The World’s Loudest Mouse Click

I am organizing a Meme called “The World’s Loudest Mouse Click”. Here is what this means. I am trying to get a “LARGE” number of people to click on their mouse buttons at the stroke of midnight on the Fourth of July. I will define stroke of midnight as “zero hundred hours NY standard time on the 4th of July”.
A bunch of purposes will be served through this meme:
1) It will symbolize peace, unity and solidarity
2) It will bring people together and could serve to be a catalyst for other ideas
3) If marketed properly, it could set a world record
I am passionately requesting my readers and friends to read through this post and embrace the idea. If you like this idea and would like to help promote it, please make a link to this post (trackback if you like) and write on your blog or website about the idea. You could either link back to this entry or you could simply suggest the time, the idea and add your own thoughts. I do not care whether you mention me or my site on that entry. I am The World’s Loudest Mouse Click unimportant in the scheme of this meme. I would like to see this happen. If you do decide to promote this idea, I only request that you not maime the original thought of peace and unity. Other than that, you can change and promote it any way you please.
Expect to see a page about this soon.

So let us all get together and try to bring more people together.

I pray for Peace, Unity and Solidarity in our world.

Some comments so far that have really made my day:
As from MyDimension:

An endevor to symbolize peace. I think this is a great idea, to see the internet unite for one moment, with a single purpose. Even one so simple as clicking a mouse button.

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  4. I’m sorry to have screwed up your post/comments. Please fix the trackback link so it looks all purty. 😉

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  6. omfg god wat a bunch of loooosers lol
    \”It will symbolize peace, unity and solidarity\” ahahahahahahahahhahahahah

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