“sexygurl” rootkit hack

:?::mad::???:Found out today at school that a bunch of Sun workstations have been hacked by an rpcbind vulerability which affects portmapper in Solaris 8 and 9. The hack is pretty simple and can be conducted through available scripts on IRC and on the internet. I have traced the hacked back to a machine in Cincinnati using Fuse Internet Service. They are behind a very stateful firewall and are difficult to track down. My IDS system logged interactions between that IP and a bunch of Sun OS machines on campus (through suspicious ports and the like), so we have concrete proof and we are in the process of following up with the ISP. I hate script kiddies! They got in through this vulnerability and installed a very old rootkit (of sexygurl fame), replaced a bunch of files in /usr/bin etc. OK I got sidetracked looking for information. Anyways, the actual fault, in my humble opinion, lies with Sun. They released a patch for the sadmin vulnerability in question, but it failed to show up on their critical ptach list till the 15th of september. Moral of the story? If you are on an always on connection and want a secure system, cron patch jobs every other day or setup an auto-update schedule through Windoze, you will suffer if you slack!

Project: LinkTours

Most of your have heard of Blogrolls and Blogrolling. However, to get a blogroll the way you want it or to get it without the littel ad at the bottom costs money. I was thinking of the Toledobloggers.com link list and wanted to come up with something of my own which did some of the same things. The LinkTour idea was thus born. I have written some lean and ditry PHP code which lets one add links to a permanent blogroll hosted on my server. This code allows a user to submit links to a database which is then spat out when the include code is used on a php enabled page. For example, if any of my readers want to use the Toledo bloggers list on their website, simply add this code somewhere in your php page, preferably outside the php tags.
<script src=”http://dinki.mine.nu/toledo/toledo1.php” type=”text/javascript”>
If you would like to add your site to this this, click on add link and have fun! I might get started on a formal LinkTour sometime next month when I have a little time. For now this code remains for use at ToledoBloggers.com If you would like a copy of the code, please email me.

Found some old pictures

I have had no time to post lately. Yaaayyyy…Its Friday!
I did find some really old pictures. The first one is from 1989, it is a picture of me from when I was a wee little student at St Xavier’s Collegiate School. Can you recognize me in this picture? Im sure Baba and Ma recognize me! :roll::P

Class 5

The next picture is from Wooster. This is a picture of my dorm room door with all the decorations thereof. Im sure Beth, Craig and some other unmentionables recognize this picture! I dont even remember the relevance of some of the items on my own door. This was a corner single in Douglass Hall (of which I was co-president with Craig) A single was nice, but a corner single with two windows was just ….eeeeeaaaaxcceellent!


Micah and a couple of other people have started ToledoBloggers.com and I haave requested to be a part of it. It is a nice venture and will not only increase the propensity of our own blogs, but will also draw more attention to blogging in the NW ohio area. Heck, we could even host parties and such over time! 😛 I am going to try to change my hours at work a little bit to reflect the really long Mondays and Wednesdays that result from them. Hope Al does not mind.

Early start

I have to start early today. I am meeting with the Director of Academic Computing and the Director of the Writing center at the University. They had wanted an application which could track tutor progress and also be able to schedule appointments online. I did some reasearch and came up with TutorTrac This seems to be a nice solution for their problems. If anyone has used this system or has some good or bad things to say about it, I would really like to know. Other alternative would be for me to develop something like this for them which would mean more than a full time job doing this (a team of coders built wrote this for about 10 years of arrested development) On another note, I have rewritten some of the code for a simple bulletin board which does not use a database, but simply looks at a flat text file. If anyone has a use for this, I will post it here. Check out the way it works at Software Engineering Homepage at UT

Sleep Apnea Revelation and other Diversions

;)Needless to say Mondays are really hectic! I admire people that can squeeze in a whole day without complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover everything! But I digress.
I saw an ad on a website about a device which prevents snoring and even cures it over time. It was an interesting website and has a lot of convoluted information which I weeded through. They are selling the SnoreStopper for a tad under 60 bucks (which I cannot, nor wish to, afford) So I decided to look into the product and see what it actually does. It is simply a wide band of elastic with holes in it for your ears and this band of elastic goes over your head and chin and supports it much like suspenders. According to this site, most snoring (90%) is caused by minute sleep apnea and this device will put a stop to that over time. My bengali mind got to thinking and I came up with a temporary solution of my own. Here is a question to you, my reader. What item in your home comes with a wide band of elastic and has holes big enough to shove your head through? Yes! I thought so too! I told Jennifer that I will be blogging this, so I am. I grabbed my cleanest pair of underwear and put them around my head!! They worked like a charm! I did run into some problems getting to sleep though. I kept feeling like I could not breathe or was going to get stuck or something (which could be indications of my own sleep problems) but I decided to keep trying to use it for a few nights and see what happens. So if any of you are suffering from long sleepless nights because of a loved/hated one snoring or are in need of all the therapies that the ad website touts, save yourself the big bucks and shove your head through a large pair of knickers!!:lol:

Added another exciting feature to my server

:roll:The fact that I could not provide a link to the wonderful ACID machine at school (which is a mised opportunity, trust me!) I added Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID) in short to my own server. I am sure that you will not see the kind of activity that you would from school, but it is still a nice interface. So here is the link to A.C.I.D on my server. I am also in the process of rewriting the installation tutorial for people that already have servers installed and would still like to install ACID. Cheers!:D

Bootable Windows XP installation

Here we go again. I found a nice piece of software which lets you build a Windows XP installation on a CD. This is a wonderful tool for SysAdmins and other geeks. Imagine the possibilities for a College Computing environment. You could use any public machine on a college campus with all the rights of an administrator! This project was stopped by Microsoft and was taken up by this person/company. Here is the link to Bart’s PE Builder

Calories in everyday “non-junk” Foods

I dont eat bagels all that much nor do I drink all that much of cappucinos or any other kind of creamed coffee (I love mine black as tar!) but here is a very interesting link from MSN that talkes about the calorie excesses of foods such as bagels and cappucinos’ I dont indulge in either so I am a little better off. But according to this article from WebMD, fresh bagels (without accoutrements) can have as much as 700 calories!!! Stuff for bagel lovers to think about. Donuts are better than bagels for calorie counters! 🙂 More posts to come today and for the rest of the weekend as and when I think of stuff that I want to discuss with myself! LOL

I relax with photography

My back still hurts a little from all the weird walking last night, but I am feeling better already. I did get some really nice pointers from Dr Ledgard about my knees and how I should try to stretch in the morning to get things loosened up. I shall try it and we will see how things pan out. I wanted to talk about relaxation. I relax with many different things; here is the list in no particular order

  • Hang out and watch M*A*S*H with the person that *cliche’ alert* completes me (and makes me all flustered the most, at times), Jennifer
  • Throw the ball, swim, run around and simply pet Luckey, my wonderful puppy
  • Sit down with my parents and talk about simple nothings, maybe cook with them and Jennifer
  • Work on web Design, graphics, paint on the computer, work on coding, anything computer
  • Photography: I love taking pictures. The picture frame as I put it right where I can see the picture I am going to take in my mind’s eye, is extremely relaxing
  • Motorcycles: I love bikes, always have, always will. Jennifer and my parents hate them, but as soon as I can afford one, I will cruise
  • Music: I love music, everything but country fascinates and tittilates me
  • I love the taste of fine wine and well aged whiskey. Currently (for the past few years) Kentucky whiskeys are my going drink
  • I love to cook. I dont know where I get this from, but cooking is one of my most favourite things to do (along with a bottle of fine wine :-))
  • I love remote control EVERYTHING. I have not been able to afford the upkeep of my existing toys, but I own a couple of airplanes, a couple of cars and a boat. This is a topic of discussion for another day

There are a few others that slip my mind right now, but as you can tell, I like being alone a lot and I like being with people a lot as well. I guess there are times when I like to be alone and to just follow my feelings, be one with myself and my dog. There are other times when I really crave the people I love the most. I work like a dog for most of the day and I play really hard for most of the night. Playing might be misinterprited in this context, but you know what I mean. Think about the things that relax you, choose one that sounds just right and treat yourself to a nice night tonight….you deserve it!
While on the subject of photography, I have been itching for a long time (almost a couple of years now, since the inception of digital cameras) to get a digital SLR camera, a real high end one. I have been looking around now and then and have come up with a few choices. There is of course the Canon EOS 10D which is a 6.3 megapixel monster! Lovely camera with a nice explosure and shutter range and interchangeable lenses. There is the Fuji FinePix S2 Pro which is a very highly recommended camera with nice lense options and a very high f rating. I like this one the most. My personal favourite is the Kodak DCS Pro 14n This is an extremely nice camera with a 13.8 MegaPixel (yes! 13.8 MP) resolution. I could take pictures of a plant and I would be able to magnify a vein on a leaf! This camera has a 1.7 frames per second shutter rate, can handle shutter speeds of 30 sec. – 1/4000 sec., and can handle exposure compensation of -3EV to +3EV in 1/2EV steps. A phenomenal digital camera in all. I only have to dream about these for now. These run between $1500 – $4500 between the three. A digital SLR camera would be very nice though! 😆