Lots has been going on

I get really tired of people apologizing for not updating their blogs. I can distinctly remember saying to myself that I wish these people would just write an update post rather than spending three lines in apologizing for “neglecting” their blog. Well, I just spend three lines trying to explain just that.

Anways, my life has been full of news/happenings over the last month. My parents finally got here around the middle of April and we have been busy catching up and spending lots of quality family time together. Jennifer and I are looking at buying a new house for our new family and Jennifer has been terribly excited in looking for furnishings and various furniture peices. We are also going to have a large(ish) back yard which will be nice for the dogs.

I am still in the market for a new car and it looks like we will have to get a larger car to satisfy our needs. I would like to get something sporty for myself but we simply cannot afford two new cars at this time.

More to come as the summer wears on. We are still getting frost at night!

Create and upload custom MIDI ringtones to your SprintPCS phone

As from Kathy Johnson of FeatheredGems.com:

Download a free trial music editor like Noteworthy Composer or Harmony Assistant, open the MIDI file of your choice (downloaded from a free MIDI file site), edit your tune, save the file as a MIDI 1 format file (NOT MIDI 0), and upload to the phone. You need to be able to read music to do this though.

If you use this tip, make sure you visit Kathy on her site and say thank you. 🙂

Of course, you will want to use my Cell Phone Upload tool to upload your ringtones to Sprint PCS, Alltel, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, TMobil and Verizon phones.