The Top Ten Lies of Engineers

The Top Ten Lies of Engineers Guy pokes fun at engineers and tries to analyze their verbiage. In spite of the salacious seriousness of the article, it points out the underlying and sometimes debilitating seperation between engineering and marketing in an organization. Marketing departments need to employ their own engineers and engineering departments need to employ a couple of marketers to keep things in sync. Personally, I disagree with some of the generalizations, but I am sure so will a bunch of other engineers. Interesting read nonetheless. 🙂

ADobe Acrobate Reader and Windows XP Lockup

After Googleing for some time and trying to figure out why Adobe files would not open on my Windows box without some sort of trouble, I came upon a brilliant solution on Experts Exchange that worked like the charm.

In short, my Adobe Acrobate reader would lock up when trying to open PDF files of any size or kind. It would use 50%+ of the CPU and sit there till I ended the task from the task manager. A similar problem would occur if I were to try and view PDF files from inside any browser. I had tried uninstalling, re-installing, updating, downgrading and everything in between.

Apparently, Adobe Acrobat Reader starts creating temporary files in your Documents and Settings\/Local Settings\/Temp folder and does not know when to quit. These files exceed the magic 65xxx number and then Acrobat is at a complete loss. Here is a simple fix.

Go to C:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Local Settings\\Temp where “username” is your Windows username. Find and delete all the files in this directory starting with “Acr”. Once these are deleted, you will be able to run Acrobat Reader. No re-install or upgrade needed.

You would think Adobe would fix such a simple problem, but what do I know?

2002 Oldsmobile Alero for SALE

Jennifer is selling her Oldsmobile Alero. It is a nice car and has had little use beside her driving it to and from work. We are selling it since Jennifer wants to drive our family car and not make payments on an extra, unused automobile. The car is mechanically sound and looks quite nice. It would be a good buy for someone looking for a reliable/relatively new car with low miles. Here are some of the details.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero GLS, V6 Auto, Leather, CD, Sunroof

  • One owner
  • Black Onyx
  • V6 3.4L
  • Power Sunroof
  • Power Mirrors, Power Windows, Power Doors
  • Keyless Entry
  • Cruise Control
  • Neutral leather
  • Air Conditioning
  • Radial tires & alloy wheels
  • CD player
  • Power Driver’s seat
  • Remote car start
  • 44000 miles, oil changed every 3000 miles.

Price is negotiable upto a certain extent. Please contact us for a test drive if you are interested in buying it.

Nikon D 70 needs to be repaired

After almost exactly two years, my Nikon D70 has bit the bullet. Nothing happens when the switch is turned on. I have checked, charged and tested the battery and I have tried operating the camera without lenses, with different lenses, with no card and with two seperate CF cards and still nothing. When a CF card is present in the slot, the drive light flashes with a slow regular beat. We really wanted to get some more pictures taken for my parents (of the spring flowers and tulips) but they will have to wait a little or Jennifer will have to borrow her mother’s camera. Has anyone else had manufacturing problems with the Nikon? You would think a $1400 camera would be built better.

I am quite dissappointed with Nikon but am very glad that we had purchased quite a bit of extra warranty from Best Buy with the camera and I should be getting it back from them in about two weeks. I guess gentle handling and proper care does not always ensure longevity of electronic equipment.

Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V Review

In one word, they suck!
We had purchased this at Kohl’s about two years ago and have used it about twenty times since at various different households. It started leaking last month and the leaks are not small. The rubber pipes that lead from the clean water chamber have cracked and are leaking water all over even when the vacuum is not in use. In other words, it is completely useless and the repair shop wants to charge in excess of $100 to fix it. We tried calling Hoover to see if they can do something, and as usual they sent us off with “lodge a complaint” and nothing else. Needless to say, we are never buying a Hoover again. I personally think that a $300 steam vacuum should last longer than it has.

The sad fact is that this steamer worked better than others we have owned and did quite a good job of getting the dog gunk out of our capets. I just wish their manufacturing and quality control was better and sorely miss good customer service on the part of Hoover. As a means of warning others that are looking to buy the Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V, look somewhere else. This one is a definite waste of money if you are looking for something that will last beyond a couple of years.

Jeremy Piven: Journey of a Lifetime

Not too many Television programs generate enough interest in me to make me want to write about it and I was figuring this show on Discovery HD would have the same effect on me. However, Jeremy is a really good story teller and that added to the nostalgia made his “Journey of a Lifetime” (to India) quite a treat to watch. It is fun, light hearted for the most part and in spite of the experiences, he finds ways to connect to the people and the culture. If you have dreamed of visiting India or are from around there, this might be the time to set the Tivo.

As for me, what caught me was one comment he made while travelling on a converted and pimped out houseboat while on the backwaters of Kerala. He said “The Journey is the Destination”. I found that phrase quite caught my fancy and I can definitely relate to that not only in my own travels but also in everyday life.

Now Pivens is not someone that I have noticed in the past beside the side appearances on shows such as “Entourage”, and had not really existed in my media vocabulary. But this show is fun, somewhat lascivious and naughty and just fun and was refreshing to Jennifer and I.