Google GLAT – Are you the next Google Idol??

I tried, with some apathy, and then decided I did not stand a chance. Try your hand at Google’s new Game Show. I understand trying to recruit over achievers. I understand trying to grab the cream of the crop. I understand wanting to employ geniuses. I understand someone wanting to be the best and grabbing the brains to do so from a crop of computers nerds willing to jump through fire to get there. I understand the theory that clever people will make a clever company more successful. I had WANTED to work for Google myself, dazzled and confuzzled by the glitz, glory and the Roasted Eggplant Medallions on the lunch menu. But I have to say that Google is a little misguided. If everyone is a genius, if every employee has an IQ of 125 or above, if every employee has to be Ivy League educated or has to have invented Cold Fusion (not the scripting language either) or written the “primary resource textbook you used in graduate school” to be qualified, Google must be a “fun” place to work. Sour grapes (from Aesop’s Fables), I know.

But, to be really honest, I would rather work for a company TO make it successful than work for a company that IS successful (this idea comes from a thread at /.). Then again, this kind of crap gives them publicity (like I am giving them right now) and maybe thats what they were after. Who knows what those genius people think?

Kia Sorento Review

Do you know of anyone that owns a Kia Sorento? Do you own/drive one yourself? I am looking into buying a larger vehicle for myself (and my growing family) and have been delving into the compact SUV market. I am looking for relatively good mileage (I know thats hard to get, but the Ford Escape hybrid is a major possibility, though I don’t believe in Version 1.0 of anything), comfort in long drives, and some aesthetics.

Every review and every customer comment that I have read points to the fact that the most popular compact SUVs from the most popular makers are very unreliable. The Ford Escape produces about 50 lemons out of a hundred cars, the Jeep Liberty is uncomfortable, is a gas guzzler and has various mechanical problems, the Saturn Vue simply sucks in every way, the Honda CR-V is stripped down, weak and with few features and a plasticky interior, I don’t like the Rav-4, I’m never buying a Hyundai again (so the Santa Fe is out of the question) and the Mazda is sucky.

This leaves me with very few choices. They include the Mitsubishi Montero (and one other that I did not look into), the Kia Sorento and a few other lesser known models. Out of these choices, I find that the Kia Sorento, by a large margin, is the highest rated among customers.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that I should be looking at?

iPod too Tinny?

A reader posted this comment

I own iPod 3rd gen (20 GB), Zen Touch (20 GB) and Philips HDD120 (20 GB). The MP3 file that I used for benchmark is 320 kbps. They all have their pro and cons. iPod is definetely the best in term of user interface, it is dead easy to operate with very intuitive menu. Soundwise, it is the weakest among them. The iPod sound give me sense of light (too much treble) and lack of “deep” tone. Zen touch is nice, sound better than iPod BUT fiddly to operate. The vertical touch pad is quite a challenge to operate, far below iPod touch pad. It is also a bit bulky compare to iPod. Philips HDD120 looks better than Zen Touch, while soundwise is slightly better than Zen Touch. The tone is “deep” without leaning toward “boomy” type of sound. Operating wise, it is not as easy as iPod. Original software from Philips is a CRAB one, you have to set your windows to assign this Philips DMM to one CPU only (if you have hyperthreading CPU). However, you can replace this DMM software with Sveta Por!
table !
Jukebox from dbPowerAmp. I review all these gadgets using three different headphones, Etymotic ER-4P, Shure E2C and Sennheiser PCX 100. After all, you can’t go wrong with those three, they are all good for casual (like me) and audiophile ear.

Anyone concur or counter? My iRiver iHP120 sounds quote nice with the SRS boost and my Philips Noise reducing headphones are also a Godsend! I should review the Philips headphone soon.

Have you ever rebooted your car?

I have, twice. This time, I forgot about the stereo anti-theft code and it caused me a lot of headaches but thats another post.
If you own a newer model vehicle in which a computer chip controls the fuel/air mixture and keeps track of the “under the hood” equipment, you might benefit from a reboot. A reboot, in many cases, can be as simple as leaving your battery terminals unplugged for a few seconds. Yes, you have to re-program everything that depends on that battery for juice such as your clock and your radio, and yes, you HAVE TO make sure that the reset will not kill the remote car start or the remote door lock/alarm system, but other than that, you might have a new-ish car on your hands again.

My Honda Accord (98) runs better, gives better gas mileage and feels brisk again. My meagre research tells me that these computers try to keep track of the driver’s usage of the engine. If you tend to be a lethargic driver, the engine tries to modify itself to suit your needs and vice versa. The process of understanding the driver’s needs is less than perfect and more often than not, the engine just becomes less energetic and responds slower to throttle requests. As usual, not being a mechanic or a car chip programmer, all of this is heresay and can be easily disputed. All I know is that my car feels a little more fun to drive now that I have rebooted it! 🙂

If you own one of those electric-gas hybrids (or all electric car), I would not try the above. Delicate voltage measurements and tweaks could be lost and you might end up with a large repair bill.

Standard Disclaimer: I assume no responsability for any damages, any loss of income or any expenditure from your foray into car reboots, if you choose to try the above.