Movie theatres too loud?

Is it just me or are movie theatres turning on the volume recently? Jennifer and I, along with my parents and a bunch of other people went to see Shrek 2 last night. The theatre was relatively empty (which might have added to the loudness) but we sat down in about the center of the theatre. The first few ads were *incredibly* loud. I do not like loud noises and tend to get panic attacks. It almost felt like I was getting one (at Shrek, nonetheless!!) Once the movie started, either they reduced the volume or the movie itself was more condusive to softer noises, but I settled down for a little. It did, however, take away from my movie experience. I wonder if this is a problem that a lot of other people face? Am I just one in the crowd?

PS: Shrek 2 is a relatively fun movie. I think the addition of contemporary imagery reduced the appeal of the movie a little, but I give it an 8

Babble Babble and Sound Blaster MP3+

My personal life is in such limbo that I am completely blogged out. I am waiting for things to happen, frisky while they do not and generally listless. I might be going through male PMS. (weird and annoying, I know)

But in the meantime, I have this really nice peice of hardware that I want to blog about. I purchased a Sound Blaster MP3+ which I think is very cool. I was getting sick of having to use my splitter when I wanted to listen to MP3s on my computer and the sound quality from my computer was less than perfect. This device is quite inexpensive ($40 at Best Buy) and produces very nice sound. There are a couple of 3D features along with sound tweaks which I really like. I love being able to tweak the equalizer according to “small room” or “auditorium”. That by itself is very nice. Plus, there is a volume control on the unit and it has digital inputs (fiber). This is a very nice addition overall. The only issue is that it has a USB connection. I own a nice USB hub and thus have lots of USB ports. Strong overall sound card.

Jennifer comes home

Jennifer is scheduled to come back to Toledo today. It has been a long six days. I have spent most of it looking for a job. I am picking up Jennifer’s friends from Detroit airport early this morning and then dropping them off at Jennifer’s house. Cant wait to see her again!
I have been in a sort of funk lately. When I had first started searching for jobs, I had been warned of possible changes in mood and attitude with each rejection and flirtation with possibilities in my job search. That is oh so true. This is a subject that I believe I will have to explore further.
A small set of vacation plans for myself might be in order. 🙂

NW Ohio and SE Michigan Geek Meet-Up

Josh Baltzell, a local Toledo Blogger had the wonderful idea of having a “Geek Meet-Up” for this area. I believe that this would be a great way to meet our fellow bloggers, know who we are, network amongst ourselves and get some momentum going for the bloggers in this area. If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me and I will put you on the list. A tentative date has not been set, but that should be easy enough to put together.

See y’all there!