WordPress Backup and Restore Scripts all done!

I have made some changes to the WordPress Backup procedure and added the Restore script to it. Now you have the ability to backup your MySql database and download it locally, backup your WordPress folder and download it locally, and restore your MySql database, all from the comfort of a web interface (which can be integerated into the WP admin interface). There is added password protection thrown in as well.
I had the nasty fortune of using my own backup and restore script this morning which forced me to code some bugfixes and finally emerged into a completely different way of backing up and restoring.
Please download the new version from the same link.
This has not been tested on a Windows web server (and I am not sure if the applications that I use are present in a Windows/MySql installation, but I need some feedback)
Please let me know what you think. OH Yes….and A Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Mysql restore

I made a terrible boo boo with my MySql server and lost all my posts and links and everything for a few minutes there. My own backup script came to the rescue!! I was so glad that I had tested it on my own blog! In the process I found some errors in the code and am in the process of fixing it and creating a restore procedure for it. You will notice a couple of posts and a couple of comments missing. I apologize if they were yours. However, while the blog was gone I had a tremendous feeling of loss and emptiness. A lot of my time and effort goes into programming this blog and learning the code (for professional interests, but time nonetheless) and I LOVE backups! As soon as I have the backup and restoer script tweaked, I will post a link to it on here. Again…Happy Holidays!

top 20 ways to monkey with telemarketers

I saw this on the mac homepage meant for Safari users (Apple) and thought I would share it with my readers. So here are the top 20 (well 16) ways to monkey with telemarketers.

Speak to the little lady of the house
We have a 5-year-old daughter who loves to talk. If I answer the phone and discover a telemarketer on the other end, I just quietly hand the phone to our daughter … and let the fun begin!

Give them the man of the house
When they ask for the man of the house, I ask them to hold; then I put my 2-year-old son on the phone.

Have I got a deal for you
Interrupt the telemarketer’s sales pitch and ask them if they would like to buy something from you (could be anything that you’re selling). That will usually get them to end the call.
Continued below

I do
Ask the telemarketer to marry you. Seriously, this will probably shock them and they won’t know what to say.

You have reached my voicemail
Say: “Hello.” (Wait on them to start talking.) “I’m sorry we can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message. Beep.”

Funny you called
“You know, I was just thinking about (doing, buying) just that very same thing. So, I said to myself, ‘Self, why don’t you just (do, buy) it and get over it.’ To my amazement, self replied with a loud, ‘GO FOR IT!'” (Keep talking to take control of the conversation, never letting the telemarketer speak so he or she can’t actually try to sell you anything.) “Well, me and myself will discuss it more and we’ll get back to you.”

From a country song
“I’d love to, but my wife just left me, she cut the tires on my truck, I had to bury my dog, and I only have half a Bud Light bottle left. I’m not worried about the rest, but if you start selling beer, give me a call.”

Have you planned for the future?
When I see “out of area” on the caller ID, I answer the phone with the name of a made-up insurance company. Then I try to sell the person life insurance. I’ll ask questions like, “What if something happened to you?” or “Are you sure your final needs can be met?” Usually, they end up hanging up on me.

Reply in gibberish
Answer the phone in a pretend foreign language.

She’s not … here
I have told people that the person they were asking for was hideously mangled in a train wreck. If they ask for my wife, I sometimes say that she recently left me, then tell the caller she sounds cute and ask her out.

And you are?
I’d love to hear more about why you are calling me, but I’m in the middle of dinner right now. Why don’t you give me your home number so I can call and irritate you in the middle of your meal?

Keep talking
Rather than find creative ways in which to hang up on telemarketers, I decided many years ago that I could provide a public service by keeping them on the phone for as long as possible. The longer they spend with me, the less time they have to call other people. Often, they’ll hang up on me before I can hang up on them!

What did I win?
Sometimes I’ll act as if the sales call is one to inform me that I’ve won a prize. I’ll exclaim, “I’ve never won anything in my life!” Then I’ll ask for details on when and how my prize will be sent to me. And no matter how many times it’s explained to me, I will never quite understand that I’ve won nothing and instead am being asked to buy something.

I’m already connected
If I’m being offered a loan or mortgage refinance, I’ll ask if it can “fly under the radar,” because I have a large loan at a very high interest rate from “family” who would become very upset if I obtained loans elsewhere. I’ll suggest that we meet somewhere discreet to discuss details.

Ever hear of women’s lib?
My wife is especially perturbed when they ask for the “Man of the House.” So she then starts talking in hushed tones and saying, “Oh, no sir. The Master isn’t here. He keeps me locked down here in the basement when he goes out, so I can’t check for him now.”

Phone flirting
I am big on the phone flirting. Use your best Joey voice from “Friends”: “How you doin?” or, “You sound really attractive. Do you call here often?”

How long do you have?
Say: “Sorry to interrupt you. I really want to talk to you, but can you hold on for a few minutes? I just need to finish up the call from the last telemarketer. He called me about an hour ago.”

What’s it worth?
“Now before I listen to your pitch, there are a few things we need to cover. My minimum rate for listening is $35 an hour. Of course, I can offer you upgrades that give you additional benefits, as well as a greater chance that I may buy what you are selling. The deluxe package is $55 per hour and offers a 2 percent chance of purchase, and the super-deluxe package is $75 per hour, and offers a 3 percent chance of purchase. Now before we get to that, I will need you to send in an application as well as a minimal application fee of $55. You will also need to include with your payment a $35 payment for a credit report. Once your credit has been approved, I will be able to accept your non-refundable good-faith security deposit, which I require, of $100. After closing, and you have paid my standard closing costs of $250, we will then be able to proceed with your sales pitch. Can I sign you up?”

Call the cult
“Sorry I can’t talk, I am about to cut off my tongue to achieve ultimate power.”

It’s good enough for Cuba
I always get them to scream, “Show me the money!” like in “Jerry Maguire.”

Did you enjoy it? If you did, or have some more, please leave a comment for everyone!

Mindful Musing

Mindful Musing

What Type of College Student Are you?

Profile: You work hard and let it be known. You stay up late at night to make sure your assignments are complete, there are no grammatical errors, and occasionally you will head out to a party or hang with friends, but when you do, you make jokes based on school.
Type of Drunk: You are a crazy drunk. Since it doesn’t come often you tend to go overboard and doing CRAZY and wild things that you won’t remember in the morning.
Try it out yourself!

Looking for a couple of good people…

Here is what I need them for. I was listening to NPR in the car this afternoon and they were talking about schools (somewhere in the country, im not sure where) where school teachers were looking for donations from the community to get supplies for their classes because they simply did not have money in their budgets to buy extra supplies. I am thinking of starting a blog/ad board for school teachers nationwide to look for extra donations, funds and supplies for their classroom activities. The donors could be everyday people looking to do a good deed, people with extra supplies they want to get rid of, or companies looking for a good way to spend tax-free dollars and get some extra publicity for it. This could really help out school districts in their time of financial crisis. I am thinking that there could be a signup for schools and a signup for donators and we could split the schools (for the time being) by zip code within the US. There are lots of possibilities for this project and the final goal will still be getting the funds and supplies to the students. I am proposing a completely non-profit organization. I am sure that this lofty goal will be impossible for me to reach alone and thats why I am looking for a couple of people to share this burden with me and give it a shot. Startup should be relatively inexpensive. Please let me know what you think. I need to bounce around some ideas and get some feedback from my readers (many of whom I know, are resourceful and are civic minded) Let us make good of this time of joy and bring some charity to our own homes (and schools in this case, bad use of the quote but oh well)!

Interesting BlogRoll like program

I saw that I was getting liked from Blinkar.com and I wanted to see who they were. The site is in potugese but the Google translation brings this up. Here is a short gist of their services, very interesting.

The BLINKAR is a system of addition of favourite its links to its blogue. It reads the FAQ .

Sounds interesting enough. It might just be another blogroll like link whoring system, but they promote me and I promote them. Take a look…