Groin Muscle Pull Easy Fix

I pulled the groin muscle on my rightleg by sitting on my exercise bike too long in a bad position and sleeping on a bed that exacerbated my pain. It was really bad for quite a few days and even though I tried pain killer and a groin/upper thigh wrap (aff) from Amazon, and even tough it was a great wrap and alleviated my pain when walking around, driving was a bear. It got even worse when I was sitting down and getting up turned out to be excruciating.

After getting up from bed and tossing and turning for most of the night, I seem to have come up with a simple stretch/exercise that immediately reduces the pain and if practiced regularly, seems to keep the pain at bay.

Please know that any offer of therapy or treatment offered on this page or blog does not come with a warranty or a promise of any kind. I am not liable for your body if you make your pain worse. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk. You should contact your physician if there is continued pain or the pain is chronic.

A lot of groin muscle pain exercises are explained on this page in detail.

My steps are simple. Stand straight with your hands by your side. Put your ankles next to each other with your toes pointed outwards and your feet in the shape of a V. Then push your knees together with the muscles in your leg while clenching your butt cheeks. This should start hurting but it should be bearable. While doing this, flex/shift the side that the groin muscle pain is on and stretch the knee as much as you can, holding for up to 30 seconds. Do the same on the other side to prevent cramps. Once you have done this, you should feel immediate relief. If you do, then repeat the same exercise while sitting on a chair. That should be harder, but more effective. I recommend repeating this throughout the day as your pain comes and subsides. Do this in your car before starting on your journey and driving will be easier.

Let me know in the comments if this helped or if you have other suggestions.

NASA’s ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Actually Works, New Tests Show

Isaac Newton should be sweating. Flying in the face of traditional laws of physics, the EmDrive makes use of a magnetron and microwaves to create a propellant-less propulsion system. By pushing microwaves into a closed, truncated cone and back towards the small end of said cone, the drive creates the momentum and force necessary to propel a craft forward. Because the system is a reaction-less drive, it goes against humankind’s fundamental comprehension of physics, hence its controversial nature.

Source: NASA’s ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Actually Works, New Tests Show | Digital Trends

How to Live a Meaningful Life

A meaningful, purpose-filled life is one of the most essential ingredients for true happiness. Here’s how you can start living one.

Source: INFOGRAPHIC: How to Live a Meaningful Life – Happify Daily


I figure I will not steal their thunder. The link above is to the post and the infographic, which is quite complete and a nice one to look through. I wanted to write a little about what it contains and how it pertains to my experiences.

All of us search for a meaning in life and if you are a thinking person, at one time or the other, you have sat down and pondered the meaning of all of this. Why are we here? What is our purpose? If the purpose seems cheapened or weakened due to a recent event or failure, are we lost? Is there anything we can do to salvage our reason for being as we had known it. According this this inforgraphic and according to Gallup, 37% of people in North and South America feel as if they have a strong and consistent purpose in life. I am surprised that this number is not higher. We live in a society that is full of social support, where social security exists as a government tool and where life expectancy has all but doubled in the last millennium. So then why are so many people without purpose? Why do so many people feel disenfranchised with themselves and their lot? Psychology aside, I would like to think that this is easy to remediate than world hunger.

So why do we need meaning in life? Much research  has gone into understanding and documenting why purpose in life is important. This is the stuff of self help books of which I have read many. I conjecture that a strong purpose in life promotes healthy living and a feeling of well being. People who have a strong sense of purpose tend to live longer, bounce back quicker, have fewer mental and physical issues and tend to be better partners and neighbors. Some of the reasons for this are obvious. A strong purpose seems to make people happier, which in turn leads to less self destructive and more constructive activities. These people go to get more regular checkups, which lead to earlier diagnoses of illnesses, tend to drink and smoke less and finally are more apt to be critical thinkers. This leads to more positive brain activity and thus less plaque formation both in the brain and in the heart.

Feeling purposeful begins early in life. Kids with a strong sense of duty and a constantly validated sense of right and wrong tend to find it easier to continue looking for a purpose later on in life as well. Activities such as martial arts and Scout Troops build a sense of direction and a desire to follow the correct lead. These children at first find it a requirement to be good samaritans to be a part of these groups. They soon find that performing good deeds tend to make themselves feel better and they quickly become addicted to the rush of chemicals associated with the feel good activities. Positive re-enforcement is automatic and builds on the experiences of the past. This sense of helping yourself by helping others gives purpose to itself.

I have been really positively influenced by The Practicing Mind (aff). This book did not say anything that was new to me. However, it put things in a context that I could well understand. What I took away from it was that if we decide to practice anything diligently, without constantly checking for results and put the sought after results at the back of our minds, then this practice bears a lot more fruit. One of the tricks that I have learned from this book is to constantly remind myself of the D-O-C rule. It stands for do – observe – correct. This also reminds me of Demming’s Principle. For example: I go for frequent walks throughout the day since that is good for my body and it gets me out of my chair and from in front of the computer monitor. While I know that it is good for me, I do not necessarily enjoy the exercise and I always start to feel lazy or look for ways to not get up. Watches and health monitors have not helped me since all they do is remind me of how lazy I have been or how much more work I have to do to stay fit. I started by telling myself to not feel guilty for that which is already done. If I was lazy today and could not walk, oh well. I will try again tomorrow. I know that worrying about it will not help, I then focus on what I can do tomorrow to make it better. Once tomorrow comes along, I try my best to get up and walk. While I am walking, instead of thinking about things that are not related. I spend a lot of my effort focusing on my gait and my style of walk. I do not worry about how far or for how long. I simply focus on the walking and that is all.

This is HARD. I constantly have to remind myself of DOC, my mantra and constantly have to bring my mind back. It has gotten easier with practice but I notice that do not have to do much except remind myself that my thoughts are veering. Somehow just the thought that I am veering from the practice makes a big difference. Even in that I sometimes fail. I still move on and try the next day. I do this while walking, while driving, while exercising in the morning, while watching Netflix, while showering and almost everything in between. It has gotten slightly easier as time has gone on. I find that the knowledge from the book has paled a little and I am forgetting some of the salient points but I still persevere.

As for results, I am not thinner and am not much better off physically. But mentally I am super! I get going easier, have actually been exercising regularly for the past month or so and am much more fulfilled. I find purpose returning, can recover from excitement quickly and have a much more positive outlook on life. Even when I am barraged with life, outside of slight discouragement, I do not have really bad thoughts as often. It is strange how balanced I feel. I really like it.


Next entry in this series: Finding Meaning at work

68 days since surgery, not much better, numbness and irritation the same

Since not much has changed, I wanted to copy and paste an email that I wrote to a friend of mine from a previous place of employment. I thought it was quite succinct and explained how I felt at this time in my life. So here it is, as written.


The surgery was relatively easy to go through and endure. My wound has healed quickly from the surgery, but the nerves have not healed much. It is going to take a long time to become “normal” or at least as close to normal as possible. It could take a year or two. I am fine with it because I was expecting a lot worse and made myself ready for it, but people around me are surprised when I remind them of where my body is and what to expect from it. I am also not quite the same person. I think I have become more irritable and separated because of the experiences and the my inabilities. I am trying very hard to fit back in. People (my family included) are used to normal surgeries where things are well healed in a few months. I have to continue to do PT like activity to keep my body mobile and able to function. I make it sound bad, but all of it surrounds my right leg and the lack of feeling on the right side of my body. I can get around on it and can drive but I cannot do any of those things or others as well as before. I think I severely underestimated the effect that the loss of certain motor functions and a little added tingling could have on my sense of well being. Oh, and the meds make me quite irritable and unable to tolerate any shit from anyone, force me to have zero short term memory and make me very sleepy all day. The surgery has really annoying from that aspect and has caused a lot of small, but consequential issues that are material to my quality of life and of those around me. These will get better with time, I am sure. It has thankfully not affected my work, at least from my perspective.

Other than that, I am shuffling between CLE and TOL once a week. I get to work from home one day a week, so I take Friday, leave for home at 6 AM and start work at Toledo at 8:30. It is easier for me to drive early in the morning than later on in the evening when my legs are tired and the nerves are jangling. I spend the rest of the weekend here and then head back to CLE mid afternoon on Sunday. We have found a house in Westlake next to the Rec center, and should have possession around the end of this month. We will still have to get some work done to the house and move in around the end of September-ish. I will then have to work on this house to get things cleaned up and moving. So a lot of work to be done and lots of people to still work through but excited about all of it nonetheless. Moving is such a pain!! 😛

As for work, I love it so far. It is exciting and challenging at the same time. It is truly different to work for a company with so many people who have been with the company for so long. The corporate culture is strong but they know that they need to become more agile. I am constantly learning, plotting, planning and executing and my boss is with me 90% of the time. It is a great feeling to know that you might be able to make a big difference. “Maintenance” or Operations in Software Development is a very new concept and larger companies are not geared for the type of quick changes required and the dangers that be might be faced with such expectations. I am working on building new relationships here. We are hiring like crazy but trying to be respectful of the people we hire. Exciting times!

So it has been worthwhile, but it has cost more than I had budgeted for it. We are going to be happy in the end and thats what matters the most to me. I could not have seen this coming!

59 days since surgery, nurse says wait another 240 days

I spoke with my nurse practitioner today (with her stand in really, she is on vacation) and they told me that I should expect this sort of a recovery (slow) for up to 6 months. My feelings and pain sensations are not uncommon for a surgery of this type and I should expect to recover very slowly for another 4-5 months. Nerve recovery is very slow and he was not worried about what I was going through. As long as there are no spasms and there is no nerve pain, I should be fine. I should also notify them if there is a sudden loss of motor functions or sudden onset of very severe weakness.

It made me feel a little better. I totally forgot to ask what Jennifer had asked me to ask them (about getting a new prescription) but I am hoping she can do it tomorrow.

In other news, I am trying on three new pairs of shoes, at different times. The Asics 2170, the New Balance 927 and the Brooks Beast. All from Zappos, thank you very much. I LOVE Zappos.

The 927 stood out instantly. They are comfortable to wear, ugly to look at and were my instant favorite. Then I tried the Asics, which I liked the feel and look of. After that I tried on the Brooks Beast. The Beast was the worst of the lot and I felt the pain that is common. The Asics has stood at the front of the line and I have been wearing them ever since. I will continue to break them in this week and next and we shall see at that point. I have a bunch of shoes to return and I will try to find the New Balances in Black from Toledo. The Asics are on my feet right now.

My dad went fishing again today and he sounded very happy. I was very happy that he was able to go out and enjoy himself. He needs to do that some more. When he got back home, he was missing Lucien and so he went out and played with him, which sounded like so much fun as well. I miss being home.

I wonder if I passed the ITIL test?

Went to physical therapy today Jonathan wanted me…

Went to physical therapy today. Jonathan wanted me to get into the pool for some aquatic therapy. Feeling much better after it. Not much in terms of recovery, but liking the pool and the exercise.

On another note, the electric shocks through my right leg to my right foot have increased over the past week or two. I am getting them all the time now, about 1-2 every couple of hours. They used to be 2 at a time. Now they are 2-3 at a time and stronger. I will be calling Ann (my nurse practitioner from Dr Edward Benzel’s office) tomorrow and talking with her about it. It might be related to Lyrica. I will know soon.

The stiffness generating from excitement or worry/anxiety is still there. It was strong this afternoon before the test I had to take at work. Still don’t know if I will pass it with my wooziness from the medication. A word of advice, if you are on this concoction, namely full dosage of Lyrica and Baclofen, don’t try any memory exercises! :)

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