More Panorama

Now that there is SOOOOOO much interest in panoramas (yes i mean you, Nicole), look at the picture on top, it is a panorama of a Scottish Harbor in very stormy weather. I made another one of my Engineering college as promised with the tripod and it turned out beautiful!! So here is the Panorama of Nitchke. It is a larger file, (400k ) so be patient and look at the pretty green! It is definitely worth it!
So here I am again at another birthday! Tomorrow is my birthday. I am excited because it is my birthday and I get to celebrate and be with my friend Craig from The College of Wooster. Someone at school asked me how old I was going to be and I was serious when I said I did not know. So we sat down and calculated (yes, we were really bored) and I am turning 27 tomorrow! dang!! I didnt think I was that old! But oh well! I have a wonderful woman that loves me, a dog that wont even eat without me being next to her and a wonderful set of parents who sent me a parcel (stitched with thread and fabric, so it wont tear in transit) full of underwear, t-shirts (which I collect) and lots of fun stuff for my girlfriend, only from 9000 miles away (India)I will sit down someday and talk about my old city (Calcutta) and my life there, Im sure some people will find that very interesting, I know I will. God, I love to ramble on and on! I am excited because I can drink this weekend, maybe smoke a few cigars (if Jennifer is OK with it), buy stuff for myself (techie gear and cool sheeit like that), eat lots of Indian food which I will cook, spend quality and fun time with friends (especially Craig), I wish he had a webpage I could point you guys to, but he is the webmaster for the Weatherhead school of business in Cleveland(Case). I will have to stop here. I worked some on the Samba project with fixing the profile bug and posted the diffs to Jerry so it should show up on the CVS soon. OH YES! I have tentatively gotten financing from the college for being the webmaster for the next 2 semesters, yay for me! I know my parents will be really happy. Hi Baba, ma, I love you, miss you and wish you weer here this summer!!

Panorama pictures

Another blog had gotten me interested in panoramis digital pictures and I decided to give it a shot. I love the outcome, this might be a VERY good gift for someone some day! Here is an example. (about 150 kbytes) This is a picture of my den while sitting on my revolving chair. I think the quality would have been better with a little bit of light and a tripod. I cant wait to try it at school and use it with the tripod I have there!
PS: Heh…thanks Micah (of!! Its your blog that I was talking about. Should have mentioned the name, so I will edit my blog. 🙂

Had a quite productive day!

I finally have the live PHP guestbook working on my EECS Webpage and I also managed to get Samba working as a PDC on the ECC job with Amit. Check out my EECS page if you would like. I am going to finish writing the complete HOW-TO for Samba PDC sometime next week and I will have it up soon. I also worked a little bit on my own blog and added crap to the right hand side of the page. (Blogrolling etc.) Look around, there might be interesting sites to get into. I cannot believe how much I have gotten into blogging and web development. I really like it, sitting and listening to Trance and typing and clicking away while my dog is curled around my feet! I love it!
PS: Check out by a friend when you get a chance, she writes quite well!

Wow!! What a wedding!!

This was one of the best weddings that I have ever been to. It was such a good time that I really wanted to dance (which I hate) with Jennifer. It was at the old CIncinnati Rail terminal which was an awesome museum as well. It was under a huge hall with wonderful artwork all over. For all of you that want to check it out, visit Cinncinati Museum Center The ceremony was minimal with wonderful words being said and it was officiated by a friend. I met Nicole Dodds, Maha McCain, Maggie Odle, Sheana Balasubramanium among others. Of course there was Steve, Mark and Matt’s parents who I had not seen in a VERY long time. They were excited to see me! Which was even more wonderful to know that they remembered (fondly) of me. All of you who have come here for the pictures, they will be posted soon, along with the link to get actual printed copies from Shutterfly. Check back again in a day or so. If any of my friends are actually reading this…it was WONDERFUL to spend this evening with you guys and Jennifer and I thank you for inviting us.
PS: We reached home ok…albeit at 3 AM and Luckey did not leave me any nasty surprises. Thank you Justin for letting her out last evening, that was a great favor. Luckey waited for me to eat her dinner (Justin had left some food out for her, but she had not eaten it) I love my dog!