Microsoft Word sucks dirty donkey balls!!!

Microsoft Word fucking sucks ass!! I am so sick and tired of trying to coax this fucking program to do simple word processing tasks. I cannot believe that microsoft word makes it so difficult to have different page number formats for different pages, and does not fucking allow the modification of footnote formats beyond a certain point!! There is simply now way to have different footnote formats. Period. You COULD break down your 200 page document into itty bitty (and buggy) sections to TRY to change the page numbering schema, but good luck when you do that (and save everything) because your document might suddenly become 400 pages long without any warning!!

I cannot believe that a billion dollar company like Microsoft, putting out “top of the line word processing software” makes such a shitty product and everyone continues to use the damn thing!!

I dont like Latex that much either and now that I have come this far in writing my thesis, I really cannot turn back. A word of advice to all that are trying to write some serious documentation (anything greater than 20 pages) using Microsoft Word, Fucking Forget It!!! Start using some other word processor right from the beginning and you will be saved a LOT of frustration later on!!

Things I hate about Microsoft Word (not listing everything, that would take up all day!):

    Page number formatting
    Lack of referencing schemas
    Lack of control over “automatic features”
    Twenty thousand temporary copies of your document
    Page break mechanism
    The built-in drawing package
    The lack of a good equation editor
    Lack of contemporary formatting ideologies
    The twenty thousand “viewing modes”
    Exceptionally bad inter-Microsoft Office collaboration
    HUGE file sizes (my 200 page thesis is 3 MB!!)
    I HATE the auto-correct feature!!
    Auto-page formatting is sucky!
    Heck, Auto-EVERYTHING is sucky!!!

Among other things…

I am SO getting rid of Word when I am done with my thesis!!!

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  1. Take a course? I have just finished tearing out my hair during talks with our Word expert after finding that simple stuff I need – different fonts on even & odd pages, for example, or continuing columns onto the next page NOT onto the next column – just can’t be done.
    She said that there’s not much point going on a course, becuase they all turn into Group (or was that Gripe) Therapy sessions

  2. Word and just about everything in the Office collection is horrible.

    Our consultant put everything in the Word format. I am forced to work daily with nearly 300 of these badly formatted documents. And the stinking pop up windows will not leave well enough alone.

    It gets in the way of everything I do. No, I do not want to revert to the last saved copy, do I look like a complete craphead? No, I do not want help setting up a list, I just want the control I expected when I fell for the ads and promises about how great the world will become and nonsense like “where do you want to go today?” I’ll tell you where I want to go- ‘strangle every preppy fuck microsoft marketing jerk who brags about all the stock options he got from fooling the IT guys. Word is ugly and is a huge retarded mess.

    1. i just read this blog. So TRUE. Yup. Had to scream it. I would like to know, where in the world is the simple “undo” function?

  3. Welcome to the dogpile on Word! I’m actually finding this thread a nice, cathardic way to relax myself. I have just tried to do (yet again) another task that I’ve been doing for the past ten years and finding that Word’s not quite in the mood for it today. Good god, you’d think after ten solid years they might get something right.

    Note to MS: Fewer dancing paperclips, more FUNCTIONING FUCKING SOFTWARE.

  4. Thank God there are peple out there disgusted with this F …. lousy product., MS Word. Do you know of a good alternative for a writer who just wants to write?


    1. I have a gripe with MS Word. I am writing a book and I had 367 pages done and I was putting in the last sentence on the page. The last word going in was split in half and Word opened a new file. the last half of the word was on that page and my 367 pages just disappeared into outer space some where. I could not find it any where. I took my P.C to a couple of techs and they could not find it either. I called M.S. Word and they said well, it should go farther than that. Ha, Ha should, that’s a joke. I asked why they did not include a warning–Warning you are nearing the end of the amount of pages M.S. Word will hold– or something like that. There are warning popups all over everything. How much extra would it cost to add that–10 cents. Micro Soft word sucks and it is too bad that a company like that has so many screw ups.

      1. Just wondering if anyone out there knows a solution to my problem I have stated about loosing 367 pages to outer space some where, POOF, gone and I could not find it or retrieve it. The problem is, M.S. Word stopped and went to a new folder with no warning or anything. If any one can give me an answer as to why it stopped at 367 pages please let me know. Thank you much. —-Allen—-

        1. Allen … I certainly hope you have an editor for your book to correct your punctuation and spelling. With all due respect, even a few spelling and punctuation errors will diminish your credibility. I sincerely admire your steadfast ambition in writing a book! My hat is off to you man.

  5. I loathe Word so much; it is the single largest source of stress in my day. And yet I process documents for a living for clients who can use nothing else. Today I spent 2 hours fixing all the seemingly random changes to the margins the software seems to think are necessary; completely mindless work.

    I remember when word processors first started to really take off there was this very quaint discussin in the press about how this could be an opportunity to move away from the “innefficient” QWERT keyboard. It is quaint now in comparison to the disruption of flow that results from having to take your hand on the keyboard and manipulate a mouse onto some tiny little icon…

    I hate this product so much, and I hate the company that designed it and uses its evil powers to force us all to waste our lives hating it. I would pay $200 for a word processing program that had the exact same interface as Wordperfect 5.1 but was able to save (and read) all the new formats. I would never ever ever ever ever use Word again.

    I hope Google does something web based so we can stop wasting our energy on this terrible, terrible, God-awful piece of crap software….

    Thank you. I feel better now.

  6. I never realised how unpopular Word really is until I had a problem and googled for “microsoft word fucking sucks” and found this page. After spending all night writing and editing a dissertation using word and MathType, it turns to me and says that it can’t save it. well, thanks for nothing. Any suggestions for software to which I can transfer a 50 page document with text,graphics and equations that wont crash every 10 mins?

  7. AFter using MS Word and finally getting fed up again! I did a search and wasn’t surprised to find so many links with MS Word sucks on google. I got something to add: “MS WORD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. I too am finding this thread cathartic. It is a breath of fresh air to find other people thoroughly fed up with a product that has been crammed down our throats. I used to use Lotus for spreadsheet work and loved it. Then Excel came to dominate the market and I was forced to “re-locate.” I hate the Office line of products and the Autocorrect crap. First thing I do is go into options and turn off the customized menus (I would like to see all the commands available please!!!), turn off autocorrect, turn off the fucking paper clip assistant that asks me if I need help typing a letter! No, I don’t need your help for any of that crap! I think it’s the intrusiveness that really gets to all of us with this software. I spend more time trying to get it to stop “helping” me than I do getting work done. And don’t get me started on Microsoft’s version of grammar!! There, now I feel better too! Ha!

  9. Although it is a breath of fresh air to hear that there are people out there who understand the pointless of the majority of functions that I can only describe as utter muppets developing – WHY O WHY is nothing being done about the programme being totally crap? I understand that some of the ‘stuff’ that the programme does was probably technically hard – so why fooking bother – coz most of it doesn’t help anyone?! I have got recurring problem – example I’ve got a 4 page document with an image on each page BUT I can only see the images when I am scrolled out to about 20% – what bleeding use is this to me??? Do you know, I may as well have done 100 sit ups the amount I have to tense my stomach muscles with frustration over the years that I have been using the programe – think I may internally combust at any point soon if I can’t fucking edit these images… soz for the swearing sure you understand tho.

    Wish I could boycot the programme but can’t so rah!

  10. Glad to see I have company. Routine tasks I did 10 years ago in wp5 & dos, now become the most cumbersome, difficult (dare I say “impossible”) time consuming pain in the &&^%^%. I cannot stand this stupid program. Latest example-all I want is a db for merge. DB looks ok in all views except what I need-print where it only shows and prints 1 of 4 pages. Just a major waste of time and energy Word sucks-it found yet a new way of messing me up.

  11. I tried making a resume in Word today. I hate everything about this program. When I move something I want it to stay where I fking put it. But nooooo it has to mess up the whole damn document and end up on another page. Autoformat is retarded. Whats up with the stupid menus? I don’t want to have to click the little damn arrow to see the whole menu. Arghh *burns microsoft office*

  12. I hate Word. WP5.1 was a LOT better. Here’s a short list for the POS programmers at Microsoft: AN INDENT KEY. HOW FRICKING HARD CAN IT BE. NUMBERING. LET ME BLOCK SOMETHING BEORE I TYPE IT (once again, look at WP5.1 if you’re totally confused.) TOGGLE FUNCTIONS. IF I HIT A KEY, let me TOGGLE IT BY HITTING IT AGAIN. FOR GOD’S SAKE. BOLDING. LET ME CONTROL WHERE IT ENDS. DON’T JUST GO BOLD ON ME BECAUSE I DELETED A WORD. BOTTOM FRICKING LINE: LET ME TYPE. I used to not have to stare at the screen all day, fingers just flew. THen this FRICKING PIECE OF SHIT CALLED MICROSOFT WORD. Let me capitalize after a colon (:) WITHOUT CHANGING THE REGISTRY. Talk about “production.” I RAISE MY HAND EVERY MEETING PRODUCTIVITY IS MENTIONED AND SAY, WELL, IF WE HAD WP5.1 WE COULD GET TWICE AS MUCH DONE!!..XX WHICH IS MY PETTY LITTLE WAY OF SAYING WHAT I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SAY: FUCK MICROSOFT WORD!!!!! FUCK IT. It will never change. Bill Gates doesn’t give a goddamn. Let the little peons use a terrible program. 7 keys to re-spellcheck a document, and you have to say “yes.” LIke I hit 6 keys, but I really did not mean it, and of course like rechecking the document would be the END OF THE WORLD, so ask me to FUCKING VERIFY IT. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. THIS AND 20 OTHER THINGS I COULD DO BETTER. Me, little me, could do better than Microsoft. IDEA: LET’S ALL SUE MICROSOFT FOR “overuse syndrome” for having to type twice what we normally would, fixing all the SHIT WOrd does wrong and won’t do right and all the typing we have to do because Word can’t do this and can’t do that, etc. I estimated about 30% of my keystrokes are “babysitting” Microsoft Word and doing things it cannot do, that I used to be able to do easily and quickly and efficiently and with far fewer keystrokes on WP5.1, and it had macros that stayed once you created them. FUCK MICROSOFT WORD.

  13. I agree whole heartedly with all the above gripes. BUT this, my fellow iritated bretheren, has got to be the biggest pain-in-the-ass-make-you-want-to-hurl-a-Molotov-cocktail-at-Redmond feature of this worthless program. All of your hard-won battles to save global formatting preferences and style templates reside in this little istsy bitsy file. SO, when your shite Microsoft OS finally crashes for the nth time, necessitating a reload of your entire system, guess what innocent little file inevitably gets overlooked. You guessed it… Welcome to my personal hell…

    Question: How much time does it take a Microsoft software designer to set his (‘his’ because the fairer sex is way too sensible & pragmatic to continue refining such a flawed software package) global document preferences?
    Answer: Weeks and months of cursing just like the rest of us!

  14. Mark,
    You go to the washroom, young man, RIGHT NOW. I want you to put a fresh bar of soap into your mouth and BITE DOWN and hold it for 20 minutes.

    Would it be safe to say that you are somewhat pissed? Damn, I LOVE Word, especially when doing QA work and having it auto-fix everything that I do, except that I don’t WANT it fixed. LOL. I think you just need a course on how to use the software, then you’ll feel better. Yes, that’s it, you just don’t know how to use it properly….LMFAO! 😀

    Peace, bro! Talk to you soon. And quit the fucking swearing, okay? 😉

  15. Yeah, Word is a very frustrating environment if you plan on using it for anything other than very simple WP and type setting. Don’t even get me started on the crap it outputs that claims to be HTML… never trust a format that can’t be opened in a text editor:)

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  17. OMG I miss WordStar or WordPerfect. I feel at home here with the irritated beyond belief Word Sucks crowd. I would love a look at the spaghtetti code that must be Word. On second thought I would surely combust.

  18. When they came to take away my heavily personalized WordPerfect program to replace it with the more ubiquitous Microsoft Word, I was disgusted.

    But once I dug in and learned its features, I came to understand what a complete piece of crap the program truly was.

    I\’ve probably been using it professionally for ten years now. I am one of the only people in my company that can actually get the table formatting to work properly. Why? Because I HATE WITH IMPLACABLE PATIENCE!

    It amazes me that my computer at home can puree and blend huge wave files with accuracy to the millisecond, but can scarcely make text and simple clip art stay on the same page.

    I would shell out $1,000 cash, right now, for a working version of this program. You win this round Microsoft, but my HATE IS ETERNAL.

  19. Like the last person to vent, I\’ve been using Microsoft Word since \”Word for Windows\” (that\’s Win 3.x folks). I also was a relatively happy Word Perfect user and thought Microsoft\’s \”format after you write\” approach was baffling. It\’s as if they approached the task in such a way as to make it take as long as possible to do as little as possible. With every \”update\” (much like their OS generally speaking), I require more hardware resources to do less than I was able to do in the prior version. What chaps me endlessly is Microsoft\’s insistance on: Times New Roman (if I removed the font file I\’ll bet Windows would crash), 1.5 to 2 spaces per line in the document, outline indentation that baffles the mind, the difficulty if not sheer inability to change the defaults, they way the keyboard \”works\” especially when working in a table (please shoot me)…oh there\’s more but I have to head to a meeting. I started using Portable Open Office at home and did okay with it for the first six months. The word processor at least works even if it doesn\’t have so many features. Not bad FOR NOTHING. And, it saves in Wurd format so the Wuerd guys can read it. Thanks for the outlet.

  20. The new version of Word is just as bad…Microsoft thinks it can solve problems just by adding more features…that is, putting posters over the holes in the walls. Microsoft does the same with Windows. Computers get faster so Microsoft adds additional, useless shit to take up processing power. Don\’t waste any money on the new version of Word or Vista. They are buckets. Now I shall continue trying to delete the 99 appendix headings Word stuck at the end of my document when I only wanted one. Yes…I want to delete you…why wont you delete? I wish I lived in the 19th Century.

  21. Just found this site after Googling my frustrations on Word. Word HATES US and wants to make sure we know it.

    The pity is that Word 2.0 and Word 6.0 were great. Easy to use, pretty fast, and did what you needed it to do. Now it\’s so bloated with capabilities only 6 people in the world will ever need (and they should have just bought PageMaker) that it spends all my computer\’s processing power doing un-undoable things to my formatting and making grown men weep with frustration. And Microsoft will never fix it because Office is old news to them.

  22. OMG I fscking hate Word with such a passion! This stupid goat dong sucking fscking sh!te ramming program won\’t let me change a date in the fscking footer to a date from last week. It constantly updates the fscking date to today as soon as I print, no matter what I do. I hate hate hate hate autoformatting. I almost broke my fscking keyboard I\’m so mad at this program. Why, oh why, can\’t Microsoft just take open office or word perfect\’s source code and replace word\’s and throw clippy in there and call it good for office 08? \”It looks like I know what you really intend to be doing, you stupid fscking user. Would you like to: *have me crash *go fsck yourself\”
    God I Hate Microsoft Word! Thank you so much for this forum. I needed that.

  23. Wow… it\’s like all the other posters here are like long-lost friends that went to the same shitty school. I too hate MS word, and found this site by doing a Google search for why MS Word sucks. I find it interesting that the posts started in 2004 and it still hasn\’t gotten any better in that time…
    Here are things I hate about Word: Word not letting me delete lines/sections of text. I highlight a line of text, and hit \”delete.\” This should actually DELETE this line, right? Absolutely not. No matter how many times I hit the button in anger. Why doesn\’t this work like it should? Maybe the dancing paperclip is mad that I hid him and doesn\’t want to delete that line. I try to delete the line again anyway. I hit the button harder, then hit it 15 more times in frustration, because surely this will help. Then I try using backspace to delete the same line and it screws up all the other formatting around it. Next complaint: when I try to paste in some text I want, sometimes for fun, it pastes text from some other location or re-pastes the old text. I shouldn\’t even get started on the margins/tabs, it\’s been griped about already and I agree with all of it!
    Thanks to everyone else that posted, it\’s good to hear that I\’m not alone at my wit\’s end! So many things I read and went, \”Oh MAN, I f&*%ing hate when it does that, too!\” I totally agree with Christopher(4/14/05); and if it\’s a really bad Word day, I sound more like lbb (8/4/05). The post about Times New Roman really struck home, as well.

  24. MS Word, needs a manual button. There was an old DOS program out there for basic word processing. If you had two sticks or one finger and a stiff dick you could format any document albiet slowly. It had NO helpers, no automatic format crap, no auto page crap, no half-way through a column document have everything suddenly \”SHIFT\” right or left, who knows? Did you ever get to the point with a document where, because of cutting and pasting the document became a \”time bomb\” just waiting to disentegrate in front of you. One wrong move and hours of work melts away in a strange array of \”inserted graphics or text boxes, or everything east of the fold goes to capitals? YEEEEKKKKS, I\’m tempted to find that old EZ program. I taught my father-in-law how to use it 16 years ago and he has never wanted to upgrade. He writes all sorts of ducuments, that don\’t \”auto\” anything. He is in complete control. \”I DON\’T LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!\” Sisao Tresed

  25. Does anyone have any idea how to turn off all autoformatting crap? I swear I have been to every options menu in all of windows trying to turn off the word-knows-better-than-you autoformatting to no avail. Oh how I miss the days when the person who bought the computer was expected to know what he/she wanted instead of Redmond, WA controlling what our documents look like. Why don\’t you let me paste a picture? It\’s simple. Move text out of the way, insert picture. No, I didn\’t want a sliver of the picture with a blank outline box covering up the header! AAAAHHHH! I wish I were a hunter/gatherer.

  26. This site is the single most useful site for WORD in the entire internet universe. Sure I need help with formatting shit in Word but a bigger priority is having deal with is this
    MASSIVE-ADRENALINE-BRAIN-EXPLODING-HEART-ATTACK thats urging me to destroy all things Microsoft!!!! Thanks to this site, I\’m much more calmer now, my blood pressure is down again and I\’m happy knowing I\’m not the only one wanting to finger bang my eyeballs thanks to stupid Word. This site helps save lives from suicidal Word users.

  27. How loud can I scream without the whole office thinking I\’ve gone completely mad?
    Why can\’t I just put some simple boxes and inserted text into an image without the whole thing moving about the screen as if it had a mind of it\’s own? I put it back and then move the box again. Oh look! There\’s my picture down on the next page. How clever are you! I\’m even talking to it.
    My paranoia is certainly becoming obvious. I must have done something terribly personal to Bill Gates in a past life for my current existence to be plagued like this.

  28. Office SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is intended to force people mind in to thinking like they want, it certailnly not intended to ease
    the word processing… I really hate it.

  29. Why oh why don\’t they use the \”find\” code when doing \”find and replace\”???????

    \”Find and Replace\” won\’t find strings which contain \”[\” or \”]\” characters, even with wildcards turned off.
    \”Find\” finds them just dandy.

    Who would implement 2 different search algorithms, only one of which works…? Microsoft, that\’s who.

  30. When rejecting replacements made by another user, I select a block of text and then click the red \”X\” to reject all changes in range.

    Sometimes it will reject all changes (which I want and expect).
    Sometimes it will just reject the deletions, leaving the replacement text in place too.
    When this happens I have to click it again to get the correct result.

    Just this simple bug is going to cost me most of the rest of this afternoon, because it means I have to manually check everything that Word is supposed to be doing automatically.

  31. Forgot to mention – I\’m only having to use the review stuff at all because the Microsoft utility for finding changes between 2 files is so crap.
    I want to FIND THE DIFFERENCES between 2 documents. JUST the differences.

    I don\’t want to produce some hybridized bastard of the two, which may (or may not) contain the changes I want, inextricably merged with the existing changes from one (or the other) of the documents, in a format which is completely unreadable to anything but Word.

  32. Aren\’t headers and footers fun in Word? Ever wanna kill someone? Talk about a flawed program!

  33. I\’m a lowly end-user who loved WordPerfect but finally got used to Word. I dislike the newest version, installed on some pcs at work. The Normal.doc does irritate me, but generally I\’m fine with it. I would like to be able to, without importing a table from Excel, use all the commands from excel on the table inserted by the \”insert table\” button in MS Word. Sounds like most of you here either know a LOT MORE than I do or are total idiots. I\’m learning on the \”know a lot more than I do\” side!

  34. damn im with ya man….word sucks donkey balls…just got a new laptop with vista and what a fcukin joke…cant take print screens…ctrl v no longer works….keeps saying insufficient memory and basically every damn basic thing you want to do with a word processor it doesnt let you….
    bill gates u can lick my hairy balls your are pain in my arse! How about sort out the simple stuff instead of ripping people off…i now have to spend about 5 fcukin hours working through solutions to the get this piece of shite working….MICROSOFT MUST BE LATIN FOR A PILE OF WANK

  35. Google search led me here after frustrated attempts at selecting text in outline view. Why does word insist on highlighting more than you select? Drives me nuts. It\’s the biggest piece of crap program ever written. I\’m so desparate I\’ve started using notepad instead.

  36. It is 3:00am and I am struggling to produce a single diagram (made by boxes and lines) in a technical document in MS word. The problem is the boxes have their own mind, they keep wrapping around the text i am inserting although I specifically choose not to (Format text box). So this late and unfortunate hour I am thinking about:
    1) why such a simple task with other software (openoffice, xfig, visio etc.) is easy but not with MS Office
    2) why the administrative people in the institute I am working keep asking for word documents
    3) why a company like MS that invests millions and hires some of the best in computing, cannot produce something that works as it says on the box.

    The answers are:
    1) MS office sucks. It is a useless word processing software especially for technical writing such as the exam paper i am creating for my students and articles in journals. I\’ve done the same work with openoffice and things went easier and smoother. Also converting to MS word is not difficult since the converting tool as well as a number of macros (available on the net) can create a perfect MS copy for the mindless advocates of microsoft.
    2) Well, if nobody tells the administration to change, they simply do not change. It is the people who plan the IT in our institute that should take the decision and finally change to another software
    3) Because MS only cares about market domination not making something useful. As long Bill Gates and the rest of the of the board are the richest and most powerful people in the world, MS office is just fine. Well, for them at least …

  37. Thank you all for your passionate rants about Microsoft Word. I haven\’t laughed this hard in quite some time. 😀 I think the thing that kills me most about Word, is all the AUTO-formatting. I get so frustrated with the extra spacing after lines that I didn\’t ask for, auto-numbering, auto-bulleting, auto-indenting, etc. — it drives me insane! I think my biggest beef is with the difficulty of selecting a line of text – it always wants to select past the punctuation including the hidden characters which I don\’t want to select. If I freaking wanted that crap selected too, I\’d select it you motherf\’ers – AHAAHAAAAAAA!!!!! If my fingers typing on a key, or the click of my mouse do not perform an action, then don\’t freaking do it for me! Quit trying to read my damn mind. Who is the genius who thought of this approach and continues to force us to suffer with it? This cannot last forever. Sooner or later, a better product will come out. Microsoft today reminds me of US automakers in the 70\’s. They got so big and fat from their earlier success and world domination that they just started producing a bunch of crap that really didn\’t work that well. They do make some cool stuff, but most of their products do not work as advertised and are unreliable. How unfortunate for America. We\’ve already lost all of our manufacturing overseas. What happens if we lose software production as well? I hope that Microsoft pulls their head out of their ass.

  38. Word sucks mega big time. Write a letter to Mom? It\’s OK. For technical documentation it\’s absolutely worthless. Whomever came up with that stupid template dependency idea should be shot. Send a document you define elsewhere and the dumb-ass template has to go with it. Hell, I just spent a half-hour searching for Normal.DOT (normal???) to try and (hopefully) fix some formatting cancer that invaded the document. Auto-formatting nannies, wrong keystroke and your whole document changes and you\’ll spend 8 hours figuring out what went wrong, mysterious indent changes, heading auto-numbering is a pain in the ass to change, not to mention doing a simple paragraph format change. The best documentation tool I ever used is FrameMaker (OK, so you can\’t, drag-and-drop, BFD). Easy to learn (easier than Word), no bells and whistles… no damned template dependencies, you control your document, the program doesn\’t control you. Now Microsoft has turned Visio into a bloated useless piece of crap and charges a fortune for it. Excel and PowerPoint are cool, but I would personally fire the ENTIRE Word team from the marketing twits on down. Keep the developers, it\’s not their fault. OK, I feel better now. Back to my work… (BTW- I Googled \”Microsoft Word crap\” and found this great venting forum).

  39. Word is s**t. I have to use it every day. But salvation is at hand. Whenever I can I use WordPerfect: a word processing program that leaves the user in control.

  40. I was delighted to find some kindred spirits. After spending an hour and a half trying to print 6 copies of the same envelope, I gave up and wrote them out by hand. I don\’t do envelopes often and this rotten word processing program reminds me why whenever I try to do them. I remember WordPerfect used to show you a picture of an envelope – you typed what you wanted on it, where you wanted it and told it how many copies to print. If you were typing a letter, it would format the envelope for you with your address in the upper left hand corner. And this was more than 15 years ago. It was a wonderful, intuitive and user friendly word processor. I am going to buy another copy – I hope they haven\’t screwed it up since the Word revolution. May I never be saddled with Word again.

  41. Everything written here is true. Word is a multi-storey tower block built part on sand and part on swamp. Instead of going back years ago and creating a stable platform to build on they piled on more and more supposed features and functions. In a Kafkaesque way they tried to make it easier to use and it became harder to use. It is now a bloated unstable piece of software that is outperfomed by an original Guggenheim press. I am a Technical Author. I would estimate that a third of my working life has been spent trying to fix this truly, truly awful application. It has cost the world dear.

  42. Word totally deleted my university assignment off my harddrive when i tried saving it at 2am AND it was due that day! ended up freaking out so badly!
    ended up staying up heaps later just to start and complete the assignment. something about WRL1419 prevented me from saving.

  43. OMG you are right on the money. I just switched to Office 2007 and the nightmares have returned. I had to see if it was just me but it\’s not. I think Word was originally a bonus MS threw in for Excel because Word was a PoS. Now we have to pay for the abuse. I can\’t wait for the day when someone put MS out of our misery. I wonder how much resources are wasted by millions on the OS and Office crap MS puts out.

  44. Thank heavens for this site….

    I thought the old versions of MS Word had sunk the lowest hell-hole pit of spewter in the Universe, and then Office 2007 came along….
    Why do Microsoft think I want to use a copyright sign when Im labelling things (a), (b), (c), its c you morons, not copyright – Im doing a list!! I write reports, with lists, I dont need to copyright anything. Hey, if I need to put a symbol in, Ill go to the symbols section!
    Why, when I copy some text from another word document, then paste it into the other, should the pasted text end up in a COMPLETELY different format to the original?! Why!?
    How does indenting now work?? Have you deliberately sabotaged being able to indent things and actually get things to go where the users wants them to go?
    Why did Microsoft change all the menus?? Wheres the Options menu gone!? Where is anything!?
    Headers and style… holy crap, how complicated is this now!?! I want some simple headers that can then relay back to a contents page, you did it fine before, why mess things up!?
    Ever tried putting images onto a page, and then maybe lining them up, or even getting them to be the same size? Putting images into tables??! Why should it be this hard, and still not work after an afternoon of torture!!
    And dont even get me started on page numbering… why should it be so difficult!?! I just want to put some numbers at the bottom of the document, that is all, not design a new type of satellite, just some numbering.
    Please, anyone, even Steve Jobs, come up with a new mainstream Word Processor… someone… anyone…

  45. Word 2007 sucks camel balls. After learning the all non-intuitive bullshit on previous versions here is a new version with new bullshit to learn that as far as i can see adds no value. Plus it saves document in another extension that people w/o the newest word version cant open WTF? Microsoft has created a annoyance that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. Like the US political system needs another party the world needs someone to replace MS.

  46. I had to use this shitty program today & actually commented to a colleague that this was the crappest piece of software I have ever used when we decide to search for comments & found this site. Why can\’t they (MS) just let the program do what YOU want it to do & not guess what it thinks you may be wanting to do. Fortunately I don\’t need to use it too often. I use a text editor to do all the typimg & then cut & paste into word & then apply formatting – That seems to be the least messy way of getting it dto do what you want.

  47. Learn HTML. I do all my world processing in HTML. HTML allows you complete control over your document. Free yourself from the shackles of commercial world processing dependence. open office is another POS – messed up my data – i loast data beacuse of it. so ther iyou have it HTML is the dolsution.

  48. Hear! Hear! I hate it too!! Microsoft ALWAYS thinks they know best for you! Same as government. And of course they don\’t. They know what you\’re trying to type and how you\’re trying to format it better than you do and you cannot correct the mistakes it consistently makes. I have the worst trouble with this and it\’s not just Word, everything they make does this. I try to turn off EVERY auto-screw-up \’feature\’ but it still tries to do everything for me and of course it NEVER gets ANYTHING right!! I guess I need to give OpenOffice a try.

  49. Whenever Word starts to annoy me I just Google \”word sucks\”, read rants like these and feel better. Thanks guys! 🙂 Working with numbered lists annoys me the most – they don\’t indent right and things really get jacked up when you try and apply any formatting to any of the line items.

    lbb said \”DONâ??T JUST GO BOLD ON ME BECAUSE I DELETED A WORD…\”. I\’m sure we\’ve all seen this and I think it gives clues as to what Word\’s problem really is. Behind the scenes it must use special characters to indicate where each piece of text formatting begins and ends… kind of like opening and closing tags in HTML. Word docs become a \”time bomb\” after a lot of editing because you end up with the Word file equivalent of unclosed or overlapping HTML tags. So basically it has the same sort of problems that FrontPage has.

  50. Ive been using MS Word, Microsoft Word Perfect, and Open Office 2.4 at my school and NONE of the files ive saved work with any of the programs unless ive saved them in Open Office 2.4 if i use any of the Microsoft Word programs to open the files i get a critical error and the server im on shuts down, am i experiencing a technicall problem or has microsoft allowed such virus\’s to enter the school computer? We use Nod32 here and never had a crash untill we implemented the newer microsoft. Were running Acer computer with pentium 4 processers if you guys have any information on ways to open my previous files (Open Office 2.4 or 3.0 didnt work)from Microsoft Word and Word Perfect please contact me at with any help you can give this is VERY important its my final essay of 2500 words on history (Which I\’d hate to have to do again) so if you could help that would be very much appreciated

  51. GGGGGRRRRRRAAAA….. I\’v been trying to us microsoft word just to do a simple task. All I ask is that \’I\’ can put my writting on the page that \’I\’ want to put it on and lay it out how \’I\’ would like it to be laid out. Its so frustrating when word keeps moving this around and messing it up. A truly shit program!! Yes I may show a lack of understainding of the programs features. But I\’d just be happy if I could lay things out the way I want them to be. This message is all I got to show for an evenings work!!

  52. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I totally agree with everyone\’s rants! I Googled \”Word is the most f***ing useless program ever\” and I found this forum. I literally had to go outside and relax before I put my fist through my computer screen because of the infernal abomination that is MS word! If it wasn\’t for this forum, which really made me laugh, I think I would be minus one monitor and be the proud owner of a cut and bruised fist!

    My current rant concerns the justifying of an indented paragraph (legal contract with clauses and sub-clauses). For some totally unknown reason, word decides that some of the lines in the paragraph must be left-aligned while others remain justified. No matter what I do, it constantly left-aligns some lines!!! Why? What zombie mind-troll at MS thought ANYONE would ever want that? I mean, if auto-format does something weird you should be able to undo it, right? Wrong! The mindless program still maintains the entire paragraph is justified when it is BLATANTLY A FRIKKING MESSY JAGGED DOG\’S BREAKFAST! OMG WTF???!!!

    On a positive note however, I discovered a \”secret\” settings menu which, after much un-checking of boxes, solved my justifying f**k up! This is for the latest and worst 2007 version: Click on the \”office button\” on the top left-hand corner and find the \”word options\” button on the bottom. This opens up a plethora of options that can be changed. \”Proofing\” leads to \”auto-correct\” options but I just went through everything and turned ALL the auto-anything off! MS haters will love the \”don\’t do\” check boxes…

    Good luck all…

  53. Amen – what an unholy POS. I\’ve resisted Word for years (a loyal WordPerfect user), but the bastards have worn me down and everyone insists on getting docs in Word. F*** them all, I may just go back to wet clay and a stick.

    A short list of the inanities of Word:

    – why can\’t I search forward or backward in a doc

    – why when I hit ctrl-b to end bolding, it unbolds the last word I typed

    – why can\’t I have a simple QuickMark like in WP

    – why when I tell it to put the endnotes at the end of the section, it obstinately persists in putting them at the end of the document

    – does anyone really have different headers/footers for even and odd pages?

    – must I really go through the 36 steps to create a Style when all I really want is to underline and bold a few words

    – when I inspect a document before distributing, why not just tell me what\’s in the Document Properties rather than making me go through another process to see what needs to be deleted

    – sometimes I want just one paragraph to look different than the rest, just because I changed it doesn\’t mean I want the rest of the paragraphs after that to look the same

    – do any of you idiots at Microsoft understand what indent means? In WP, I press F7. In Word, it\’s like programming the space shuttle

    – sometimes I like to have a list without automatic numbering, how hard is that?

    Screw you Bill Gates for using your monopoly power to foist such a crappy product on the world.

  54. I too hate Microsoft word 2007. It really does my head in. Why did they change it. It makes not any sense. It is like someone changing the keys around on a piano or a computer keyboard (a nightmare for a secretary/typist or anyone who has been using office a long time), – you have learned how to play/use it and then you have to learn again. In short it makes no business sense (time is money). I have been using Office since 1994, it has never been perfect; but it worked easily. I went to college to constantly keep up to date with I.T – so I adapt to change quite easily. Microsoft Word 2007 is a nightmare – if it\’s not broke – why fix it. What used to take seconds in word 97 – 2003, now takes an eternity in word 2007. For instance: I want to use autotext, formatting etc (save names, signatures, addresses etc ) – I used to just click in seconds to store info\’, now it is a science!! Microsoft need to sort this out. Office 2007 – Bad, Bad, BAD!!!

  55. I feel I must come to the defense of MicroSoft Word. All of you complaining about Word donâ??t know what you are talking about. MS has produced a wonderful product that takes the tedious thinking out of producing documents.

    Canâ??t turn off the auto format features? Of course you canâ??t. You are not smart enough to know how to format documents, so Word will do it for you. You think Word has done it wrong? There you go thinking. Remember, Word has removed the need to think for yourself (see first paragraph).

    That picture moved to a new page unexpectedly? It obviously belongs there or Word would not have moved it there. Quit trying to think.

    I started using word processors back in the Word Star era. I used WordPerfect for years and loved it. My department resisted successfully for several years the conversion to Word. We were the last of the successful hold-outs. The IT Nazis finally took WP away from us and forced us to convert everything to Word. An unbelievably difficult (no impossible) task.

    Now that I have been forced to use Word, I have discovered how wonderful it is to not have to think! If the boss doesnâ??t like the way documents look, just tell him that he must be dumber than Bill Gates because Bill thinks it looks fine. If he still insists that the formatting or whatever should be changed, tell him to take his complaint to Bill.

    Just drink the Kool Aid, quit complaining, and let Bill Gates, MicroSoft, and Word do the thinking.

  56. I feel I must come to the defense of MicroSoft Word. All of you complaining about Word donâ??t know what you are talking about. MS has produced a wonderful product that takes the tedious thinking out of producing documents.

    Canâ??t turn off the auto format features? Of course you canâ??t. You are not smart enough to know how to format documents, so Word will do it for you. You think Word has done it wrong? There you go thinking. Remember, Word has removed the need to think for yourself (see first paragraph).

    That picture moved to a new page unexpectedly? It obviously belongs there or Word would not have moved it there. Quit trying to think.

    I started using word processors back in the Word Star era. I used WordPerfect for years and loved it. My department resisted successfully for several years the conversion to Word. We were the last of the successful hold-outs. The IT Nazis finally took WP away from us and forced us to convert everything to Word. An unbelievably difficult (no impossible) task.

    Now that I have been forced to use Word, I have discovered how wonderful it is to not have to think! If the boss doesnâ??t like the way documents look, just tell him that he must be dumber than Bill Gates because Bill thinks it looks fine. If he still insists that the formatting or whatever should be changed, tell him to take his complaint to Bill.

    Just drink the Kool Aid, quit complaining, and let Bill Gates, MicroSoft, and Word do the thinking.

  57. MS WORD just deleted my 2000 word essay. I wanna do bill gates right now. I mean it.

  58. I use word unfortunately. I don\’t have trouble using it, but It pisses me off a lot. It\’s just so badly designed (just like all Microsoft software), Of course, it may have lots of features, but the interface is horrible. It should be much more intuitive. I might get iWork.

  59. I read all the previous 63 comments and laughed and cried in spirit with each and every one. I write novels, big and long, VERY simple word processing. I\’ve learned to just play along with the program: I habitually indent paragraphs, so when the program decides to indent FOR me (about half the time) I just cursor back (by the time I notice, I\’ve typed maybe half a line) and delete one of the two indents. I\’ve come up with clever ways to just NEVER WRITE ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES A LIST, or an outline, or, god forbid, something bulleted, as I know I will never get it the way I personally want it. Etc. I hate this program. The one I used in the \’80s was so much better for word processing, featureless though it was by comparison. BTW, nobody has mentioned another problem I always have. When printing large documents (simple prose, mind you) if I say to print, say pages 125 – 130, half the time I\’ll get some random pages printed, not in any particular order, not even within the range I designated. Wastes a lot of paper. I end up printing one page at a time, and sometimes that works, other times it prints out some other page I don\’t need. Bring back Multi-Mate just the way it was!

  60. Whenever I open a document lately, Word shows me the document in Reading Layout. Apparently Word has decided there is something wrong with my eyes because the characters are so large only a few words fit on the screen. Fortunately we still use Office 2003 so I can still find my way back to another view. What a pleasure to work with such a great product.

  61. Amen and Amen. Maybe we could bring a class action suit against Microsoft for misrepresentation of a product. I believe they stole my money and gave me crap. The most egregious aspect is that they are \”UNREACHABLE AND DONT\’T GIVE A SHIT\”. If I knew of any other provider of commodities with this kind of reputation I would avoid them..

    I used, and advised others to use Word Perfect. But he slam heads in areas like law and government cling to this piece of shit (MS WORD) like a life preserver. If I could tally up the number of hours I have pissed away trying to figure out what the hell just happened, or how to make something happen that won\’t if would be in the thousands of dollars. Example in point, when I try to use what MS WORD deems to be a template, a Text Box, it begins to pop up all manner of files that are unacceptable as templates, say like a copy of an e-mail for a plane ticket I bought my mother three years ago. I fon\’t even know where the hell that file is on my computer!!!! It then proceeds to wonder through a random list of files that are not acceptable as templates, until I have to crash close the program through Task Manager and start again. Bill Gates Blow ME!

  62. I completely agree with everyone here. Microsoft Word is the single biggest cause of frustration that I receive from my computer. Internet Explorer ranks in as #2, because of its slowness, crash-happiness, and general failing at life. Word was a major part of the reason that caused me to jump ship to Mac. If anyone is looking for a word processing software without all the crap, I strongly advise Pages. However, for more graphic-intensive things, I still am forced to use Word. I need a piece of software that will not crash every 10 minutes Microsoft! The fact that this wealthy-as-anything company cannot come up with a software that doesn\’t make America hurt themselves is frightening. Every little task will sporadically decide not to work and make the software quit. Office 2007 for Microsoft and Office 2008 for Mac are the worst iterations yet (I use both). Why, Microsoft, Why?

  63. It is heartening to know I am not alone. I am ready to organize a software-burning party. . . . who is with me?

  64. All I was trying to do was make a numbered list. Word changes my fonts screws up my list and now my documents is fu*kd.
    What a total piece of shit. I was happy this week until I had to use word to do a report.

  65. I\’ve switched to LaTeX for all of my technical writing, and I try to use text editors for the rest. How does one software program (Word) make a simple task so difficult? A plethora of other programs are able to do the same editing in an intuitive manner, but the biggest software manufacturer in the world can\’t? What really gets me is that when I send a perfectly formatted document to someone in a non-Word format (open office, or HTML) they INSIST on getting it in Word! I get to go spend hours re-formatting something that is all ready correct. Yay! Thank God for this site. I was about to put my fist through the computer (aren\’t headers and footers fun!) when I read through the comments here. Word is worthless.

  66. I am using Office 2007 and I can\’t believe how bad the diagram export functionality is. I can\’t export a diagram from Excel to Word and keep it as a diagram! It is converted to a pixel image and that makes my document look really ugly. Well, I know that there is possible to use the insert diagram from Word but that is really an awkward way to work. Besides it really seems to be included more for backward compatibility since it uses the old diagram dialogs, this is really strange since Excel has a newer interface!! I also hate that Office 2007 has a custom theme and I also hate the new \”user friendly\” interface. I really wish that I didn\’t have to use Office 2007.

    The earlier versions of Office were better but those did suck too.

    I hate all the auto-hell stuff too. Why do Office think it is smarter than me when it clearly isn\’t!

  67. Since I\’m here, I might as well add my two cents worth. I\’ve been using Turd since 6.0, and continue to be astounded at how really bad the program is.
    Unfortunately, my company (like most companies) insists on Turd; despite the fact that it kills user productivity. In the bigger picture, Microsucks has fallen into the same category as just about every other software maker… in the process of trying to dumb down/automate the software, they\’ve made it so bloated that it\’s become unstable and damn near unusable. Power users and users who know what they\’re doing are once again being punished by the stupidity and \”I want it all\” attitude of the average computer user. The average computer user is an idiot. Of the billions of people that use a computer, the ones that actually get things done only amount to about 10%, and that minority suffers; thanks to the other 90%.

    Once… just once… I\’d like to see a software company release a stable, no nonsense version for the average power user. A version without all of the featureitis and bloatitis. I know I\’m dreaming, but it\’s a much nicer thought than the ones I have about the jackasses who code this stupid inefficient crap.

    As for WordPerfect, considering Corel\’s recent track record, I\’m sure that program is destined for the same fate as Turd. I think the whole software industry needs a few good swift kicks to the ass.

  68. You are being too nice…Was this albatross written as a cruel practical joke? I bet the writers sat there giggling about the angst they would engender in the users. Evidently the software writers do not think like normal humans. IT NEEDS TO BE INTUITIVE, BUPPY! At least let us turn off some of the stupid automatic formatting features. I think Wordpad is superior to Word, in that you can pick fonts, sizes, etc., and compose at the keyboard without the stupid program changing the looks and messing up your work, turning it into something no one would do purposely. Be assured, gentle folk, the open-source community will teach these code curmudgeons a lesson. There – I feel better now! Word still sucks, though. -G

  69. Figured this post could use a bump. Amen to #29, #31 and likewise. Word 2007 has made inserting pictures more painful than a root canal treatment. They show up partly (huh?) in seemingly random locations (except where you *want* them to be, that\’s the catch), jump all over the freakin\’ place when you want them to stay put and vice versa. I have shouted at it as well. Didn\’t help. Reading all the rants here did help. Switching to Latex, I\’ll take the learning curve for granted.

  70. Haha! I am among the last of the dinosaurs. I own my law firm and have steadfastly and successfully REFUSED to use Word. Yes, they forced crap versions of Wordperfect (12.0) on me after it became Corel and morphed into something a little like Word. But it still can be tweaked to use the good old function keys (albiet arbitrarily changed), and it\’s still inferior in every way to WP 5.1.

    Tonight I tried to edit my daughter\’s paper in Word. Instant frustration: I can\’t get rid of this dumb little magnifying glass which is replacing my cursor. Well, too bad for her. I won\’t even try. It\’s her homework anyway, not mine. If she wants to work in Word, let her. I\’d prefer a typewriter with erasable bond paper to that steaming pile of turdware.

  71. I agree 1000% I just watched a \’tutorial\’ on indented lists and it too was appalling from the point of view of the quality of the material and the organisation of it. MS Word needs bulldozing and completely starting afresh. I cannot believe the whole world tolerates this absolutely crappy piece of software. I say this as a one-time WordPerfect user who has been forced to switch because WordPerfect doesn\’t seem to have incorporated EndNote. WP was comparatively sweet. The best thing about it was that you could \’reveal codes\’ and you could see EXACTLY how the document was laid out, and you could go EXACTLY to any point needing changing. it was otherwise much more intuitive and logical. The world should boycott Microsoft and perhaps let some clear approach take place. Most of the problem with WORD is the \”HELP\” file which is an entry into insanity one could imagine. They just cannot figure out what is important and what is \’noise\’.

  72. Heh, I found this site by trying to figure out what the hell \”mirror indents\” are. I\’ve given up on M$ Office (no)Help. No I really don\’t want to watch a 10 minute video just to figure out how to get word to STOP PUTTING NUMBERS IN FRONT OF EVERY INDENT. Nor do I wish to purchase a gods-only-know-how much book to read. I\’ll just go back to Open Office, thank you.

  73. I am using office 2000 and there is no \”save as .csv\” listed or recognized. What the heck is wrong with this picture? I tried to save a document as comma delimited, comma separated values…no, there is only .txt listed with other file extensions. What can I do?

  74. OMG! This thread has been going on for 6 years!!! Why can\’t I save a document with the \”.csv\” files extension???? It just flat isn\’t there under the \”save as\”. Damn it all to hell!!! I am using Office 2000. Any suggestions would be GREAT!

  75. Brilliant! This outlet for Microsoft-Office induced frustration is still alive. But sadly there can have been no life-form intelligent enough in Microsoft during those years to have understood enough of these legitimate complaints and ensured that they were remedied in new versions. Apparently the changes were primarily to ensure that the earlier versions became incompatible with the modern Microsoft experience so they would make much money for practically no programming effort.

    When I am not required to work with others, I still use WordPerfect 10 (OpenOffice is unfortunately very similar to Word). Working with the split screen revealing all the control codes, knowing exactly where my cursor is, being able to select and edit or find and replace codes as well as text, just a click away from the related menus, I am powerful and efficient. The clarity of the logic of WordPerfect (I started with version 5 for DOS) and it\’s documentation meant I did not have to take a course to get it to work for me, and I quickly started writing useful macros. Why did humankind allow the greatly inferior Microsoft product to squeeze WordPerfect into the background?

    But tonight I was assembling a numbered set of statements submitted as .doc files by several colleagues, and the product must be a Word document. They each have wrestled with Word to make their contribution look like a correct numbered list, but each has achieved the effect in a different way. When I put them all together to make the final full list, everything has to be readjusted and it is a nightmare. I have found it most simple to copy everything over into a text editor (NoteTab or Jedit), remove all the numbers and leading spaces or tabs (can speed that up using regular expression find/replace), paste the list back into the Word document and then apply the numbering. I just have to make sure special characters are not altered in the process.

    We all have developed tricks for getting around the defects and obstinacies of Microsoft Word, and wasted most of the time it took to do so, because it is only a life-skill for the life of a particular version of software!

  76. I still haven’t figured out how to copy & paste with out this piece of shit changing the font or the size of the font. I see where the settings are no matter what you change them to this elephant shit software screws with the font when pasting, copy & paste should mean exactly what it says you MS morons!

  77. Word is the worst piece of shit, as are all its shitty siblings with their crappy little poop-up windows and twisted mind-numbing lack of logic.

    Why do all losers and little admins in the world use this shit and force the rest of us to live in a world of mediocrity?

    On my mac, Word will resize a window into a tiny little window that can’t be resized. wtf. this can only be microsoft. even adobe isn’t this bad.

  78. Calvin mentions pasting. This is a perfect example of the shit that MS shoves down your throat with Word and Excel. You need to click through a hundred little shit-windows just to paste something unformatted. And forget about pasting something that matches the style of what’s there.

    Get Apple Pages or Open Office. For nice jobs, nothing beats Tex. Unfortunately i still need to finish this word form for my tech-redarded coworkers.

  79. why on earth would anyone want to have different page numbering on alternative pages..isnt it good enough that ms word 2007 include this great AUTOMATIC feature, so U dont have to do it and manually PUNCH in all those 2000 numbers YOURSELF. could take ALL DAY if you have 200 pages anyway mabey you should try ms notepad and see how far you get wit that….

  80. I HATE Words so much! I highly recommend for anyone who can (I can’t because my employer jams this shit software down our throats) to switch to LaTeX, especially for anything more than a few pages OR having any math whatsoever in it. It’s got a learning curve to it but, once proficient, it will boggle your mind how Word is so prevalent.

  81. Thank you ever so much for this place to vent my anger and frustration! Almost midnight and I am still sitting here with the newest abomination from Microsoft, Word 2011. Have been trying to get section numbering straight for about a day and a half. Office not only regularly brings the meaning of the word “bad” to an abysmal low previously thought impossible to reach, it also seems to actively sabotage productive workflow any way possible.

    Funny, on the package it says Office 2011 comes with a year of tech support, but the software sucks so much that Microsoft completely forgot to publish the contact details anywhere on the planet. All you can do is open a call for USD 300 a pop. Thank you very much, asswipes!

    I can’t believe this royal piece of shit software just keeps on going and dominating the world’s offices that you simply cannot avoid using it if you want to stay in business.

    But hey, what can you expect from people who actually believe Powerpoint Bulletpoints are an efficient way to deliver information during meetings.

    Oh how I wish I had opted for an academic career where I could still be happily hacking away with LaTeX. A software that has been around since the 70’s, just lets you concentrate on your contents and takes care of the rest for you. Word processing as it should be. I can only recommend it to anyone who has to write more than two consecutive pages.

  82. Wow. This thread is almost 7 years old and still getting hits and replies. What does that say about Word? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

    Ever since my office went to 2007, I have spent probably an hour a day fantasizing about forcing the idiot MS programmers to make this software usable AT GUNPOINT. I’m not a violent person, so it isn’t like I’d actually shoot them. Probably.

    What the HELL is up with the page breaks?!?!?! I spent an hour today trying to get a table to line up the way I want it. I didn’t want a page break in the middle of a row. Trying to put a page break at the end of row 1 in a table (so that row 2 doesn’t start on one page and continue on the next page) requires you to insert the page break at the end of row 2. HUH? I can’t even begin to get my head up my ass far enough to see why this was a good idea. Then, the table has a hard return above it on the next page, which throws off the spacing between the header and the table. Delete it? NOPE! Do that, and the page break – which should be at the end of page one, but is located at the beginning of page two – disappears.

    Given a choice between putting my nuts in a vat of acid, and using MS Word, I would choose the acid. At least then the pain I experience would have a logical reason.

  83. MS Word suffers from the same problems that a lot of old software does. It has to stay compatible with itself. If MS were to fix the bugs described here, all hell would break loose because everyone’s desperate workarounds would not work any longer, next time they printed their documents, they would turn to gibberish.

    In addition, there is probably nobody at M$ that knows enough about the product to fix a bug without breaking 10 other things. It’s written in an unforgiving language that gives it license to crash after hours of hard work. I don’t blame the poor Indian programmers that maintain it because they don’t have the time or budget to fire up their crappy Microsoft development tools, let alone fix anything.

    Gates and the other executive softheads pay nothing to most of their workers so they can collect stock dividends and get major PR for donating a small part of it to some charity or other. Even the Chinese government, who normally pirates any software they want, switched to open office just to get away from MS – one of the few cases where central planning actually pays off.


  84. I agree sooo much. Even with wordperfect’s new bloatation every year, I can still do these simple tasks with ease. Yes, mostly they can be done under word but it’s similar to the handle of a screwdriver can drive in a nail, but why would you want to unless there is nothing else available. With one command I can flush right the page count as editors still want. With one command I can do a running page numbering with the name and title and even tell it to not count the title page– EASILY. No need to make a table, no need to make section breaks, no need to fumble around– it is just done.

  85. I just got upgraded last year and MS office and word 2007 are fundamentally flawed and bad.

    When you re-assign common tasks that are English word based commands to new bitmap designs you are basically taking a step backwards to pictogram language – similar to chinese. Every character is unique and requires greater specific memorization in order to understand and execute.

    Secondly, many common 1 click commands are extended to 3 clicks!! WTF! It is like an “easter egg hunt” printing and printer previewing now. Sure its cute at first but nobody wants a full time job trying to find the pink egg!

    Thirdly, the interface is fundamentally changed so that 15 years of MS Office and common windows program navigation is thrown out the window. What is the productivity penalty for that? Heck with that how much Aspirin is sold to counteract these millions of stress headaches? Give me a MAC, please!! Yes I will pay extra and be happy about it:)

  86. A thing about word is that it stands for simplicity. With autocorrects, autonumbering, auto,auto,auto. Why not wright the whole thing for me, while your at it???
    Simplicity is Notepad<3 aaaarrr, theres so much i wanna say about word that I cant seem to manage to form sentences, ill wright in word so it can do it for me.

  87. I have a theory – if you go to work at Microsoft and you are a complete retard, or you sleep with Bill Gates’ kids, you get sent to work on Word as punishment. Let’s face it – no one joins MS hoping to rock the world of word processing, right? So you have all these bitter, twisted losers stuck in an office crying and smoking crack and trying to remember the dreams they have of creating “Facebook 2”. Then the boss comes in and says “Guys, we need to find a way to fix the formating issues that have been screwed since 2000” and everyone just looks at the boss and goes “Kill me. Please kill me. No more Word. Make the pain stop”

  88. Tips and tricks I’ve learned since my first post 4 years ago:
    1) Solve all of your copy/paste, bolding, alternate font, etc. etc. etc. issues, Format Painter is your friend, well, maybe not your friend, but at least not the drunken belligerent uncle the rest of Word seems to be.
    2) Numbering and tabs, I’ve pasted something and my tabs exploded, document ruler and its associated arrows and tab “L”s are your friend, these are in the ruler and nowhere else.
    3) Copy/Pasting sections causes my destination document to explode, note that when you highlight with a mouse, the highlight goes past where your cursor actually really is, because Word KNOWS what you REALLY MEANT to highlight and you’re obviously too DUMB to highlight just text. That little extra piece of shit that self-highlighted (as far as I know there’s no way to turn this priceless little ‘feature’ off) is all of the hidden format characters you don’t want. De-highlight it with holding down the shift key and un-highlight with arrow keys. Now copy paste just up till the last thing you wanted and you get just text! It’s like learning how to speak to a toddler only fluent in Latin!
    4) Pasting pictures makes half my picture blank and explodes my document. You’re still screwed. Word still blows, you’ll have a better time sucking on urinal cakes.
    5) Saving in .csv? I dunno, paste it all into Excel and save it from there. Word doesn’t have this option.
    6) Field codes, they can be your friend if you know how they were set up in the first place, otherwise if someone else broke it before you got to it, don’t bother, delete the document and start over. Nearly impossible to fix.
    7) The ‘productivity ribbon’. HA! Where the hell is the XXXXX?? It used to be under Tools… Yeah? Feeling productive yet? Refer to solution to #4 above.

    But seriously, folks, could we send this to someone in Redmond so they can realize that their product is fundamentally flawed? Perhaps all of those clever “I made this” Windows 7 commercials could one day apply to some hapless user walking into the Office brain trust, pulling up the source code, hitting select all-delete and telling the programmers to go to town for Office 2012 (or just port WP5.1). You think? Yeah, me either.

  89. Word is shit. Unbelievably so.

    Luckily I can use Latex for nearly everything now, I guess it’s not to everyone’s taste though.

  90. God I hate this f**king thing! Never pay for MS products! It’s your moral obligation to only use cracks and hacks when you must use their sh*t software! What is Latex? I miss Word Perfect.

  91. P.S.

    Open Office seems to have picked up the same idiotic overcomplexity that’s such an odious feature of Word. In short, they both suck.

  92. Try something simple like single spacing between lines instead of double spacing and it is a nightmare. Have to pick a style that does not give even a hint what type of spacing it uses but has all different kinds of other formatting I do not want.
    Just simply want single spacing.. What a piece of crap.
    Bill Gates is the luckiest guy in the world being rich running a company that should have been bankrupt long ago. Good thing his mother was on the board of IBM in 1980 or he would be sweeping streets now.

  93. I don’t do a lot of work in Word. But when I do I always visit this webpage afterwards. It’s good to know you’re not alone in your frustration.

  94. im embarressed to say the least but the CV i did with MSWord was a total joke!
    im looking for something “british” not some bullshit! which these CV’s are!
    is this how americans get jobs? if so? YEEEEHAAAARRR!!!!!
    bang goes my respect for my colonist cousins!
    stupid nonsense!
    total embaressment!

  95. It is now 2007, and Office has actually gotten worse! I’m thinking they focus group this thing on people with no experience with computers. I don’t know. That or they must add new features and shuffle around the deck chair to justify a new release with a huge pay off. I’m thinking of moving over to Mac OS or Linux and then getting the best spreadsheet program made and use publishing software for word processing or learning LaTex. At this point, it is hard to motivate yourself to really “understand” the Office suite because it is nonsensical. I don’t want to understand something that is BS. It seems there are two paths in Word 2007. Either accept the defaults and make a generic looking document that isn’t what you want, or dive into the nonsense complexity of the software to really control. You know what’s perverse? It’s easier to learn a basic computer language and start producing interesting small applications than it is to learn Word 2007.

    1. Edit: Meant to say “I am now using MS Office 2007.” -duh, just proof that MS kills brain cells.

  96. I can’t believe that I can’t get a simple cursor after putting in a text box. Ms Word totally sucks. 2007, 2010, it doesn’t matter. I missed a grant deadline b/c I couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop automatically putting in an extra line after every single line you type. Like double spacing but it’s not. Who the hell thought up that stupid trick? It’s so frustrating that it can do some fancy maneuvers but the basics suck.


  98. How nice and refreshing to hear people’s opinions of what Microsoft Office and Word programs are REALLY like. In my opinion, it is a tragedy that the slick and slimy criminals who first write and then market this garbage in a misleading manner to the general public can’t be rounded up and made to pay for what they put users through. Office 2010 lives up to and exceeds past trash, in my view. Especially Word 2010. What a vile piece of filth that program is! With its inability to hold users’ default selections in the basic Document, its non-functional/non-sticking Grammar Check that must be switched off to avoid user-insanity and its shitty intermittently-working Auto Text/Auto Complete, it truly reflects the pinnacle of bug-ridden, retrograde scum, in my opinion. It is also my opinion that users world-wide should boycott Microsoft and stop using these hateful programs.

  99. Refreshing to read this page but sorry to see that it has been around for so long with negative progress from Microsoft.

    Where do we go to sue the microbrains at Microsoft for the time we waste every day putting up with this piece of crap program? It is bad enough that each new version requires the user to deal with new and confounding (oh and did I say piece of crap) worthless and poorly thought out features, but being forced to have to use this piece of shit program in order to deal with federal agencies is beyond the pale. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was given an option and could use another program to submit things to the feds but to be forced to use this nonworking crap reeks of MONOPOLY. Federal government- get off your ass and enforce the antitrust laws. Microsoft uses monopolistic behavior to control the market, and through its predatory practices reduces competition. As with other monopolists they will do nothing to improve things- why bother when you control most of the market. What a piece of shit Microsoft is. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that idiot Gates, or or I should say philanthopiss Gates, choke on all his ill gotten money.

    Oh and by the way someone should check up on the company ESRI who produces truly shitty GIS software. Same business model as Microsoft and the same result- poorly working software that has set the industry back a decade and which sets the standard for wasting my time (yes even worse than Microsoft products).

    Of course all of the above is just my humble opinion and it feels good to be be able to vent. Unfortunately Microsoft and ESRI will not listen to my venting even though I’ve tried. Boycott both of them.

  100. This thread was cathartic. Now I know I’m not alone. If I have to re-click *follow from previous section* on my page numbering one more time, I’m gonna break something. Not to mention the constant crashing when i’m clicking through the review comments. Randomly bolding words, and sentences? Moving crap from one page to the next, after I’ve stuck in page breaks?
    To those who say ‘take a course it’s easy’. I already know how to click the things I want. But word decides to unclick. randomly. for no reason. at any moment. with no warning.
    Oh, and things appear formatted differently on my co-author’s computers.
    THATS the issue.
    and the constant crashing.
    Bring back my old monochrome Word Perfect. That thing never crashed.

  101. Everything about Word sucks, period, always has, always will. It’s anal bloatware. Die MicroShit Die!

    I have always refused to use a PC with Windoze and have happily used Macs for 25 years, BUT I have to use this shitty software coz everone else does.

    I was thinking about how many productivity man-hours are lost using this piss poxy app.
    If as they say, there are 500 million worldwide Word users; let’s be generous and multiply all those people fecking around to make it work for only 2 hours a week – well you do the math.
    When is industry going to wake up and realize that they are losing millions every day.
    In 50 years Microsoft will be a dodo, unfortunately I doubt I will be around to witness it.
    Viva la revolucion!

  102. Openoffice

    The academic institution where I study has started using openoffice and we still have Word. The idea is to give students a choice; those that know, are starting to use openoffice.

    Get some sleep, use openoffice. A free product by Oracle. (Exactly ORACLE).

  103. I cannot figure out for the life of me how such a big company can do such basic things so wrong…but then again, I look at how the governments run (just got to DMV) and all makes sense again. I hate it, but I’ll finally have to make that call to Apple!

  104. I’m so glad others feel the same way, and I can’t believe this post was in 2005! I am completely frustrated with the formatting of the headers. I can’t get a simple “last name and page number” on ALL my pages. It either has to be “odd” or “even”, and if it’s both, it’s highly decorated with bolds and rectangles and blues. I hate it.

  105. This is a great site…how Microsoft dominated the WP market is beyond me. I was an expert in WP 5.1…it was a great program. I had to switch to MS Word and it was, I thought, an unnecessarily complicated program. It is plagued with tons of bugs and really stupid formatting rules. What is worse, however, it the absolutely abominable online “help” system Really, has anyone ever benefited from Microsoft’s “Help.” Here’s what happens: you type in “page numbers,” and you get “help” that doesn’t even remotely resemble what you are looking for. I’d like to give Bill Gates a couple formatting challenges to see if he could actually use is own program. I doubt it. Look at formatting by number, for example, it’s totally hit and miss. I generally manually use number bullets because the “auto” bullet feature is so horseshit and frustrating. And, to boot, totally useless, help files…you are far better off looking for help on Google than Microsoft…returned responses are so random…REALLY! Try typing in a keyword like “tables” into “help”–it will probably go to something like “using a mouse,” it’s totally insane. Microsoft “help” has stunk for many years, but really, it’s shouldn’t be that hard to fix! For example, why can’t the help database got to “table formatting” solutions if you want to focus on fixing something with a table. I’ve given up…I usually get books to read or use Google. Microsoft Word help is useless…

  106. I was forced to make the conversion this year. I was the last holdout using WordPerfect X5 – Yes, it is still around and still VERY good, so much better than Word. The only way I can cope with this idiot program is by staying carefully within the parameters of the templates created for our reports (which, incidentally, have a lot of Auto-things turned off!)

    So yeah, it’s a shame; Corel is still trying with WordPerfect, (X^ is out now) but Bill’s market dominance (by basically giving it away in the early days) is almost impossible to undo – which means they can continue to crack out utter crap and we, the minions, will have to make do he best we can.

  107. Awsome article and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is actually the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thank you 🙂

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  109. Well, here we are 9.5 years after the original post. Word is still around in all of its bloated pestilent glory and sucks more than ever. I read this every 6 months or so. Misery in company and all…
    Choice new features that I couldn’t imagine they could cock up but somehow the malignates in Redmond managed include:
    Copy/paste? How could they take a simple thing like Copy/Paste and make it a useless turd that can instantly turn your document to vapor? By giving it features! Want to copy, go ahead. Want to paste? Huh? Paste? Paste how? You mean keep source formatting? Change the text to images? Nest the text inside a nonexistent table? Change source text to Wingdings? Send to clippy and have him bake them into arsenic cookies and feed them to your pets and children? Want to just straight paste the plain text you just copied? Go suck on a urinal cake. Priceless!
    Deleting the last page without destroying the formatting of all previous pages is a 10 step process. 10! I wrote these steps down and distributed it within my company so users would get down off the ledge and will reproduce it here, my fellow Word sufferers.
    1. click somewhere on the last page
    2. Go to Page layout, make sure the last page layout matches the previous page in the document
    3. Go to the Home Tab (feeling productive yet?)
    4. Click the tiny arrow on the bottom right of the clipboard group, this will pop up your clipboard (we’ll get to this later)
    5. On your previous page, double click on any headers or footers you don’t want to disappear, highlight the whole thing and copy. It will appear in the clipboard, do it separately for header and footer.
    6. go back to the document and go to the last page.
    7. Click before the page break you’re trying to delete, hit delete until the page is gone. TADA! Your entire document’s formatting is now gone like idiotic magic!
    8. Double click the now blank header and footer and click the header or footer you pasted into the clipboard.
    9. Your footer probably used to be in a table if your company uses default templates, your footer’s table is gone. Create a new 1×1 table in the footer, paste in your old footer and delete all the extra character returns.
    10. Congrats! You’ve now deleted a page and avoided the boundless illogic of Word which dictates that if you’re trying to delete a thing, you obviously wanted the formatting AFTER that thing to apply to everything BEFORE what you wanted to delete.
    Don’t get me started on Internet Explorer or Windows 8. Why is Microsoft even relevant?

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  114. Word is the biggest piece of shit ever developed. I’m stuck using both Word 2010 and 2013 at work and they both suck so bad it’s unbelievable that anybody uses this crap. i used to use Lotus Ami Pro and it was great. I’d still be using it if there was some way to save stuff in the Word format… but MS never supported any of their document formats. May the Word development team slide down the hill from Redmond and into the Pacific.

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  116. Yes, I couldn’t agree more with this thread, Microsoft Word sucks big ole donkey balls for sure! Inefficient, excessive, illogical, uncooperative, overly complicated…pick your adjectives. This wretched excess (emphasis on WRETCHED) called Microsoft Word would get the absolute lowest rating for me, it is pure garbage. The simplest formatting instructions require hours of research to find and implement successfully. Frankly I would prefer a standard old school word processor (maybe even a mechanical typewriter) than deal with this garbage Microsoft application. However, I work at a law firm which uses it so I’m presently trying to find out how to type a line that populates across the entire page. A normal processing document one would just type and then the cursor would just automatically drop down to the next line but Microsoft Word a completely inept program not at all suitable for any practical usage. The other law office I work for uses WordPerfect which is far, far, FAR superior in every way. Any kind of formatting adjustment one needs to make is self explanatory on WordPerfect. Microsoft Word is pure garbage and no, I should not have to take a class in this ridiculous software that requires hours of study to see how the newest version implements a simple foot note just so that Bill Gates can make more money. So I get to sit here at work and spend 2 hours figuring out how to get the cursor to let me type across the screen instead of actually working and no blogs can apparently explain it in a few steps.

  117. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thanks, However I am going through troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot subscribe to it.
    Is there anyone else getting similar RSS problems?
    Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  118. WHY .. WON’T .. IT .. DIE??
    thought 2010 was bad, recently got a forced upgrade to 2013. OMG. The so called effluent user interface, AKA the “ribbon”, actually managed to get worse. Some genius decided that erasing all the visual cues that separate the controls, and leaving an eye burning field of white, would make us even more productive. Can’t get anything to print right. And oh yes, don’t call it “metro”, but one touch of the File menu and hey, it’s windows 8 in your face.

    burning pain in the —

  119. Actually, we have here in this very comment string, incontrovertible evidence that M$ not only has no intent to fix anything but in fact exhibits a recurring pattern of behavior of making us all (1) keep paying up, and (2) keep climbing arbitrary learning curves just to maintain our hard won skills. 10+ years of this on display right here.
    Their contempt for us is plain as day. They destabilize rather than improve things.

    Way past time to find a better way

  120. I loved this. I have been struggling with numbering the pages as well but actually the reason your blog popped up was because I put into google some naughty words plus word.

    I’m now struggling with a merged document that won’t stop showing all the places it was merged. So frustrating.

  121. Yes! I am not alone. Every day I try to edit documents on my three billion instruction per second, dual-processor computing machine with 512 mega-bytes of graphics co-processor … I find myself cursing Microsoft “Turd”.

    It’s amazing to me that as computing machines have become faster … that “Turd” keeps dragging slower, sucking up more memory, etc. Things that are seemingly simple like managing a table of 200 entries (yikes, that’s REALLY BIG, ha ha ha, yea, right) … and the keyboard disappears for fifteen to twenty seconds, the cute little piss-off “spinny wheel” spins away, and I’m cursing again.


    Everything posted on this blog is RIGHT ON. Microsoft never seems to actually simplify or fix anything in their gigantic, crawling monster of a word processor.

    For crying out loud, it was faster, and more efficient, to use Word Perfect on DOS than it is this dressed up, chrome-plated piece of software manure.

    Office 2013 … yikes! More interface changes (and yes, the blaze of flat white is NOT an improvement in readability), slower processing, MORE options on “saving” formats … how on Earth am I supposed to know whether the “new” format is better or worse, breaks all my carefully composed formatting, etc?

    And yet … and yet … the ball and chain stays on my wrists.

    What is the alternative to this slow, torturous program?

  122. All I want to do is start Page 2, and then add page numberings for the rest of the screenplay. I say yes. Word says, “No!”

    Pretty frustrated.

  123. 2016 and Microsoft Word is worse than ever. Thank you all for giving me some relief in knowing I am not alone! Keep the posts coming, it is a great way to vent some steam.

  124. Unbelievably bad, atrocious. As a lawyer, it sucks. Give me Wordperfect any day. At least WP doesn’t force me into Kindergarten formatting.

  125. Yes yes yes !

    I searched : “mac word save as doesnt fit on screen bastards”
    and got to this site

    This site helps me calm down too !

    I have word 2011 – I think they’ve made it now deliberately redundant because when I want to save a new .docx as a save as – or save as and put it in a new folder – well the damn save box area is bigger than my screen – and I can’t shrink it to click on any options – so the only option is a key command = control + s …

    which means I have to keep overriding an existing doc & not save as options – plus no new folder option

    This is disgraceful – microsoft w/ mac.

    If you search for this problem online – hundreds of people are posting for 7+ years about it – it seems to no avail


  126. Thank you all for the wonderful reviews of Word.

    I am happy to announce that I have found a foolproof way to handle Page Numbers in headers. DO NOT USE PAGE NUMBERS.

    I have a similar solution for handling running headers.

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  128. Thanks. Now I know I’m not delusional. MS Word, 2010, 2013, 2016 for that matter, they all suck. Piece of trash.

    I cannot understand, by the life of me, why is it that it loses the formatting of my table of contents when I change a word in the middle of the text, that’s not even indexed, from italics to normal type face. Absolutely schizophrenic.

  129. You would think after 15+ years, Microshaft could maybe fix some of these elements. I’ve recently had to create some training documentation and the heading numbering just will not number correctly! I’ve researched this before and micromanaged each goddamned number level and instance in the document, but this time, Word’s like, “no, dude, forget it.”

  130. for the stuff written above, i agree with everything about word being bad. i disagree with everything about word being good. – i just rebuilt my laptop again (thank you broken updates that fried me), and now i have to go back and peel out all the wordcrap that is inside of TPN word. i found this weblink whilst searching for how to peel out something of which i don’t even know what it is called.

  131. Once i wrote a documentation of a production machine … in Word 2007. Only the Jesus knows how badly i was pissed off.
    Paragraphs numbering mechanism stopped to look at any settings. Fonts – forget it, paragraph format – forget it, right numbers – forget it, beginning with “1.1.1” on every page is better. Nothing helped until uprade do 2010. Never ever MSO tools on my desk…

  132. I love you dude, i am so happy that someone else shares my pain, word is shiiit I cannot believe it is still the most used text editor, I promise I will develop A better one

    That piece of trash program crashed. AGAIN. 2017 and this thing is still not stable ! OMG.

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