Our tendency to focus on worries…

tennis ball I had taken this picture sometime ago (obviously in the summer) and got a chance to monkey with it some a couple of days ago while chatting with Michel V. I call it, “The World According to Luckey“. The last couple of days have been really harrowing for me. I have spent a very nice and relaxing Christmas break with not much on my mind. School starts next week. The thought of having to go back to the daily routine of school does not bother me as much as the upcoming thesis that I will be expected to complete. A lot rides on that darn thesis. If I dont complete within a reasonable period of time (by the end of next semester) I will run out of money for school and will become a pauper on the streets (just kidding). If I do complete but do not produce work worthy of my thesis committee, I will be forced to spend more time on it, or even worse, abandon the topic in search for another. That prospect sends chills through my spine. The reason for the picture and the topic of this post is the considerable amount of time we spend worrying about the future and what it holds, rather than focussing at the matter on hand and seeing it to completion. I consider myself to be a reasonable person. I have very little credit card debt, manage my finances relatively well, am not known to shy away from hard work and am not known to be a worry-wort. Even a person such as I, tends to freak out about a future that is over a semester long where I will have the opportunity to work hard and change everything that would make me worry. I have worked quite hard on understanding my thesis topic and have written a bit about it. I am trying to setup a company to loan me the products I might need and even have a backup plan in case that company falls short of my expectations. So instead of fretting about the future, I am going to concentrate on the present, plan well and start execution when the time comes. I will be well prepared and I will be able to focus on the ball in front of me instead of the large playing field ahead. I will, in the words of Dan Wilkins “Try to be half the person that my dog thinks I am!” 🙂

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