Dell to stop outsourcing Tech Support from India

I am really surprised to NOT see this bit of news all over the blogworld! Dell has decided to stop outsourcing their techsupport from Bangalore, India. Instead they will be handled by tech support personnel from call centers in Texas, Idaho and Tennessee. This is bittersweet news for me, partly due to the possibility of reduced social stress in the tech community in America and partly due to the loss of revenue for India. I guess this could mean a change in the prevailing atmosphere for technologists in this country and somewhat reduce the threat of job loss to foriegn companies. But this could also mean that companies are simply going to outsource other peices of the pie, being more elusive and secretive about their decisions. The financial benefits of this trade pattern is quite obvious. In this dog-kill-dog market, are companies that are extremely strapped for cash, really going to give up on saving large sums of money if they can (mostly) get away with it? If you read the article above with squinted eyes, you will notice that Dell is NOT REALLY making much of a change. They are simply restructuring their support methods. They are not going to scale back their operations in India. Dell home customers will still have to deal with tech support from India. As a matter of sad fact, Ronald Kronk, the Presbyterian minister from Rochester, Pa, whose name gets mentioned as someone who was dissatisfied with Dell’s poor customer service, is probably going to have to deal with the same people over again. Dell, in my opinion, is simply playing the game.

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7 thoughts on “Dell to stop outsourcing Tech Support from India”

  1. I work for an answering service where a big concern is the competition outsourcing to India. Adapting your business to provide more local appeal may be the answer to this shift in business. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Thank you for leaving a message. Only constructive discussion and critical measurement of the job retention possibilities can help us overcome this issue. Good luck with your job and the outsourcing competition!


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