Insurance schnafu’s

Remember that little issue I had with my car on my birthday? Well, I finally got the insurance company to send me a check to get it fixed and get me a rental. Is it just me or are insurance claims adjustors just very lazy and lackadaisical? I must have called her in excess of 25 times in the past two weeks and have gotten ONE call returned. She was simply sitting on my estimates and had idea that they were even sent to her. After she finally answered my phone call, it took her one minute to look at them (after she realized they were there) and then agree to send me a check for the estimate amount. If she would have just looked at them once before, the job would have been complete and case closed. Just so that my readers know NOT to go to this insurance company or ask for a different adjuster, I was dealing with AAA Michigan and the adjustors name was Pam Smith. She was rude, didnt talk fluent english and simply did not give a hoot! Leave comments with your experiences on here.

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3 thoughts on “Insurance schnafu’s”

  1. My auto insurance has been through Progressive Auto Insurance since the day I’ve owned a car. I’ve never had a problem with claims, cost or customer service. They even come out to look at the vehicle same day if need be 🙂 I’d suggest them to anyone.

  2. I have been dealing with Pam Smith too. She’s terrible. Seems like her favorite word is miscommunication! Anyone experience any problems? She works at AAA in Southfield, Michigan.

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