Annoying ebay bug

I tried searching for “Aquachef” on eBay today and it kept replacing the f with a k. I understand that there are “learning” searches in place and it tried to understand what you are really looking for, but if I wanted something called squachek, I would have asked for it, damnit!

Now I just have to spend the money elsewhere.

Paul Pope, Batman and Bowling Green

Paul Pope, Batman and Bowling Green: If you are a fan of Manga and/or comics in any way shape or form, you have read Batman comics. The new author/artist for Batman comics is Paul Pope. Now the kicker is that Paul Pope is from Bowling Green, Ohio. I would not have heard about this, had Wired magazine not published this tidbit somewhere in their article on him. Apparently he tried to get his art degree from OSU and then moved to New York. What bothered me was the fact that every bit of literature on this guy is devoid of the fact that he is an Ohio native and he seems to get away from mentioning that when asked questions about himself. Why would someone be so ashamed of their background? Did he really have such a sh**y childhood? Oh well. He is from around here and that makes me proud.

As an aside, I do like his work and I cannot wait to get my hands on a Batman inked by him.