I have a Dyson vacuum and love it.

  19. I\’ve had a terrible experience with my hoover agility. I only had it for a year and it broke on me. The brushes all of a sudden became loose and stopped rotating. I don\’t know what carpet cleaner to suggest, but years ago I bought a bissel carpet cleaner for about $60.00 and it lasted me 2.5 years. The hoover set me back around $200.00.

  20. Same story here. Three reservoir tanks in 2 years (one was a new one, that had a leaky seam). Upper valve assembly also recently changed, but my steam-vac still leaked from the bottom. Taking it apart, it was clear that the solenoid valve (gravity valve in the parts manual) was stuck. These cost under $15, so I\’m back in business for awhile.

  21. I too bought a Hoover F7425 Steam Vac in 11/2003 for $262. It has only been used once, yes once. And today when we went to use it water is leaking from the reservoir, and the rubber stopper plastic around the hole just cracked off. This is the same thing that happened to others noted above. I was also told it would cost $58 to replace. Hoovers attitude was \”sorry about your luck\”. My father also bought the same cleaner and is having the same problems. Hoover should refund our money. These type of compaines need to be stopped.

  22. I also bought the Hoover Steam Vac Dual V about 2 years ago. I only used it 3 times.(It was a surprise upgrade
    for my wife. We were still using the old one). Well just after a couple times the Clean Water Tank started leaking. I noticed the inside seal tabs on both the clean water and the detergent sides had already started breaking off and leaking badly. I used plumbers caulk to seal both sides, and prayed it would work. I should say it really didnt matter because i noticed the next time i tried to use the cleaner the brushes have stopped turning. I did everything in the manual to fix the problem, but still no movement. I was so darn mad at Hoover, at just blowing me off when i called them. I envisioned driving up to the Corporate office and throwing this piece of junk through their Plate glass window and telling them they could have it back. I know they are well aware of the problems occuring with their product, but wont do anything past saying \”too bad\” and \”thank you for your purchase\”. I wish something could be done to better serve the customer in situations like this. I have since purchased a Dyson.

  23. I have had the same problem with the tank rubber value not closing on the Hoover Steam V Dual Tank. I purchased three new tanks and have had the same problem. On my last purchase, during my first use of the new tank I had a leak. I love the way that the Hoover Steam V cleans, but I cann\’t keeping it working.

  24. I too own one of the Hoover Steam V\’s 7210 same as the 74 series. My tank cracked too bottom valve hole, I didn\’t call Hoover why waste my time. I can spend my money with someone else. WTF 46 bucks for a tank made out of recycled two liter bottles, I don\’t think so. I also believe the deception on the steam, should have read the fine print. You would think for 300 bills it would make its own steam. Hell a 10 dollar iron does that. All I can say is JUNK, JUNK, JUNK, and JUNK. I\’ll keep my money Thank you.

  25. This vacuum sucks….Broke off the cord holder the first day. Leaks water out of the bottom when you use the hand tool and the brushes just stopped working after a year. You would think you could just replace a belt or something but the thing was too complicated to take apart. This was not worth the 200 or so we spent on it. I cant say I would ever buy a hoover again.

  26. Same problem with leaking tank at valve. Purchased a machine washer, at an ACE Hardware, slipped the rubber gromet through the washer. Used an ample amount of Goop Glue on the washer and held it up to the hole in the bottom of the clean water tank, which had oblonged horribly, let it set for 24 hours. It held. Washer cost fifty-five cents and a squirt or two of the glue. Hope Hoover misses the nearly sixty dollars!

  27. I have had the same problem with a leaking clean water tank. The plastic, where the rubber gromet and valve fit, was very thin and oblonged causing a huge leak. I purchased a \”machine waser\” at an ACE hardware and slipped the gromet up through the washer, then inserted the valve. I then put a large amount of \”Goop\” glue on both the waher and the plastic tank. I stuck the washer to the plastic and let it stand for twenty-four hours. It stuck and the tank does not leak. The washer cost fifty-five cents and a couple of squirts of glue completed the job and my cost. Sure hope Hoover misses the $ 59.99 they expected to receive. Might be worth a try.

  28. I have used my Hoover Steam Vac a total of 3 times before the brushes stopped working. I was lucky enough to take an extended warranty so the repair bill is on them. I had the vac for more than 2 years. It is a great cleaner BUT 3 times and it breaks, that is pathetic!

  29. I have used my Hoover Steam Vac Dual V a total of 1 time before my brushes stopped working. After looking at the Brush head i found that a small amount of carpet fuzz. I had vacumes as told by directions and still just a small amount could snap the drive pin. After looking closer at the drive pin on the Bruch head i saw a twist on the lower part and none on the upper. Looks like real bad designing. When we unpacked our new machine a large sticker saying made in Mexico caught my eye. We buy junk from other countries from companies that had their start here in the US. I think we should all send our machines to the main headqueartes all at the same time so they can see the junk they are pushing.

  30. I am on my 3rd Hoover SteamVac Dual V. It is by far, the best steam cleaner I have ever used – when I could use it. Within the first week on my second machine, the lower hose piece broke off. When I tried to return this $300 machine to Fry\’s, I was told that the F7425-900 had been discontinued. I have replaced several tanks, parts and had it in for service twice in the last 2 years and now the motor seized up. So I went out and bought the new \”improved version\” of the F7425-900. The F7452-900 \”All Terrain.\” I removed both tanks and brushes from my machine and put them on the new machine. First thing I noticed, is that the cleaner does not have the warm air flow to dry the carpet like my older model did. In fact, I found nothing \”improved\” since they are using the exact same tanks & brush assemblies as before. The only thing I found that I liked better was the color! So I have ordered a motor ($89.99) and hose winder hook and will attempt to fix my older machine. Then I will clean up the new one and return it for a refund. Usually, what I have done in the past, with appliances that fail before I get my value\’s worth out of them is to buy a new one, clean up the old one and put it in the box and return it to the store for a refund.

  31. We are also disappointed in the Hoover Steam Vac Dual V model………as the brushes ONLY worked the very first time. From reading the comments posted here I guess we are among the lucky ones since we have not yet experienced \”leaking\”, and the machine works well, except it did a better job the first time (and only time!) the brushes worked.

  32. Like everyone else,the hoover f7425900 worked fine for a short while but now the brush won\’t rotate(needs a new turbo motor) and the recovery tank is broken at handle.No luck with hoovers cust. service soo out it goes. What a waist!

  33. I wish I had read these comments before I bought this piece of junk. After 2 uses, it went to the shop for repair. Some they fixed under warranty but tried to blame the problems on not using Hoover liquid carpet soap. I insisted that I had ONLY used Hoover soap. They charged me $50 for a new set of brushes that didn\’t work. The new brushes lasted one cleaning – now won\’t turn. Now after almost 2 years nothing works on this thing except the vacuum. So it still \”sucks\”.

  34. I have had mine for 3 years and have never had a problem with it and I use it once a month or so. I guess I was lucky to get a good one.

  35. regarding thr Hoover sTEAM VAC MODEL 77210-900. Anyone want to get ride of the tank which has the detergent tank attached


  37. I have the hoover carpet cleaner my fresh water tank is also broken and they want 55 dollars to replace it I have not used it that much but the warranty has ran out my next carpet cleaner will not br a Hoover, the guy at the repair shop said the one on mine was a bad design

  38. Wow, I\’m glad I read this before I tried ordering parts! My cord holder broke off the first day, the hand tool never worked, I thought I just didn\’t know how to use it. And my tank began leaking after the 2nd use.

  39. I bought my Hoover Steam Dual V and the brushes quit rotating after the second time I used it. No local dealer or repair shop and after reading these reviews I will not put anymore money into it, nor will I ever purchase another
    Hoover product again. Should have known better after buying a Hoover upright Vacumn cleaner that kept clogging
    up everytime I used it. Buyers beware!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. We have had this model for about 3 years. I have done our 3 12×15 carpets at 4/5 times a year. Just recently the brushes stopped working. I took it apart and found that the metal bushing was all rusted and caused the plastic gears to jam up. Used some wd40 to free it up and it was working again. After doing 1 carpet it broke again. The Hoover web-site sucks. No reference to this model or any parts, and when you call the non-toll free phone# you can\’t get a person to talk with you. $56.16 for parts and shipping from a Hoover repair shop. They get you coming and going with this one.
    Hoover – NEVER again!

  41. I bought Hoover Model 7222-900 last year. I won\’t be buying another Made in Mexico for slave labor wages Hoover. I do remember when they laid off a bunch of workers in Newton, Iowa to move production to Mexico. I assume that is why it cost only $270. The other reason is because it is junk. It worked for 3 complete carpet cleanings through the ground floor about 1200 sq. feet. The brushes quit working when I tried to use it today. It is worthless without the brushes. There is no manual online that I could find. I started to take it apart to see about fixing it. After reading these comments to see that it is one thing after the next with these Hoovers, I am tossing it. Another dissatisfied customer. Go NAFTA!!!!

  42. I finally threw my Hoover SteamVac 2 in the trash. It was a piece of shit from day one. Leaks all over the place.

  43. Regarding those dumb brushes… mixed Hoover cleaning solution with water in the tank; dumped the water from the tank onto the carpet; scrubbed it on my knees with a scrubbing brush; used the machine to suck up the water.  Are we sure it\’s supposed to work that way?

  44. Goodness! All I was trying to do is find a replacement part for my F7425900 (2nd broken clean water tank, the plastic cracked around the rubber seal at the bottom) within driving distance and I learned we are not alone in our discouragement with this product! We bought it in Best Buy about 3 years ago and it leaks in general, and we\’ve had specific problems with the seals and the tanks just like so many others on this board…

    I had my heart set on cleaning our carpeted living room today — moved the furniture, cleaned everything up, went down to the basement and dragged the Hoover up the stairs, banging my shins with the front cleaning assembly as always, filled it up at the sink — and the clean water tank leaked hot tap water all over the kitchen floor before I realized that the bottom was broken! Not very easy to get parts, but I really wanted to do this stupid chore so I went to Safeway and rented a Rug Doctor for a couple of bucks instead. If it takes more than about 15 minutes to get a new clean water tank, I too will be chucking the Hoover in the junk pile — it\’s seriously not worth my time to struggle with this thing when I can rent something down the street every couple of months for $20.00 instead.


  46. I also have the same problems. The extension hose cracked on first use. The water tank leaked after a couple of uses–Hoover replaced that under warranty(along with the hose). They also told us it was because detergent was stored in the unit but we didn\’t do that. Now the detergent tank holder has snapped. That happened when it wasn\’t in use. I would never buy another Hoover again.

  47. Model F7226-900 Hoover Steam Vac Dual V. The cord clip broke off the first time I used it, but I improvised. I have been very happy with the cleaner until recently. It did a great job cleaning my carpets for about two years, then the clean water tank started leaking. When I just took it apart today the plastic had broken under the valve. It cannot be repaired, so I was looking online to find a replacement tank, but can\’t seem to find one.

  48. I also am on my second clean water tank in two years. ($50 for each replacement tank) I bought mine at SEARS and really expected a better quality product. I have since written to SEARS and expressed my disappointment in them, for selling such a poor quality product. Maybe if everyone would complain to the retailers that carry this product, then eventually the word would get out, retailers would stop selling them and Hoover would stop profiting off this poorly designed product and it\’s replacement parts.

  49. SEARS can order the replacement tanks $50 each, but the new one will crack just like the old one. Good luck

  50. My daughter owns a Hoover F4725-900 that leaks from the fresh water resovour. She brought it over for me to fix and I thought simple – replace the part and be done. Then I came across this discussion and decided to recommend that she trash her Hoover and let her borrow my Bissell. Had the Bissell for 2 years so far, no problems and works great.

  51. I\’ve had my F7425-900 for 3 or 4 years – I must have gotten a good one. I have used it a lot, both for cleaning the carpet and for sucking the water out of the basement carpet after a couple of minor floods. I am on my 3rd clean water tank (got the last one free from Hoover when I emailed them and complained LOUDLY) but now it is leaking badly from the clean water tank. Guess I\’ll take it apart and see if I can figure out where the leak is and whether I can fix it. I totally agree with all the comments about the poor design and planned obsolescence. For $300 I expect the thing to last a LONG time. Sure won\’t buy another!

  52. I used this unit 2 times and the piece under the cleaner resevoir broke and when i called Customer Service they wanted to charge me $42.50 for a new resevoir. I explained that it was only a few months old. That did not matter. if i wanted it fixed for free i would need to drive 40 minutes and drop the unit off at a service center. Unbelievable!!! I will never buy a hoover again!!!

  53. I thought I was the only one. The water reservoir leaks from anywhere the thin plastic can crack, and it will. It only gets worse. I have used a soldering gun to try an remelt and seal the plastic, but the quality of the tank is clearly poor. It seems that they have had this problem for several years, and refuse to fix it. So, good bye to them. The hand sprayer also is of poor design that breaks often, right at the trigger and at the end nozzle, which falls off. I would be embarrassed to have designed it. I may replace it with a brass one from a garden tank sprayer, since I don\’t want to shell out for new vacuum.

  54. well i have to start by saying anybody who buys vacuum products at a lowes/homedepot/kohls should expect for these sorts of things to happen regardless of the price of the unit. The only way to get a quality product like this is to shop at an independent specialty vacuum store. First off, manufacturers, like this, design 2 different lots of these products (1 made of poor quality for a \”price-driven\” market, and 1 made for the independent specialty stores) which are manufactured with different quality components. They also come with different warranties. Another point is that a specialty store will most likely do service/warranty repair for the products that they sell (which always have longer warranties than \”big box\” stores).
    I would like to add that i have worked in my family owned vacuum business for 9 yrs and have learned a few things along the way. I might also add that we never ever carried the \”V2\” as it has been a complete piece of junk since its arrival. I would also like to add that hoover has been bought out by a chinese company and that the quality will only get worse with time. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an earlier hoover steamvac before they sold the company. I have had it over 4 yrs and have only replaced the brush block in that time.
    I will conclude this comment by saying that we now carry the Oreck brand steam cleaner. American made and at a fair price. So either go to a specialty store next time or email me and i would be glad to ship these units out through our company for $199 + shipping.
    And yes, ALL the vacuum products found at the big box chains are garbage for one reason or another. The industry refers to these as \”disposable\” vacuums, when it breaks (which it will and usually pretty quick) just dispose and grab another off the shelf! THATS HOW THEY ARE MADE!
    Feel free to email me with other vacuum related questions!

  55. Ralph in the previous post should have left his email….I would be interested in the $199 Oreck cleaner.

  56. I also have the F7431900 – I loved it in the beginning but the brushes stopped spinning after 2 uses, 1st repair, clean water container leaked and cracked, 2nd repair, brushes have stopped working again 3rd repair. I can\’t believe Hoover is still as popular as it is even though the vacuums and carpet cleaners break down as often as they do. If we all buy a good brand in the beginning we won\’t be spending all this money in the long run so now I\’m going to look at Consumer Report for their suggestions and China can keep their products.

  57. I have had the same problem with my machine that everyone else has had. I have found this machine to be the best carpet cleaner ever but it has broken down a few times. With in the first year, I had to get a new tank 3 times….so….I got the extended warranty…which I have used twice. Once when the brushes quit…it cost only 20$ to repair from a local shop that is not a registered hoover fixer. The second time it was leaking again and Hoover reimbursed me the 40$ for the new tank. I would definately recommend this to anyone because, unlike many people here, the Hoover company has always helped me with my problems with out hassles and it has only cost me an extra 50$ for an extra 3 year warranty. It is about to end soon so I hope I can continue to use this great machine when it breaks down again! I\’m going on 4 years with a 280$ machine plus 50 for the warranty and I think it works almost as good as a rug doctor rental and I\’ve spent much less on it. I use it at least once a month for spot cleaning and about every 2 months for whole house cleaning (3000 sq foot).

  58. Sounding like the broken record my Hoover Steam Vac Dual V has had the same problems with the cheap leaking tanks. I am on my second one and I just emailed Hoover for another replacement. They sent me the others at no cost and I am waiting to see if they will do it again. Hoover has always sent me parts for my cleaners such as my hardwood spin cleaner, and the Steam Vac at no cost. I wish they would just make it right the first time so I don\’t have to watch a $12 bottle of cleaner leak out right before my eyes.

  59. I have had my hoover steam vac dual v 900 for almost 2 years. The water spray quit working and in the process of trying to figure out why. I was reading another poster had a similar situation and fixed it\” because the little red filter underneath was clogged and needed to be cleaned.\”

    lets hope this works or I will never spend $350 on this machine again.

  60. My mother has had her steam vac for maybe a month. Today we tried to use it and the detergent would not come out!!!!!!!!!!
    This thing is JUNK!!!!

  61. Biggest Piece-a-SHIT I have ever had… Thank God it was a wedding present… I would be PO\’d had I paid money for this crap. I have replaced the entire unit 4 times in 2 years from Bed Bath and Beyond… Was finally told no more replacements; so I began replacing broken parts… I have since spent enough money to buy an entire shampooer… Please save yourself the pain and suffering and buy something else… Then tell me what it was so I can do the same…

  62. I find that my Hoover Dual V-F7223 steam vac is of poor quality. I\’ve done several repairs myself. On the clear water tank, I use Seal All. It\’s a rubberized sealing compound. Wear rubber gloves using this compound or you will be peeling for the next couple of days. The plastic on this tank can\’t take extremely hot water. Have it hot but, not scalding.Also, I don\’t fill it all the way. I\’ve had this machine for 4yrs. and I\’ll never get another one. Hopefully any advice I\’ve given has helped anyone.

  63. We own a hoover dual v model# F7410-900 steam cleaner the brushes just quit working one day but we figured out why I took the top cover off and removed the turbine motor the gears were not moving so I cleaned it up seems the grease in it was old and gummed up not bad but once cleaned up it worked perfect again no leaks on this one but our recovery tank the studs the handle hooks to broke but still works just makes it hard to carry that way it is 2 1/2 years old and still works very well much better than a rental unit from the local store.

  64. Oh The Humanity!!!Another complaint on the the Hoover 431-900 Carpet cleaner.Four Times The Turbine has been replaced by Sears!!!Lucky we have had a service contract..but service contract or no service contract THIS UNIT IS DEFECTIVE!!!We are meeting with the area Sears Service Manager on Monday.We were told by Sears Customer Service that they should replace this unit.I am taking these 12 pages of complaints with me on Monday.Oh, by the way this Sears Center is 30 miles from our house.So far we have traveled 240 miles on our 4 trips to and from this service center..If I can\’t get any satisfaction on Monday…I will ask the assistance of ABC Eyewitness News…There\’s now enough documentation on this POS model to make it newsworthy.Let Sears and Hoover \”suck on this one\”!!!!I\’ll keep you posted

  65. To say that Hoover sucks would imply that my SteamVac actually produced suction. It does not. Hoover blows.

  66. I purchased the Hoover Steam Vac All terrian Carpet Cleaner. While the machine does a great job of cleaning carpets and upholstery, the clean water tank has broken 4 times in 2 years with a replacement cost of $40 a pop. This machine is a total ripoff. The plastic is so thin and it cracks and the rubber stoppers leak. What a waste of money. My friend owns a Hoover with clean surge and has never replaced a thing on this machine. Hoover needs to look at the design and recall this product with all the complaints. I will never purchase another Hoover product – Lost $300.00 but Hoover lost another customer. Wake UP!

  67. I have my hoover for 2 years an it leaks from the bottom but when the tank is off no leak from it I can fill the tank with water an it leaks out of the bottom like im still despencing

  68. The F7425-900 I bought cleaned well but after five uses and two years later the brushes don\’t turn. I sent them an email asking for instructions to take it apart but the arrogant company directed me to their repair business. This is like the HP printers: The printers are inexpensive but the ink cost a bundle. I shall never buy a Hoover product again.

  69. I own the Hoover Steam Vac, brushes stopped turning after two uses. Ordered new brush set ( $35) broke in same spot one use later. It\’s a product design flaw and this Hoover is a piece of junk! I will never buy anything Hoover again.

  70. Grrrr~! I have the F5858910 Hoover SteamVac and have only used it 3 times (this is my 2nd one, so I am pretty familiar with this model) Now it is only dripping from the upholstery attachment when trying to spray, and leaking out of the bottom at the SAME time!!! Only seems to happen when the clean water tank was in place….I eventually just took it off and sprayed my cleaner on the sofa and vacuumed it up with the attachment. If anyone has an idea as to what part needs to be replaced to keep it from pissing all over my floors, I\’d be elated. It doesn\’t appear to be leaking from the actual clean water tank itself, but where the brushes are. ?????? Any help?

  71. Wow,now I know why the Hoover F7425-900 I just got for like $22 at the Goodwill looks pretty nice-almost new but the brush doesn\’t turn. I was just looking for a manuel and came across this website; guess I should be happy that\’s all I spent on it.

  72. Mine has worked great for the last six years – probably have about 100 hours use on it. The detergent tank seal just started leaking last use. I was looking for replacement when I came across this site – as far as I\’m concerned – it\’s a great machine

  73. Have had similar problems as listed above. Have replaced the water tank TWICE. It still leaks. Now the brushes don’t spin. They are kept clean, as is the filter screen. The rotor mechanism doesn’t rotate. Repairclinic.com doesn’t even list this machine as one that they carry parts for.

  74. What a piece of junk. Brand new machine…first use, a steady stream of water leaking down the bottom and forming puddles on my carpet. I am stunned Home Depot allows them to be sold.

  75. I have been reading all the reviews about hoover and bissell because iam looking for a good carpet cleaner. It looks like to me that hoover makes a good looking product to get people to buy it, so that later they can spend lots of money on parts to make more money for the cmpany.

  76. My Hoover spin & scrub is several years old, has done a good job of carpet cleaning but is now leaking like a sieve from the hot water tank. Reading the posts caused me to look at the area around the seal at the bottom, and see the crack. I’m going to try to fix it with Creeping Crack Crawler (a marine product I found at Wests Marine) and if that doesn’t work will buy another tank. Hate to junk a $300 machine!

  77. I have replaced the brushes six times and they are not cheap. Why doesn’t Sears/Hoover just tell you that they are disposable so you can make the decision before you purchase the machine. Have also replaced the clean water tank. I will never ever buy another Hoover product. Those things should be taken off the market. I can’t finish the shampooing that I was attempting to do. Will wait until tomorrow and go rent one. Damn I’m pissed

  78. didn’t finish my sentence. should say before you purchase the machine so that you can NOT waste your money.

  79. I’ve had my hoover for 8 years and i have never had a problem with it.. in 8 years i only had to replaced the brush one time and the bucket one time and that’s all.. and i have used it in a lot of messy situation with my kids droping kool aid on the carpet and even my dog pooping and vomiting on my carpet. If i did not own my hoover i do not know what i have done with all this messy situations.

  80. I’ve had my Hoover Steam Vac F7431-900 for about 8 years now. I bought it on ebay for about $225? About 4 years ago the brushes stopped turning. I took the turbine apart and cleaned it. For the first few years after cleaning I made sure to run the brushes for a Minute to air the turbine out (stops rust).

    Now 4 years later the brushes have stopped turning again due to my forgetting to air the turbine out (user error). I’ll have to take it apart again to clean OR maybe buy a new turbine ($30)? I’ve never replaced any parts or had any leaks in over 8 years of use.

    I completely clean my home and my aunts about 4 times a year plus minor do-due cleaning for our four pawed furry children. I’ve more than got my money/use out of this unit. Maybe this older unit was made in the USA? and never had any NAFTA parts replacements?

    I admit its a pain to have to clean the turbine every 4 years. But, I’ve never replaced the brushes, tanks or had any leaks. I won’t buy a new one when this one is finally unrepairable due to the negative posts I’ve read here. It sounds like the newer ones are a piece of poop. Unless y’all are just a bunch of cry babie’s…hope not.

    Kind regards,


  81. I bought the F7227-900, and have replaced the clean water reservoir 3 times, and the third one leaked straight out of the box. Hoover would not send another one without charging me. Now the brushes don’t turn. I paid $300.00 for that machine and it has been very, very disappointing to own one. Surely Hoover should be aware by now of the poor design of their carpet cleaners, and should do something for the customers who got shitted out of their hare-earned money to purchase such a pile of junk!!!! NEVER HOOVER AGAIN, and THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I have two of these. The first one I bought to use to clean rental properties with. Well, after a few cleanings, the thing was nasty and I didn’t want to use it in my house (tenants had dogs). So, I bought a second one to use here on my own carpet (didn’t want the wet-dog smell in my house). The first one – the one that has been used and abused – still to this day works fine. The second one has leaked since the second time it was used. I don’t mean a small leak, but pours water out of it as though you just took a bucket of water/solution and turned it over. I’m hoping to be able to pull parts from both at some point and end up with a working unit that isn’t too gross.

  83. I’m on my second Hoover (first one quit in no time). Second is a Dual V and after 3rd use, the upper clean tank is leaking (pouring) out water. Does not leak when off the unit but when on it, the water pours out. I’m never buying another Hoover. Piece of Junk!! Waste of money!! Terrible customer service!! We need a better product!! Any ideas on one that actually works over time for the price you pay without the cheap plastic parts designed to break so you keep buying their overpriced expensive parts!! They’ve ruined the Hoover name it USED to have.

  84. I have had my Hoover Dual V steam cleaner for several years and although I did have to replace the clean water tank with the new version due to leaking, I had no other problems with it until now as the brushes have stopped spinning. I cleaned all the brushes and lint screen as directed in the manual. On another site I read about the spring on the on/off switch mechanism coming off and once that was put on, according to the writer, then the brushes will spin. Wrong. So I have read all these posts and we took out the turbine and cleaned it well and oiled and lightly greased it and put it back together. When we insert a screwdriver in the square hole, it spins freely, where before cleaning it did not move at all. We put everything back together and the brushes still did not spin. So we took it apart again and adjusted the spring arm mechanism to fit with the L wire in the U slot and the straight slot over the notch on the turbine. Presto! Our brushes are back to spinning. We thought they were not, but we put the bottom tank on and locked it in place, and once we lowered the vac handle the brushes spin like new. I had forgotten that part, so just remember the brushes do not spin when the handle is in the upright position. I cannot tell you how many hours and aching bones and numbness went into this repair. But next time, it will be a breeze and we will keep that turbine in tip top shape from now on. So, a BIG THANK YOU to all on this blog and especially to the ones who told us about the turbine!

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    2. I’ve been there at the end for horses too – and had a friend like you who’s been there for mine.It’ll mean a lot to her. My heart was broken by my six-year old cob who had to be put down. Never again!Bon Voyage! (we’re in Cornwall for the weekend)!V

  85. So I found your review while looking for a new hose nozzle kit for my F7425900. It is in its seven year of operation with no repairs. The nozzle is cracked on the bottom and still works. I wish I could send you a picture. It looks like its been in a battle. Sorry all of you who have had issues. I have had none. No leaks at all. Keep it as clean as u possibly can, I have a dog and it will clog because of its hair.I would definitely purchas another.

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  87. I have found a steam vac v2 at a good will brand new .well I took it home and to find out it had a crack in the water tank so I was piss . i only got it for $20 so what u did was i cut out a little peace out of a plastic drawer where I keep bolts and nut in and I got a glue gun and hot sodering gun and melted like a patch around where the crack is and then got the hot glue and glue it around it then put some water in it work like a champ its been one yr havent leak yet

    1. Hello Danny, I have the same steamvac with cracks around the valve hole at the bottom of the fresh water tank like you and so many others have described. I sent for a new valve through Amazon but soon found it is the cracked plastic and not the valve that is the problem. I would attempt to fix the cracks if I could separate the tank from the base that allows it to seat into the steamvac machine. I wouldn’t want to cause any further damage by prying so I am asking you how you separated the two pieces so you could put your reinforcement patch around the hole? Thank you for your helpful and encouraging reply. (Hoover should hire a few clones of you rather than their company people who offer to sell new products so they can boost their profit margin!!! I would guess they have a few warehouses full of the new tank designs (which don’t sound any better than the old ones) they would like to unload on all the customers still buying the steamvacs.

  88. I agree with everyone complaint. If this was a car they would have recalled it and replace the parts free. Water runs out of the clean water tank, they told me I would have to buy a new tank with a adapter so it would not leak anymore very disappointed with hoover company.

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