Viking Supreme Hot Tub

We bought and installed a Viking Supreme Hot Tub in our new house today. I wanted to get it into the house before my parents left for India to make sure that they could use it for some time. However, like everything else in my life, this was not without its trials.

We had tried to get estimates from various electricians to add a new 220 Volt connection to our backyard so we could connect our Hot Tub (along with the GFCI and everything else). Their prices are ATROCIOUS! John had graciously offered to have his brother help us out (John’s brother is an electrician). Without getting into the bad details, it is suffice to say that before the job could even be started, there was a tragedy in their family with John’s brother. We were not only dumbstruck, we were also very, very sorry at their loss.

So my father and I decided to put the connection together ourselves. That was quite a challenge since neither of us had done any kind of wiring ourselves. However, after a couple of trips to the local Home Depot, we finally managed to get everything in place and not burn the house down.

The Viking Hot Tub (or Spa) is great so far. It is small and compact. Yet it is a lot of fun. We had spent some time looking at various hot tubs and comparing the various dealers in our area. We came to the conclusion that no matter who we went with, they would provide us with about the same level of service and products. We chose Lite House for our dealer and purchased a Viking Supreme 300 Gallon model with two year unlimited and three year limited warranty.

We plan to keep using the hot tub over the winter (though in much lesser frequency) and thus opted for the best insulation that we could get. I plan to add more insulation foam to the system come closer to winter. We will see how it goes.

One last thought. The old addage is true when it says that the fruits of labor are sweeter if it comes after a long time and a lot of trouble. 🙂

Feel free to ask questions about Viking Hot tubs, Lite House Pools and Spas in Toledo and electrical wiring if you like. We will try to reply to all those interested.