Code like a girl

Code like a girl Do engineers and programmers care about concepts like beauty and elegance? Should they? A subject very near and dear to my heart. I love to code elgantly, really pride in writing coherent and well thought out code but my professional mentor keeps finding things I missed or should have paid closer attention to. I can safely say that I learn almost every day and am very proud of it.

BioFresh HEPA Air Purifier

After quite a bit of reading, some research through the web and after talking with a bunch of people, Jennifer and I decided to splurge on the BioFresh HEPA Air Purifier made by Mitsubishi. It can be purchased from various online retailers including Amazon and eBay. We ended up getting ours from eBay for a little less than $300 with rebates and shipping, which made it a pretty good deal. We have had it now in our house for about a week. More information for the product can be found at RabbitAir but it looks like the design and manufacturing is by Mitsubishi and there is some relation with Sparo products (might be another retailer/distributor).

In three words, I love it. Right from the start, the company seems to have their ducks in a row. The packaging is not flimsy and has a very solid feel to it. Imagine unpacking an expensive LCD monitor or a plasma TV as opposed to unpacking a $50 microwave from Walmart. The instructions were precise and useful, the box was well printed and very sophisticated and the machine itself was not flimsy. In addition, the filters were neatly and carefully packaged in dark plastic and everything was neatly tucked away for shipping. I could easily tell that a lot of attention had been paid to packaging and shipping the product.

After plugging the unit in, I turned it on with the thin remote and set it on full auto. It has a “pollen sensor” and a “smell sensor” and they work in tandem to determine how fast the unit runs. It was interesting to know how polluted the unit thought our house was when we turned it on.

  • The unit is very close to silent. Only when it senses something nasty does it get a tad bit louder but the brushless fan is perfect.
  • It cleans quickly and automatically. Cooking smells and odors are gone in a few minutes, never longer than a few hours (yet)
  • The pollen and smell sensors work, which is quite amazing. Cooking makes it automatically run faster and so does Jennifer’ nail polish smell. When the dogs wag their tails near the pollen/dander sensor, the unit wakes up and starts sending more air through.

We have not had the chance yet to understand the benefit of the “Biofresh” filter technology and I will write about it after we have had it for a few months. But for the time being, I am really satisfied with it and wish I had bought it sooner. The air is fresh and clean, there is no “dog” odor, cooking smells dissappear within a few minutes and it is extremely quiet. The only surprising thing was that they advertise that their filters should last upto three years but their warranty is only valid if you replace the filters every 18 months (which are a sum of $50 from Amazon for 18 months). It looks like the filters will need to be lightly vacuumed every three or four weeks to get the dust and dog hair out.

Come back in a few months for the rest of the review.