TurboTax Tax Freedom

TurboTax Tax Freedom: Free online tax preparation for everyone. They charge a total of about $20 to help you prepare and e-file your federal and state taxes including the e-filing fees. That is cheaper than actually buying their software if doing them over the web does not bother you (it DOES bother me).

Weblogtoolscollection.com has been nominated for The IndiBlog Awards

I refrained from making too much of a deal on Weblog Tools Collection, but I am really excited that Carthik, Om and I were nominated in the Best science/technology IndiBlog category of the The IndiBlog Awards. Om, with the rising populairty of the excellent GigaOm, has also been nominated for the Best IndiBlog category. All of the people on those lists are very good at what they do and are good people. We spend a lot of our free time in writing, researching and reading and appreciation/recognition is a major part of the fun for us bloggers. So if you have not nominated someone yet, head over to the URI above and vote for someone!

Congratulations to everyone that was nominated!

A lot has been going on

since the holidays and things have not calmed down as of yet.

The Tsunami engulfed our lives, imaginations and human spirits and still continues to haunt all of us. I just have not had the heart to talk about it and probably will never discuss it pubicly. I just hope everyone can find their loved ones and some of the wounds heal over time. Thankfully, everyone in my family was completely out of harms way.

There was supposed to be a marriage between two very good friends, which was cancelled due to some problems (they will still get married, just not right now due to circumstances) which was saddening and dissappointing at the same time. I hope they can recover soon and get on with their lives.

I wanted to visit SXSW 2005 at Austin this year and even found some really nice flights, but after budgeting my expenses, I figure that I would have spent over $700 on the trip over four days. With my present financial standing I can afford it, but considering the expenses that I will have to incur in the next two years, I decided against it. If I spend that kind of money, it will be on a vacation with Jennifer. So I guess I will have to wait for either an eager employer who would like me to visit Interactive Media fairs/conferences or move to a city where this sort of things happens all the time (San Francisco is RAPIDLY becoming one of my favorite cities in the world). Ces’t La Vie!

Luckey had ripped off one of her nails while playing and that needed an operation to be removed. She walked around with a sorry bandage for a few days and now seems to be doing much better for which I am glad. I hate seeing her mopey and sad. All of this ice and snow is too much for her to stay away from (she has a lot of Husky in her)

The rest of the days have been somewhat relaxing and somewhat taxing, like always. I cannot wait till my parents get here so we can start looking for a new house and getting around to summer time again. I start school again in the Fall which should be fun considering the courses I am taking.