I put up some Christmas Lights!

I put up some Christmas Lights and I wanted to put up a couple of pictures for my parents to see. So here they are. I love the color blue! My rant for Lightstonight is the poor quality of notes found on the internet (and for that matter, everywhere!) I have been trying to find documentation and proof of implementation of 3d Texture mapping and automatic co-ordinate generation for OpenGL for about all day now. All I have come upon are people copying each others’ work, thus resulting in a mesh of unethical, incompetent dundarheads trying to look all cool! Lights2Every professor, in every college offering an advanced course in openGL (that I have come across over the internet. I AM wrong, I hope) talks about the same darn examples, copies the same darn pictures (for their slides) and code and publishes it as their own work (they DID put in comments after all!) This is fricking ridiculuous! I am going to be really pissed if this project is incomplete and Dr Heuring will get a logn writeup on how I could not find any relevant information to help me out. He will also get proof that I looked extremely hard. So how was your day? 😀 🙂

Someone famous from close to home (Toledo)

Want to know what a good education from a simple local college can lead you to? Ever hear of Jeremy Zawodny? He was born in Toledo, went to BGSU and graduated with a degree in computer science. He worked through various jobs and is now a part of Yahoo’s platform engineering group working as a MySql architect. He is responsible for planning and deployment of Mysql throughout the Yahoo enterprise . I found out about him through his recent article “Pagerank is Dead” He has also been the executive editor of Linux Magazine and is very very well respected in the computing community with many laurels to his name. He is truly the “technologist” that Toledo is looking to attract. I hope I grow up to be like him! 😛

OpenGL textures for polygonal objects

I have spent most of this week (amidst mouthfuls of turkey and other goodies) trying to understand our second last OpenGL project. We are supposed to render a VW bug (co-ordinates were provided to us) and a bunny, put them on a randomly generated landscape, add a few other GLUT objects and then texture them all using the different modulation equations that OpenGL has built in. I had thought that the landscape (with fractal subdivision method) would be the hardest part of the project. Boy was I wrong! This is probably the hardest project in this class so far. There is a myriad of documentation out there which talks about these things, but none are very specific (including OpenGL’s own website) and I am swimming. I am hoping to get the VW and the bunny drawn tonight and then worry about textures again tomorrow. I can just fudge it, but that goes against my grain and I would just be copping out of hard work (and my grade would reduce).
In other news, I did NOT go shopping with Jennifer this week. There was nothing I needed. Jennifer did end up spending a little bit, but she might be taking some of it back when she is done trying things on. I have been meaning to write another skin for this site but the work load has been too much. After school ends on the 15th of December, I might actually participate in the CSS contest that WordPress is having. It will be good practice and I will be able to make my site look interesting to me again. I have had someone offer me an LJ code and I might start a sister blog over at LJ with every post being mapped there as well. I can do that now with *shameless plug* my new blogPost 1.0
Did you know that it costs over $150 to list your software over at Downloads.com? Thats a ripoff! They are making loads of money through their advertising and they still demand money from software developers. Well, maybe if I were to make some money from my software, I would be ok with spending some on advertising it, otherwise it is a bum deal for me.
If you know of anyone that is looking for a Windows application to post to multiple blogs at the same time or would like a very lightweight application for yourself (it works well for single blogs as well), head over to Weblog Tools Collection and give it a go.
Have to go get some food…I am starved!:lol:

The Blog Explosion

I need to find a chart of weblog growth…

I was just over at Technorati and noticed the “weblogs watched” count went over 400,000 today (it’s at exactly 400,091 right now). It was only March 5 when the 100,000 mark was passed. At this rate, there will be more than 6 million blogs by the end of the year. [VentureBlog]

…expect a hockey stick when AOL Journals rolls out.

…excerpt from: http://www.ventureblog.com/articles/indiv/2003/000131.html

Blah weather

The weather is darn blah! I have not interest in doing any work. I need to get somewhat done with my graphics project over the next couple of days and then look at my thesis a little more closely. I also have an architecture project coming up, but I should have the rest of the school year (which is just a few weeks!) to work on that! blah!

How many of my readers go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving?

I tagged along with Jennifer last year while she went shopping in the wee hours of the morning. It was a very strange experience. The lines stretched further than the eyes could see and yet people came coming. I remember the lines leading into Best Buy stretching till the end of the block and the employees passing out hot chocolate for the people outside. I do have to agree that I would not have been able to purchase my laptop at that price that I did, had I not stood out there in the cold.
For all the people reading this post from this side of the world, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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Quiet Release of blogPost 1.0 Beta

I have most of the work done for blogPost Beta 1.0. Here is a small list of features and bugs.

#Features include (for now), posting to multiple blogs, comment and ping control, category control,
–more– and –excerpt– modification ability.
#Bugs: There are quite a few for now. I have not been able to test this on too many blog applications
I know that the comments do not get blocked on MT, their documentation sucks
If someone could get me an LJ code, I could test it on there
Any others, let me know.

Here is the download link to blogPost 1.0 Beta. Have fun!

Dell to stop outsourcing Tech Support from India

I am really surprised to NOT see this bit of news all over the blogworld! Dell has decided to stop outsourcing their techsupport from Bangalore, India. Instead they will be handled by tech support personnel from call centers in Texas, Idaho and Tennessee. This is bittersweet news for me, partly due to the possibility of reduced social stress in the tech community in America and partly due to the loss of revenue for India. I guess this could mean a change in the prevailing atmosphere for technologists in this country and somewhat reduce the threat of job loss to foriegn companies. But this could also mean that companies are simply going to outsource other peices of the pie, being more elusive and secretive about their decisions. The financial benefits of this trade pattern is quite obvious. In this dog-kill-dog market, are companies that are extremely strapped for cash, really going to give up on saving large sums of money if they can (mostly) get away with it? If you read the article above with squinted eyes, you will notice that Dell is NOT REALLY making much of a change. They are simply restructuring their support methods. They are not going to scale back their operations in India. Dell home customers will still have to deal with tech support from India. As a matter of sad fact, Ronald Kronk, the Presbyterian minister from Rochester, Pa, whose name gets mentioned as someone who was dissatisfied with Dell’s poor customer service, is probably going to have to deal with the same people over again. Dell, in my opinion, is simply playing the game.

Stupid rumor mill

I have gotten quite a few comments and emails recently about the University of Toledo stopping the admissions of International Students into our graduate programs. This is quite untrue. There are major budget cuts in the EECS department and the Univeristy in particular, and International Students are (domestic students get the preference, as it should be) the last to be asessed for financial aid and/or teaching/research assistantships. This basically means that there is no money to be offered to graduate international students here. If you are willing to pay for your edcuation, (and have the credentials) you are welcome to apply and will get admitted.
I also receive a multitude of emails and comments with various questions about admissions to UT. I do not answer them individually because of the sheer number or requests, so please dont take any of this personally.

Almost finished with postBlog – my XMLRPC Blog posting application

This was a very nice weekend. I got to do what I really wanted to do. I coded. 😆
I am almost done with blogPost. This application (written at my own behest, to learn) is a client application to post to blogs. Some of the final features will include:

Ability to post to multiple blogs with the same item
blogPostComment, ping and post status controls (which are lacking in w.bloggar)
Ability to code RPC calls into the application (with associated help files) for new blogging applications and APIs not implemented
Pure XMLRPC implementation, so simple code, existing methodology
Open Source, ThankYouWare

Features NOT part of the agenda include:

Fancy interface with lots of XP like icons which are never used by the average blogger
Ability to edit or modify previous posts
Category name retrieval from blog(might be included in forthcoming editions, just not this one)
Multi-threading (this example will NOT be thread safe)

I have gotten the XMLRPC++ modded enough to work with my application and I am presently working on the MFC code to make the GUI and the pretty front end stuff. I am also starting work on storing profiles and automatically setting up users for various blogs. The first alpha will not have many of the features. I am still too busy with other crap from school. 😀 and I will be looking for beta testers by the end of this month. If anyone is interested, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will hook you up. Greg Door (a kind soul, a true friend I must say) is going to work through this with me (as per our last conversation) and with our collective minds, we should wrap this up by the end of this year. Once the application is where we want it to be, it WILL become shareware with some features lacking in the free version. We will have to decide on that. So beta testers with the final beta have free software. 😛
In other news, I have gotten some feelers from the New Jersey based company that had been after me to go there and be an intern. I ended up telling them that it was full time emplyment or bust! 😎 This coming week should be a lot of fun. School is off after this Tuesday and Thanksgiving deals are always exciting. I cant wait to see what Best Buy has in store for this Thanksgiving. I had the opportunity of buying an $1100 laptop for $500 last year. I would like to get a wide screen TV if I could find a good deal for it (under $700). Keeping my fingers crossed!