Overwhelmed by Fall Leaves

Before I tell you my tale of woe, would you believe that this is the view from my back yard? I absolutely love this picture.

Fall 2005

Now, we have about ten trees in our small back yard. Now that I mind trees, being a tree hugger of sorts myself. But at one time of the year, I fear, I will hate the fact that we have any trees in our back yard. All the oaks, maples and the cotton woods let their leaves down about the same time and I am left with a HUGE amount of leaves. Jennifer helped quite a bit over the week by putting them into piles. I slowly shuttled them to the front of house today. I spent almost ten hours raking off and on, and I am still not halfway done. What a freakin job!

To add insult to injury, my leaf blower/vac, which is less than six months old, decided to die on me after I had moved leaves halfway through the yard. So now I wish I had something better and now I have the chance. I would have liked to get a gas blower, but those are hard(er) to maintain. My perfect solution would be a Cyclone Rake. If I owned a ride on mower (which I think we should buy, the yard grows bigger every weekend I mow) I would surely buy one of these. You would have to go empty the container once or twice for a yard my size (about a quarter acre in the back and about the same in the front but full of trees, driveway etc.) I wonder what most people do? Am I in the minority to have that many trees in the small yard?

Oh well, enjoy the fall. There are some new fall pictures posted in the gallery.