RSQOTD #2: How do programmers (with day jobs as programmers) come back home and go back to programming in their free time?

Really Stupid Question of the Day #2: How do programmers (with day jobs as programmers) come back home and go back to programming in their free time?

I have been extremely bored this past holiday weekend and every weekend that Jennifer is at work or on one of her trips.

When she is around, we get up early and go for breakfast, stop by a bunch of shops, stores and fun places to browse, take a small walk or throw the ball around with the dogs and then settle down for a nice home cooked dinner and a movie on the couch under a warm blanket. I enjoy her company and just talking with her and doing things we both like makes those weekends relaxing and very refreshing.

When she is gone, I spend most of the day like a lazy bum, throwing the ball around with the dog a couple of times, napping some, watching weird movies (watched “French Kiss” today) and blogging a few things. I work as a programmer and have my nose deep in ColdFusion, VBScript, TSql, ASP, Perl and red tape. When I come back home from work, looking at code is like going right back to work. This has really hampered my OSS work but I am not apologetic. I need something fun to do, something that is exciting, relaxing and life giving at the same time. So I practice yoga, read a little (though that gets tiresome since contemporary fiction is just …) and literally do nothing. Doing nothing might be all right for some people, but I hate being idle. I hate that feeling so much that I start to feel guilty and the weekends blend into a boring routine and I do not get the break that I crave.

Now I will be going back to school next fall, which will be wonderful. But till then I need to find a non-code hobby. Jennifer suggests that I take up flying which I intended to do anyways. I am not sure whether I can afford it, but I will definitely look into it.

What do my coder freinds do to get away? I know some of you go back to your personal projects and I just dont understand how you do it! You sure are a better person than I!

Om Malik on Broadband: Dayton’s Ad-Supported WiFi Cloud

Om Malik on Broadband: Dayton’s Ad-Supported WiFi Cloud: Another project doomed to failure. My company provides wireless broadband in selected areas and trust me, unless there are other interests involved, besides “online ads”, this project will run out of money soon. Plus, in my mind, a “wireless cloud” is encroaching, since that channel will be made useless for people that want to use WiFi outside the cloud.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours! Be safe driving and flying around in this crazy weather and among millions of other vacationers.

I am going to spend the day zoning and then head over to Jennifer’s at 4:00PM. She works till 3 and thus the late dinner.

Black Friday 2004 – The OFFICIAL Site for the Hottest Day of the Year

Black Friday 2004 – The OFFICIAL Site for the Hottest Day of the Year If you do not know what Black Friday is, and you are any kind of a shopping buff, you should really look into it. I have been caught up in this craze once, and let me tell you, it is fun.

Basically, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when all kinds of stores will have great deals on all kinds of merchandize. The trick is to show up at the right time at the right place. I have stood out in the freezing cold with Jennifer at 5 in the morning to get a laptop at rock bottom prices (my Toshiba) and have also had Jennifer’s mother pick me up a VERY nice leather jacket for cheap. Most shops will post their deals in the weeks before Thanksgiving, especially in the paper the day before Thanksgiving. The link above (among many, many others) list some of these as and when people find out about them so you can be prepared.

For the unaware, this is mayhem, madness and everything in between. It pays to plan. If the savings are not worth the early mornings and the fighting with people to get the last jacket…dont look there, but if you want a good deal, try it one year and maybe I will see you there! 😉