Jennifer has agreed to be my wife!

I love Jennifer more than I have ever loved anyone. She puts up with my weaknesses, cares incredibly deeply for me and my family and has been my best friend for the past few years we have been dating. We have had our differences, our fights, our misgivings and in spite of all that is different about us, we cannot imagine life without each other.

So, this past Christmas Eve I asked Jennifer, my girlfriend of three years, to marry me and she agreed. My parents have helped me choose the ring and I had planned to ask her around Christmas time this year. We hope to get married sometime around late 2006.

The Proposal

Even though it was nothing fancy, I did get her a big package with a small ring in it and everyone was full of smiles and hugs. It was a great evening. I had to kneel! 😀
The Ring

My parents (and her family) are more than ecstatic. We have no real plans for the wedding yet but hope to get there by late 2006. Nothing big or fancy, just a few people in at St. Adalbert and maybe a nice celebration in India (if I can make it back home).
Here is a link to the gallery with all the pictures.

The Light Before Christmas

The Lights Before Christmas

Jennifer and I along with John and Linda visited the “Lights Before Christmas” at the Toledo Zoo yesterday. I tried to take some pictures of the lights without using a tripod. The results were not as bad as I anticipated though I should have tried harder to keep my hands from shaking.

Toshiba 57″ Widescreen HD TV

I am now the proud owner of a Toshiba 57″ Widescreen HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with DVI Input /2-Tuner PIP
Model: 57H84 😀 (notice the WiiiidE grin!)

I got it for $1499 plus taxes from Best Buy plus extended service plan and DMI cables. Included free delivery to my house. This is Jennifer’s gift to me and my gift to her this Christmas. We are both terribly excited! Paired with my dual tuner PVR with all available HD channels and all available other channels, this should make for good TV watching. I can only imagine what my parents will think then they get here.

Fedora Core and DNS problems

If you are running Fedora Core (2 or 3) and are having problems with BIND or have massive ping start times, the issue is probably IPV6 support.
Add the following line to your modprobe.conf and reboot your machine.
alias net-pf-10 off

That should fix the problems.

Rules for good managers


1.Listen carefully when others are talking.
2.Concentrate on the matter of discussion.
3.Try to place a new idea of your own which
no one puts in the discussion table
and try to focus it in such a way that
it becomes the main centrepoint of discussion
and it make sure it is an encouraging idea.
4.When you have to argue with someone use very
pleasing language to convince him/her.
5.Allow others to assert their opinions and
listen carefully.
6.Your points should be short,clear and timed.
7.You must figure out when you are to make your
8.Always show your depth of knowledge in the discussion.
9.Show sincere leadership and try to win confidence.

1. Never interfere when others are talking.
2. By no means should you express your displeasure
even if you dislike the conversation.
3. Never go away from the main point of discussion
4. Never keep silent all the time.
5. Your attitude should never hurt anyone.
6. Never try to force others to only follow your wish.
7. By no means you should loose your temper.
8. Never shout when you discuss.
9. Never attack anyone personally.
10. Never argue with others when you do not have
thorough knowledge of it.

Which cities have you lived in and where have you travelled?

Since I have been in USA for almost 10 years now, I have lived in a variety of cities, mostly in the MidWest. Here are the prominent ones.
I have lived in Wooster, Ohio
I had a short stint in St. Louis, Missouri
I now live in Toledo, Ohio

I have visited the following cities either on projects, interviews, work or just for the sake of travelling.
I had a job interview in Boston, Massachusets
I consulted in Houston and San Antonio, Texas
Drove through upper New York to NYC for a visit along with Kaushik Rathi, that was fun!
Almost every major city in Ohio including Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Findlay etc.
I had a short project in Louisville, Kentucky
I went to visit a friend (Matt Carpenter) and their family for Thanksgiving in Nashville, Tennessee. Ive been there a bunch of times and know the city well.
Went on a school trip to Washington DC with a bunch of other international students which was just so much fun! We lived at the International Youth hostel for $7 a night and got lost downtown in the middle of the night.
Ive made numerous interview and school related trips to Chicago, Illinios
Pretty much scoured the state of New Jersey driving back and forth for interviews and such.
Drove around much of the East, Central and South of USA.

God, I love this country! 🙂