Toledo Air Show 2004

In spite of a very bleak day with lots of clouds and some rain, we visited the Toledo Air Show. ThunderBirds It was a lot of fun. The Thunderbirds were very good as usual and we got the rare opportunity of watching Air Force One come in for a landing. It has been raining all day today and I am really glad that we decided to go the day that we did.
Air Force One
I purchased a new lens for my Nikon D70, and I had a nice chance to test it out. It is a 70-300 Tamron lens with a 1:2 Macro. I really like the lens though it is not as quiet as my Nikon DX. The lighting was terrible at the show, but the lens still performed pretty well. Most of the pictures had to be doctored to get the right amount of light on them. The president’s plane showed up very well.

Here is the link to the Toledo Air Show 2004 Album.

Rootkit Hunter – Cool software!

Rootkit Hunter: This is a very useful tool to make sure your non-windows machine is free of the “rootkits” that hackers love to add to your vulnerable box. Some of the tests include: – MD5 hash compare- Look for default files used by rootkits- Wrong file permissions for binaries- Look for suspected strings in LKM and KLD modules- Look for hidden files- Optional scan within plaintext and binary files

Trips can be expensive

Jennifer and I were supposed to go to Houston and San Antonio for three days in November to attend a wedding and spend some quality time together enjoying the finer things in life (Jazz, wine, cigars, friends, family, WordPress, chicken wings, jacuzzis etc) . I was really excited about the prospect and had even started to plan out some times and places where I could meet some of the poeple that I have been working with for the last couple of years but have never met in real life.

Alas, this was, however, not meant to be. On planning out the trip and trying to budget our finances, I figured it will cost the two of us between $1500 and $2000 to take a three day trip. This would include everything we would be spending but it still is too much money to spend on going to a wedding. The airfare itself would cost us about $700 after taxes (if we book the flights TODAY!). Then there would be car rentals, hotel charges, food, the wedding gift and a little bit of spending money while we are there. We could spend this money and take a nice cruise to a warm tropical destination or get ourselves the few “expensive” items that we have been holding out for. We could reduce some of this expenditure by driving there, but that would mean a couple of extra days to drive there and back (if not more) and the wear and tear on the vehicle that we decide to take (or rental fees for the car).

Now my job pays reasonably. However, that is a huge budget for a small, itty bitty trip! This brings me to another issue. I was hoping to attend some of the conferences on blogging/new media (SXSW etc) this next year. I wonder how expensive these trips are going to be? I might have to travel on red eye flights and make jump and dash trips if I want to go be there at all. Also, if I spend all of my money and time travelling alone, when will I get to go on a real holiday with Jennifer?

I think I am back to square one! Does anyone take real trips anymore without spending a leg and your first born??

Microsoft Web Publishing SDK

Does anyone have the original install anymore? I have searched the web for a while without any luck. It looks like it comes with certain development packages and service packs, but I have yet to get my hands on one which has it. If you know of a place that I can download this from (or pay to buy it) I would appreciate a link or a comment.